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  1. Real talk: how do you know when it’s time to get out of fish keeping ? I got my first betta in 2020. I thought I had done all the research (5 gallon tank, heater, gentle filter, silk plants), but he passed because I didn’t know about the nitrogen cycle. My next betta developed a bad case of fin rot that he never really healed from. I don’t think I was cleaning the tank properly. At this point, I upgraded from a 5 gallon to a 10 gallon, and started keeping live plants. I still don’t know what happened with the betta I got next. I drip acclimated him and tested the water before he went in, but he died within 12 hours. My next fish seemed to be very happy and healthy, until he developed a tumor on his side. Eventually he couldn’t swim or eat, and he passed. My most recent betta died from internal parasites. I tried to treat her with prazipro as soon as I noticed the signs, but it was too late. Currently, my pea puffer is really struggling. I still don’t know what’s wrong, but he is really lethargic and stopped eating. He is so skinny. I really love fish keeping. But I feel like I’m not very good at it, as none of my fish have lived longer than 9 months. I’ve learned something new with each fish, but it’s heartbreaking and I don’t want them to suffer because of my mistakes, ya know?
  2. I have an aquarium all setup and newly scaped that homed my betta, Hugo. However after a rough battle with finrot for most of his life his immune system gave out. His tank has been sitting empty. Its a 5 gallon aquarium and the plan is to do a pea puffer tank. However I have some questions... I have a neritie snail in the tank currently. Do you think nerite snails are big enough for a pea puffer to pass on. I have a few other aquariums the nerite can go in if need be. Algae Eaters? Theres some hair algae that I've been dealing with. Amano Shrimp sure would eat some up. However do you think an amano shrimp would live hapily with a pea puffer. Of course it depends on the puffer, but the average puffer. Amano Shrimp I thought could be big enough and I've seen mixed reviews online about this. Your thoughts?
  3. Hey Im kind of new to the whole fishkeeping thing and to this forum. Thats why I might need some help! Basically, I got a 20 gal planted tank with 5 pea puffers in there. I tried to create as much hiding spots as I can and grow plants everywhere. I also feed them atleast every second day mostly every day though. Sadly my peas still seem to hate each other and are very territorial and chase each other around alot. I know that thats kind of normal to some degree but I heard everyone say that as long as you have lots of plants and stuff it wont be problem. So as a noob I wanted to ask if there is more stuff I should try or check on? What could be a reason or is it just how they are? Did I just get extra aggressive ones? Thanks for the help in advance ❤️
  4. Hi All! My pea puffers have suddenly gotten very picky. My wife usually feeds them and has the magic touch because they eat fine for her but she's out of town for several days and I cannot get the little guys to eat well for the life of me. We feed them frozen bloodworms, spirulina gut loaded brine shrimp, pieces of plankton and a variety of snails. Tank parameters are fine. What do I do to tempt them to eat better?
  5. So a very common subject, that many in various social media groups tend to feel very strongly about, is just how social Pea Puffers really are. The most common thing I have read lately is that they are indeed a shoaling fish and ABSOLUTELY MUST, be kept is groups of at least 6. Though commonly enough among experienced keepers I hear of them being kept successfully in smaller groups or even on their own. My own experience has led me to believe, that the actual numbers kept matter far less, than many think IF you keep them occupied. For they are the cantankerous old men of the fish world. One all alone in a five gallon tank with nothing to do, well he gets depressed, doesn't eat as well, sulks around a lot. Throw some dang hippy ghost shrimp in there, and suddenly he is busy all day long keeping those dang kids off his lawn! You put two together, and I guarantee, they will eventually be in opposing political parties, and quarrel nonstop. Unless once again you give them enough darn hippies to chase around and keep in line. You get 3 or more, and they form teams to argue amongst themselves like a group of old timers at the corner coffee shop on a Friday morning. Though these alliances are constantly shifting as the topic of the moment changes, so no single fish takes on more than they can handle, and once again they will drop whatever argument is going on at the moment to band together, and keep those dirty ghost shrimp off the java moss! So are they truly a shoaling species? I don't know. What I do know from my own experience, is that they are born into retirement, and are just overly intelligent to be left with nothing to do all day. So keeping them occupied is like having a checker board at a retirement home, it goes a long way to keeping the peace.
