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Found 5 results

  1. Background: This morning I discovered that my daughter's 10g plated tank was leaking, and not just a little bit. We removed all the fish, and then my husband proceeded to dump them into my 20g planted tank. I tested and changed water (30%) in the 20g tank yesterday. This morning, before transfer, water parameters were 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrites, 20 Nitrates. In addition to the fish, I moved three of the plants from the 10g to the 20g. The plan is to get a new tank but the setup and cycling won't happen overnight. All of the filter media and hardscape are currently sitting in a bucket of tank water. Here are my concerns: My 20g planted has only been cycled for a few weeks. Even a mature tank that small would take a hit from adding so many new fish at once. I added a dose of Stability and a dose of Prime as a precaution. Is there anything else I can/should do to minimize the inevitable ammonia/nitrite spike? I am worried about the otos. Platies also like to peck at algae so now there are 5 otos and more competition for food. I add zucchini and green beans a couple times a week but the platies like the veggies too. The platies also eat all of the Repashy Soilent Green so the otos never get any. (platies are the golden retrievers of the fish world). Any advice for getting enough food for the otos without ending up with chubby platies? Fish transferred: 4 adult platy -Rocket, Diamond, Chicken, Sparkles 2 juvenile platy - Cheetah, Dart 2 fry - so small they are still clear 2 otocinclus - Schmendrick and Dr. Marsh Fish already in 20g tank: 1 adult platy - Baby Shark 6 juvenile platy - Spot, Glitter, Clementine, The Silver Surfer, Kirk, Spock, Red Shirt 3 otocinclus - Tony, Ray, and John Wick (the clean-up crew)
  2. would i be able to keep a honey gourami with 5 lemon tetras and 5 black phantom tetras in my 20 gal long lightly planted tank? there is 1 anubias nana and some java moss in the tank and we're planning to get floating frogbit. would that be overstocking? 🐠
  3. Have a Fluval Flex 15 with the following fish and plants 7 Neon Tetras, 3 Rummy Nosed Tetras, 3 Kuhli Loaches, 3 otos, and 1 SAE Vallisneria spanning the entire back of tank, 4 crypts, 1 Amazon sword, and Java moss on a piece of spiderwood (moss turning brown) Nitrates hover around 5-10, Ammonia 0, Nitrites 0. Co2 injected and dose with Easy Green twice a week and iron and potassium once a week. Is it over stocked? There are points where I feel like I need to add more macro and micros because they’re low. Tested for Phosphorus, which has been low as well. Is this the case because most of the fish in the tank are considered low bioload fish?
  4. Hello! I recently acquired 5 clouded archerfish! My tank is the standard 125 gallon tank dimensions of 72x18 and I was wondering what bottom dwellers I could keep safely with these guys since they get 6-8 inches and have huge mouths. Cory himself said on stream recently that they go after and eat tetras, so would loaches and cories also be out of the question? What alternatives would be safer? I also would like to know if you guys think the stocking plan on a tank like this (below) is too much. I know aqadvisor isn't accurate but i often use it to get a ballpark estimate and they don't have clouded archers in their library of fish, and I assume banded archers aren't a good replacement. Thanks for any help you guys can offer me! I currently have 6 denison barbs and 6 boesmani rainbows But by the end I would like to have: 8 denison barbs 6 boesmani rainbows the 5 archers +bottom dwellers (hopefully?)
  5. Hi guys! I need help keeping a guppy population under control. I have a 75 gallon with guppies and breeding plecos. The plecos do eat some guppy fry, but not enough to keep it manageable. Any suggestions for a peaceful fish that would eat some adult guppies? Thanks!
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