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Found 7 results

  1. Alright, this one is for all the oscar pros. I recently got a 220g (6x2x2.5) and I decided to go with oscar/oscars. I've had other South/Central American cichlids before but no Oscars. The plan is to try and get away with a few plants with some large rocks around them to discourage them being dug up, nice big ball of hornwort and some duckweed. These will mainly be to help with water quality. I'll probably be filtering with 2 or 3 large sponge filters. Also plan on a pleco of some sort (whatever I can find that's already to big for a full grown oscar to bother trying to eat). Originally I was going to only get a single oscar, but my girlfriend and I can't agree on color morph so I'm thinking about multiple. My goal is to keep water changes to once a week and not more than 25%. So first question is, given the info above is the WC schedule doable with 2-3 oscars and with no plants if they end up getting destroyed? I know feeding also plays into this, but let's assume I'm feeding enough to keep them healthy, as opposed to power feeding them, or starving them. Next question would be, as far as aggression (I know this is speculative with cichlids of any kind) do oscars "typically" get along together, and would I be better off with 2 or with 3? Lastly, how easy do these guys pair up? I Do Not want to make more oscars. There's already enough out there and that would definitely complicate the aggression issue. Sorry for the long post, and thanks in advance for your advice.
  2. I have had my oscar, Redman, since he was a baby, he is now 9-10 inches. His tank mates from the start have been kuhli loaches, dojo loaches, hillstream loaches and some upside down catfish. It was an experiment I ran to see if an oscar would get along with the other fish if it grew up with them. Until a few days ago, Redman has been a buddy to everyone in the tank. He started to flare (mouth open real wide) quite a bit more than usual and began to harass the dojo loaches and only the dojos. I hoped it was an oscar mood swing and observed. Yesterday, Redman started to do quick circles (like a dog chasing its tail)(sometimes he spins left, sometimes it's to the right) for about 5 seconds while flaring and he began to take shots at the dojos. Thinking that he developed an issue with the dojos, I moved the dojos to their backup tank this morning. Redman continues to do his circles and flaring even with the dojos removed. The frequency of his spins has also gradually increased. He leaves the other fish alone, it was only the dojos he targeted. Parameters - Nitrate - 40, Nitrite - 0, Ammonia - 0, gh - 200, kh - 100, ph - 7.0, temp - 78F There has been no changes to the tank besides its weekly water change for well over a year now. Has anyone run into this behavior before? I have seen him go through mood swings before, he is an oscar, but never like this. Frantic is the word that comes to mind when he starts circling.
  3. I'm sitting in the living room when I look up and notice something on Ursula's side. I'm about 93% sure it was not there as of 3 hours ago when I fed her and spent a while watching her. It was for sure not there 5 days ago, that's when I have the last good photo of her with no sign of anything. I've had problems with my guppies and one of my bettas in the last while so I'm really scared of health things lately. It looks like it has air bubbles (or glitter) trapped in/under it, and it moves towards and away from her body as she swims like it's only attached by one point. It almost looks like it might be a loose scale? Is that a thing? General details- 4 inch young oscar alone in an 80 gallon tank, planted, FX4 filtered, 80 degrees, set up for 2 weeks so still very new. 0-0.25 ammonia, since it's a new setup I'm monitoring that closely, 0 nitrite, ~10 nitrate. Last water change done yesterday, 45%. Hopefully these pictures can give a sense of it. It's confusing me.
  4. pH - 7.6 Nitrates - 20ppm Hardness - 370ppm Nitrite - 0 Ammonia - 0 KH/Buffer - 230ppm Water Temperature - 78 F My oscar has had this cyst/tumor like spot for a while now. Is it serious? What's it called?
  5. Hi fish friends! Someone in a local plant swap group is desperately trying to rehome an adult 12" oscar, and I actually have the general knowledge and equipment required to be of help! I have an 80 gallon empty tank and an FX4 waiting to go with it, I'm seriously considering taking him in. I've done some reading and research and I have a basic understanding of oscar care, but I'd love any tips and tricks you might have. One of the things I'm really wondering is what, if any, plants can live with an oscar? Do they have a substrate preference? I have some bags of black sand on hand. I've heard that oscars like to be in busy rooms with lots to watch, and also that they prefer a quieter space. Any notes on this? I have two potential spaces for a large tank- the busy family room and the quieter downstairs den.Also... I'm guessing he would be a champion at eating guppy culls.
  6. I have an Oscar, M and F Jack dempsey showing aggression should I rehome, add, keep an eye on it? The male and oscar are constantly facing off over the last few days. Very minor fin damage is the most I see so far. Tried moving stuff around, have tall stuff for hiding, and feeding a bit more but no difference. I’ve watched all the related videos I can find but I’m frozen in indecision. Background: So I inherited a tank a month ago with an Oscar and M,F,F jack dempsey’s. 75 gallon, 78 degrees, now cycled with 5 for nitrates and I added filtration. I lost 1 JD due to sunken head (she was being picked on by large male JD so removed her but no bueno), and the oscar had HITH which is looking much better. Thanks for the videos which have been a huge help! Pretty sure on the sexing as I have a large male and small female JD as they laid eggs which he ate. Thank you!
  7. Hello, I have an Oscar and 4 Electric Blue Jack Dempsey's in a 125. They eat ravenously but any food that falls to the bottom they ignore. I'm looking for a good tank mate to cover the bottom third of the aquarium. I'm thinking something that would do well in a group of 6 or more would be nice, but I'd welcome any and all suggestions. Thanks!
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