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  1. Today is the first day that I've ever had to deal with Ich. My betta and clown pleco were swimming perfectly fine yesterday. This morning, my clown pleco was completely covered in spots while my betta only has spots on her fins as far as I can tell. I immediately ran out and bought some Imagitarium Parasite Remedy, and did a 30% water change making sure to focus the vacuum in the sand for cysts. The tank was cycled with live plants for a week before adding the betta. My concerns are whether I am doing enough, and what should I do after their both "cured". I've read Ich can make a reappearance so I want to know what to do in terms of sanitizing after the outbreak. My current treatment (will be doing for 2 weeks) is going to be a 20% water change every day, vacuuming the substrate for any loose ich cysts, and adding the dosage recommended by Imagitarium. My current set up consists of a 5.5 gallon glass aquarium with a lid, a 10 watt lamp, a heater keeping the water at 82, and a Forza 5-15 filter with Bio Rings, ammonia remover, coarse sponge on both ends. . I tested my water for nitrates, nitrites, and free ammonia and they were all within ideal, safe levels. I do 30% water changes every week as well as vacuum the sand, and add water conditioner and Seachem Prime after the water changes. Was this preventable? Did I do anything wrong? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I really want my pets to pull through.
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