  6. Happy Monday All! I just noticed one of my pea puffers doing a lot of glass surfing. Is this normal? She's eating well and looks fine. I checked tank parameters and they're good and stable. Tank temp: 75 Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrates: ~40 pH: 7.6 Water change once a week ~30 percent but last change was ~50 percent deep cleaning Feeding a rotation of frozen blood worms, frozen brine shrimp gut loaded with spirulina, snails. Feed small amounts twice a day. In a moderately planted 10g with one male and two other females. No signs of aggression or odd behavior with the others.
  7. I recently learned I'm doing quite a few things wrong for my beloved pea puffers so I'm going to upgrade them to a larger tank. I'd love to see photos of your setups for some inspiration!
  8. Josh333

    Pea puffer

    I'm just curious if there is any pea puffers that look like this? He seems fine, eats and acts like normal. I do have 4 other puffers and they eat fine and I did quarantine and medicate them when I first got them
  9. My pea puffer has been hovering at the top of the water and not eating he’s about two years old and otherwise has been healthy. He’s in a 10 gallon tank with lots of plants. Has anyone ever heard of this it’s been going on about two days now. It does look like he’s kind of gasping for air at the top.
  10. Hey Fish Friends! I have 3 pea puffers in a 20 gallon and I thought about trying to hatch Brine Shrimp to add another food source. I feed them live ramshorn, frozen blood worms, and frozen Carnivore Lover blend but I have always wanted to hatch brine shrimp. Can you rinse the salt off the live shrimp before adding them in the tank. I don't use salt in my pea puffer tank because they dont have scales so it didn't seem right to add salt. Any advice on Pea Puffers or Brine shrimp would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Hi! New to fishkeeping and even newer to this forum so my apologies if this topic has been done to death already. I would like some people's opinions on stocking levels etc for Malabar Puffer's, I have a 7.5G tank and would like to keep at least one. My problem is that everywhere I look I see conflicting information, on the co op YouTube channel I think they said they are good for a 5G+ tank, elsewhere online they say like 10G+. Then I saw on, I think, seriously fish that they can be kept alone but my fish guy said it would be stressed kept alone keep a small group at least 3. Other sources say a pair is best or get more to spread out aggression or that with three I would be overstocked (aqadvisor) etc etc. I'm pretty sure water quality wise I could get away with three of them in 7.5G with lots of plants etc so I guess mostly I'm wondering, 1 or 2 or 3? They would be the only fish in the tank. I'm in no rush, in the early stages of planning a small fish room so mostly a thought exercise at this point but I plan to do it when I can.
  12. I have been keeping a single pea puffer in my five gallon for the past few months, and as I continue to learn more talking to other fish keepers, it seems like there’s a lot of controversy about the setup. Originally the five gallon seemed like a good choice because of several YouTubers experienced in the hobby suggested it in a five gallon & with one fish there’s no aggression issues and a lot less that could go wrong, but other hobbyist have pointed out that they are a shoaling in fish the wild. So, I’m curious where you guys stand on the issue.
