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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all, I have the opportunity to purchase 12 Sterbai Corys or 6 Orange Laser Corys, both at the same price. I absolutely love the lasers, however I also dig me some sterbai’s. They would be going into a 75. I’m leaning a bit towards the Sterbai’s because of the quantity, however I am curious what you folks would do if presented with the same situation. Thank you
  2. Curious on thoughts on Hybrid Cory fry.. I know it’s a pretty touchy subject and vast majority of people frown upon it. And for specific reasons I completely agree. Like if you’re looking for a pure bred species and it’s “not” genetically can be annoying. More to the point. I had like 6-7 oranger lasers plus I had just added another bunch of 3 to a 25 tall. and had to move my to move my 3-4 panda’s and 2 bronze corys. (They were together) so I put them in with the lasers. Had a crazy spawning action but only noticed the lasers so I spawned the fry.. they all look super healthy etc but I wanted to ask if people have done more research on the genetics and if certain species “hybrids” of corys work.. most of these came out bronze type or with some speckles. But if I disclosed they were hybrids etc is there pointe risk for them to still spawn “amongst” hybrids of similar genetics etc. Ps. I’d never mislead someone but was curious if opinions have changed or if there is a course of action people have been taking besides culling. It was an accident, didn’t really think fully haha but they do look pretty cool. Like is it possible to solidify hybrid genetics if they aren’t “sterile”.
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