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Found 4 results

  1. So my otocinclus have the weird tube like things near their anus, right in the middle of the fish where the tips of the ventral fins would meet if you drew a lime straight across. I'm pretty sure it's right next to where the excretions come out. Is this part of the otocinclus anatomy or is it a parasite? Also is API general cure safe for eggs in the tank and couple day old fry? Also will general cure kill the other micro organisms that my fry use as food? Fry are of another fish
  2. Went to one of my LFS today to try to get on a wait list for zebra otocinclus. I got very lucky with timing and came home with two. Here they are settling in. A couple of Scarlet Badis came over to see who the new guys are. They drifted back and forth staring at the otos for a good 10 minutes.
  3. So I've just ordered some otocinclus cocama and not sure how I should do quarantine when they get here. I have a 20 long I set up just for them but I want to medicate them when I receive them. Only thing is the 20 long is a planted tank and I don't want to medicate in that one. I do have a 10 gallon well established with some regular otocinclus I could put in there to medicate. Don't mind using medication in that one as the plants could be moved easily. The only thing is with these fish their very sensitive to any kind of human interaction and tank changes so I don't want to give them and me the added stress of trying to net them in a month or so after treatment. I feel I would experience losses after transfer and 5 of these cost me over 100 dollars with 40 of it being overnight shipping. What do you guys suggest I do? Treat in the 10 gallon and move later, or treat them in the 20, or don't treat them unless they fall Ill as they will be the only fish in the 20 gallon. These are very valuable to me and any losses would be upsetting as I also would like to breed them.
  4. I'm in desperate search of the species in the title. The tank I have is just for them. I have another big shipment of plants coming in tomorrow and it's been cycling for almost two weeks already. If anybody has these or can point me in the right direction I would be very appreciative. (Hope this kind of post if allowed)
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