  13. I need some help with a bit of a fish saga. I finally decided to get a pea puffer because my desktop 5.5 opened up and I've been dreaming about one for about a year now. I went down to the only fish store in 200 miles and picked what I thought was a good one. plump belly, yellow fins, but as soon as I got it home it started acting weird. swimming laps, bumping into the wall at every corner over and over again, only that. No hunting, and no interest in food. I put some in it's path, it swam into it and kept trying to swim like it didn't realize it had bumped into the tweezers holding blood worms. It kept doing this until I woke up on day 3 and it had passed away. the tank has been established for over a year and a half, and the perimeters where completely normal. (PH a bit high at 7.6 but same as the store) Store replaced it, but all the others looked like they had sunken stomachs... I picked the one with a bit of yellow on it's fins that was the most active. It got home, and had been active and hunting around my tank for micro-fauna, but stopped doing that on about day 3. Upon recommendation I treated with general cure (finished 4 day course yesterday), as I am told Pea Puffers generally have internal parasites (which might be why the stomach looks pinched and the fish looks thin) but it could also be that the store is just COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT. I called and asked what they had been feeding and the guy who MANAGES the fish room said, and I quote "oh, you know, just the general store flake, and occasionally some blood worms) so who knows how long it's been since this one has eaten anything. They also had their pea puffers in with a school of Juli Cori cats... poor things. I have baby brine hatching, but they are being stubborn because I was a fool who didn't buy Aquarium Co-op brand eggs. First batch failed to hatch after 72, and I'm now on 36 hours with the second batch. There are about 15 perfect sized baby snails in the tank, which it has completely ignored. It pecked at one of the 2 large bladder snails on day 1, but nothing since then. It runs away when I try blood worms with a tweezer or pipette, but it doesn't run from a syringe with an air hose attached so it doesn't see that my hands are on the other end, but it still wont eat offered frozen blood worms or frozen brine shrimp from the end of it, it just doesn't run away. I am starting to get very concerned. Today it's acting different. less active, more shy. It used to hunt around for micro fauna, but it has stopped doing that and is just lounging around near the sponge filter. Any help is greatly appreciated. I just procured enough Fenbendazole for a 5 day course from my vet, and it's pre-dissolved in zylatol (I believe that's the carrier liquid) so it should be easy to administer. I am worried about starting that with baby snails in the tank though.....
  14. I can't find my pea puffer. He was last seen 24 hr ago. He usually comes when I call him (approach the tank). I've checked behind all leaves. Then I found this funky gummy string. Is this him? Is this part of him? Did he die and decompose to this in a day?
  15. Is this normal poop? My puffers eat well and have rounded bellies, but I see them swimming around for hours with their poop attached. The runt of the bunch had a bit of stringy white poop hanging from the usual pellet shaped poo today. Could that just be a blood worm casing, or should I be worried about parasites? Shouldn't healthy poop drop within a minute or two? I'm more attached to my little pea pod than I expected to be and might be worrying too much. I purchased them about2 months ago and did 2 rounds of paracleanse about 2 weeks apart. 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 15 nitrate, 7.4 pH and 79° F
  16. What type could I put in a 10 gallon tank with my pea puffrs, even if I could at all? Also what do I feed the shrimp or will they be okay feeding off of the alga and stuff in the tank? The tank is planted pretty heavy, temp is 75, ph stays around 7.3 to 7.6 KH is a 4 and GH is a 11 the last time I checked it
  17. Hello everyone. I started getting into this hobby last spring. It's been a lot of fun learning all of the different aspects of keeping and maintaining an aquarium. And while I'm still fairly casual about it for now, in the future I do plan on getting more into the hobby in the future with multiple aquariums. I have my five gallon pea puffer tank pictured here. Looking forward to continue to expand my knowledge on the hobby 😀
  18. Hey everyone, I'm going to get some pea puffers soon, and looking in to quarantining them. Theres an aquarium co op article that uses the trio of meds sold on the website, and then another video ofcorey from 2018 states some different API meds. Im curious what the best approach to deworming and quarantining pea puffers is and any tips anyone can offer. thank you!
  19. I'm trying to figure out if the quarantine trio is safe to use all at once with pea puffers? Looking at Cory's old puffer videos it seem's like they aren't sensitive to medication. The older videos show API general care and erythromycin but they're sold out locally. Tried to look at some of the older blog post about pea puffers, but there was no yes or no, or reviews of anyone updating.
