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Found 3 results

  1. Hey all, just wanted to give a PSA I guess. Or get any input on my situation I’ve been having some algae problems (hair and bba) in my new display tank. When I was doing my water change today I figured why not use some hydrogen peroxide and get some of it killed off. So I lowered the water level as low as the fish were comfortable with and went to work spraying it onto where the algae has been growing. Fast forward about 45 minutes later, fish are gasping at the top and a Cory is swimming sporadically. I watched them for a little bit and saw no change so I hurried and did a 50% water change and I’ve left the lights on to speed up the breakdown process. So far I’ve lost 5 corys of my breeding colony and 1 discus. I expect I’ll have more losses when I wake up in the morning. Really hoping I don’t lose my expensive discus pair but we’ll see. Anyways just a heads up, it’s not hard to overdose it when you have your water level very low in a large tank. I’m sure everyone would be fine with the amount I added if the tank was full but with it being lower I assumed I’ve damaged the gills of the fish. I’ve treated dozens of tanks before and not had an issue but I definitely will just remove any scape with algae in the future before treating.
  2. My fish have been fighting ick for 3-4 days now. Started with a low dose treatment of API super ick cure (that's what I had left at the time)and ordered some ICH-X. Today I did a 50 % water change and added ICH-X but I just figured out I gave double the dosage recommended! What should I do? Should I do another 50% water change an not add anything else?
  3. Hello everyone, My neighbor bought a small aquarium with a betta half a year ago. She wormed it once with General Cure but didn't follow up later. She wanted to get a few tetras but was wondering If she should completely redo her betta deworming. Is this safe or would double dosing be bad?
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