  20. I have a Pea Puffer and I am wondering about more food diversity for her. I have been mainly feeding her Frozen brine shrimp and frozen bloodworms. Frozen Brine Shrimp are her favorite. I have tried to give her snails but she does not seem to like or know what to do with them. Are there any other foods that I should try giving her? I have noticed she won't eat food once it touches the bottom of the tank so slow sinking food recommendations would be helpful! Photo note: Here is a photo of my fish, I think she is very cute.
  21. Happy Wednesday! I got six juvenile pea puffers in February and now have one male and three females in my 10g heavily planted tank. The male has started exhibiting breeding behavior with the largest female. From what I've read, it's extremely difficult to breed these little guys so I'm not really worried about that or planning to encourage breeding. My questions are: Will this behavior exhibited by the male stress out the female enough to be concerned? Will aggression on either side heighten? Should I be concerned about the two smaller females who he seems to be completely disinterested in at the moment? They've been so happy and peaceful that I don't want to upset the balance.
  22. It happened over the last months, in several different tanks, during and after quarantine, with various (but adapted to the species) water parameters. To break this down: Tap Water pH: around 8 Depending on fish: Mix of tap and RO or rain water, or full tap (treated with JBL conditioner) No Ammonia. No Nitrite. Little Nitrate in planted tanks. Heavily planted tanks when it happened there. Little to no nitrate in quarantine tanks. Water on the harder side in general, with higher Gh/Kh than the norm in tap water. Tempered with measured amount of RO/Rain for half of my tanks (for species that do not thrive in hard alkaline water). All the tanks that are concerned were heated to the appropriate temperature for the fish, again, this is not an isolated incident, but an ongoing mystery. I feed live food (snails, daphnia, brine, baby brine), frozen food, and quality dry food, appropriate to the fish. The problem seems unrelated to what I feed since it happened to fish fed entirely different foods. Now let's get to the sad part: First female betta died suddenly, 1,5 years old fish. After a water change. 1 day later lethargy, no appetite. 2 days later: dead. No visible symptom on the fish. No other fish in contact had any problem. Female pea puffer, 1,5 years old fish. Died suddenly. After a water change. 1 day later lethargy, hiding in the riccia, no appetite. 2 days later: dead. No visible symptom on the fish. Male puffer in the breeding tank: no problem. Still alive and well today. Attributed at the time to breeding stress that i might not have observed, it seemed to work pretty smoothly. I then bought a female betta. Ate fine in the quarantine tank. Day 2, loss of appetite, lethargy. Day 3: dead. No visible symptom on the fish. Later the same month I did it again, bought a female betta, and a couple of gold Apistogramma Cacutoides. Female betta in quarantine tank (with new water, partially treated tap), couple of cacutoides in an established heavily planted tank full of wild neocaradinas and no other fish. Female betta died in 3 days, the same way as the precedent one, different quarantine tank, no common element or equipment besides... the tap water. This week, I do a partial water change (30%) in the Apisto tank and in another heavily planted guppy tank. Two days later, the female Apisto doesn't eat the live BBS and is lethargic. The day after, I found her dead. No visible symptom on the fish. I was extremely sad as I truly loved this couple, the male looked sad, searching for his mate, but seems in good health. In the guppy tank, same day, I find a female guppy dead (1 year old female, born with a defect - missing one eye, never bred in one year, but still very healthy before the water change). Guppies seem to be mostly safe from the mystery death. Male bettas are healthy. Male puffers are healthy. Pygmy corydoras are healthy (but they didn't get much tap water the last couple months). We got a handful of gold white cloud minnows that were sick in the mean time but they were in a dedicated tank, and treatment (furanol) was effective. The mysterious deaths started before this acquisition and there has been no contact between this tank and others, mistake could have happened though so I'm not ruling anything out (it could be random deaths and later cross contamination with the white clouds, but I don't believe it, white clouds did not suffer sudden death, they showed clear signs of bacterial infection from the start and all survived the treatment). I am a little paranoid about my tap water now (french city water), as it seems to be related to water changes involving tap. Why only females though? And what could cause such sudden deaths? I maintain about a dozen tanks of different sizes, breed fish (puffers, corys, guppies...) with relative success. These sudden deaths are puzzling me and I am worried about the rest of my fish, and even more about my female fish (I still have several female puffers, and a bunch of female pygmy cories, khuli, rasboras, goldfish...). I know most of the Coop audience is from the U.S. so European (French) Tap water is far from being the same. Still, maybe one of you could have an idea, or know someone who faced something similar. Thanks a lot for your help.
  23. So!!! I’m planning on starting a pea pufferfish tank. I’ve heard good but cautious things from people whove had pea puffer communities before, and cautious nos from those who havent. Stocking plan: 1 male pea puffer, as many females as possible 8-10 kuhli loaches - EDIT: LIKELY GONNA CHANGE TO STIPHODON GOBIES!! They don’t need as many buddies to be confident, are faster, and with the tank position, will help me keep the glass clean EDIT EDIT: NEVERMIND THEY LIKE WATER JUST A LITTLE TOO COOL. However, Micro Dragon Gobies seem to be a great fit! They’re carnivores, so perfect for cleaning up after puffers, and what the ember tetras dont eat, they can sift into the sand! 10-12 Fast Schoolers - probably tetras, may go with embers, since i have experience with them? EDIT: DEFINITELY GOING WITH EMBERS As many snails thatll grow in the tank before I get the puffers as possible. I have a bin (seen below) in case things go sideways, and the tank above it is where itll be situated. The window is facing north, but i thought it was south before I checked with my parents. (ignore the mess i just rearranged my furniture) The plan for lighting is No artificial lighting, since I’ll get plenty from the sun. Substrate and decor plan: Dirt capped with black sand Moss wall consisting of asian liverwort (monosolenium tenerum) that will also hopefully grow over the pvc. Tall, bushy/fluffy background plants that can further filter light all along the walls except for the viewing panes, the two facing the picture, probably gonna do cabomba, hornwort, and similar plants. May toss in some Red Boys too for fun. Love me some dwarf aqaurium lily.... midground plants in front of those dudes, things that are more leafy, probably, might put some of those mini monstera i got in there, maybe crypt, probably good ol hardy java fern varieties in front of those, a nice carpet of dwarf sag for babies and kuhli loaches and snails to hide in, and some differing foreground lads here and there like anubias hardscape is gonna consist of driftwood- ill probably snag spider and bogwood to emulate tree roots and stuff, and may grow some pothos and mini monstera on them so it looks like trees! i want stuff that can break up a loooot of line of sight On that note, ill also probably get a good amount of frogbit too. that pvc in the back is gonna be a cave of fast flowing water via water pump for the kuhli loaches. I’m think I’m gonna drill more holes in it to help disperse the flow some more, so its not super fast coming out of the elbow- but what do yall think? Filtration plan: Swisstropical’s betterboxfilter Lava rock for biological filtration polyfill i already have for mechanical filtration Feedback: So! Thoughts, concerns, insight? What do yall think!
  24. Hi guys. I am a little worried about one of my two pea puffers. I have a plump one and a pretty lean one. The plump one will eat straight from my tweezers and the lean one seems much more shy/fearful of it so I have only ever seen the leaner one nibble on bloodworms. I am concerned the plump one is bullying the lean one. I have seen the plump guy chase the lean guy around and has chased it away from my tweezers when offering blood worms. I am offering frozen blood worms and live snails I have seen the leaner one hunt snails I think at least once. Right now the lean ones is just resting on a leaf. I placed a snail nearby and hoped it would pique their interest to no avail. If this guy is not eating, how do I help? Especially if it's not eating because of the other guy? Should I put the lean one in my gourami tank with red phantoms and otos to get away from the more aggressive one? I am concerned for its wellbeing
  25. So i know pea puffers are quite small, and do fine in a 5 gallon tank, however what is the optimal size tank for a single pea puffer? Like what would make them the most happiest? Is 5 gallon perfect? Or would they rather prefer a 20 gallon? Also can you keep a school of them, or are they territorial like a Betta?
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