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Found 17 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm new at aquariums and I am in Columbus, Ohio (newly moved here, too). @laritheloud is my sister-in-law and is primarily the reason we got into aquariums in the first place! Despite loving aquariums, I never thought to try to start my own but hers really inspired me to get into it! I figured I shouldn't constantly ask her about everything, and she highly recommends this forum, and so here I am!
  2. I feel so bad. I got guppy babies for free with a purchase of some cherry shrimp the other day (there were so many in the tank they couldn't separate them from the shrimp). I was planning on starting my first outdoor pond, and I thought, hey, I could throw these guys in there instead of keeping them with the shrimp (because I'm trying like heck to get my shrimp to feel comfy enough to make some babies here eventually). But I live in Ohio. And of course it's freezing cold this weekend at the end of freakin May, (rainy in the 40s and 50s--it WAS in the high 80s!!) and those poor guppies are out there and may have died already due to how cold the water temps are. I just feel really bad. 😕
  3. My first post was a mistake but, will change it now to say hello! long time lurker and I love this community.
  4. hello everyone! I am a newer hobbyist who started December 2019. I basically learned everything I know from the coop. I have a fluval spec 5 with my hellboy betta, a 56 gallon high tech tank, and a 20 long that I breed red cherry shrimp for profit (otherwise the wife wouldn’t let me get much). I absolutely love this hobby and the community. Not many hobbies anymore are as supportive as aquarists. I currently am going to place another 50 gallon tank on the other side of the window that I will be keeping GBR, a L134 pleco, and some other fish that I haven’t settled on. I plan to follow a MD fish tank style for the new one. thanks for looking! I am really late to the forum party.
  5. Im glad to be apart of this forum. Im a beginner fish keeper from ohio. I currently have three tanks. A 55g with some java moss that's just starting out. some Helfiyr I probably spelled that wrong. Vallisneria and bolbitis broadleaf. I have a male and female African dwarf frog. Two mystery snails one Ivory one blue a black racer nerite snail. One ghost shrimp it ate the other three shrimp that was blue and red. And three Guppies 1 mail Orange and two female purple. Then I have a 10 gallon setup no filter no air I'm just using it for experimenting with plants. Then I have a 5 gallon setup I plan on doing red or blue shrimp in it has a filter that is running with micro swordgrass. I have a 20 gallon long that is a terrarium right now with a few different plants some isopods red wigglers that are rogue and some springtails and I plan on transferring when I get a 20 High because the plants are getting too tall. I would like to use the 20 long for the babies if the Guppies have any. I have also started a custom fake rock wall for the 20 long I just have to get some of the hydraulic cement already have the foam shaped and detailed I will add a photo
  6. i have a 125g that's got about 25 mbunas and 10 peacocks one convict and a pleco and some snails. then i have a 75 planted with 4 angels and 6 bolivian rams and a few dif algae eaters including 2 bristle nose plecos. then i have a 10gal guppy tank where they been breeding 2 blue shrimp and overtaken with snails. i like Aquarium coop and all Corys videos. i just used quick start by api and added fish but ive been adding it every water chang only prob. i've had to ammonia spikes that was .5. ive just learned about keeping my cichlids KH and GH up and to regulate ph. look forward to learning and sharing with this forum thanks
  7. Hello from Columbus, Ohio! I am a newbie still doing all my research and trying to decide what/how big my first tank should be. Any help much appreciated! I also ride horses and have way too many houseplants : )
  8. New to the hobby these past few months, currently gave a 29g with Rummynose Tetras, 3 Honey Gouramis, Peacock Gudgeons, Panda Corys, Kuhlis, Ottos, and an shmourgous-board of snails! The Co-Op has supplied almost all the equipment and plants we have! I couldn't be happier with the team and all the education and tools they offer! My fiance has a desire for some Normans Lampeye Killifish so I'm in the process of figuring out the minimum size I can have for a tank with them. (Space is limited, hoping a 10 will do.) I'm excited to be a part of the forum!
  9. It's really Medina Ohio which is pretty close to Cleveland. It seems like there are lots of Clevelanders and Ohioans frequenting the forums. Growing up in the 80's my Dad had a few fish tanks. Some community tanks and the quintessential 55 gal Oscar tanks. I always loved watching the fish and ended up doing most of the care. As an adult, I realize that we had no Idea how anything was supposed to work and got a lot of bad advice from the LFS. It wasn't quite as easy to research as it is today. A few years ago I decided to give it a try again. I attempted an Mbuna tank. I researched a bit, had an understanding of the Nitrogen cycle and basic needs of the fish. I did have a good grasp on managing the aggression. I upgraded tank size, tried a few different stocking combinations, but it eventually turned into another bad Highlander sequel, "There can only be one". Fast forward to 2020, I decided to try again, but with more friendly easy going community. I spent much more time on you tube and forums learning this time. I have a much better understanding of water parameters, and determining what fish and plants would work well for my water and me. Since July, I have moved the lone Yellow Lab to a 40 gallon tank, where he hangs out with a Pleco, Got a 60 gallon planted tank with Murry River Rainbows, Ottos and Corys and a 10 gallon with a Betta and some neons. My wife thinks I'm nuts, but she has spent more time in the basement looking at the fish, than she has for anything else in the past 8 years. My next adventure is a cherry shrimp tank. It is so much fun planning hard scape and plants. The familiar looking sponge filter in the picture is being seeded for the shrimp. I wanted to say thank you to Cory and the community here for providing great information. You have all helped me transition from a guy with a fish tank to a fish keeper.
  10. Hello all, I’m Tanked. I guess it is about time I introduce myself. 3 things brought me here: Candi from Aquarium Coop, My inability to successfully grow easy aquatic plants, my friend’s eyes glazing over as soon as I say aquarium. I bought my first 29 gallon adult aquarium about 30 years ago. I am still using the same setup. 7 years ago, Santa apparently thought a slightly larger tank meant 75 gallons. 2 years ago, I began adopting abandoned setups. I have since pared my functional collection down to a nano, 29, 60, and 75 gallons. I’m 2 years into my current project which is simply a low tech, low light 29 gallon planted tank. Watching countless hours of aquatic plant videos have left me with more questions than answers. When I stop killing the aquatic plants the aquascapeing will begin. Its not the destination, it’s the journey.
  11. 60 gallon tank with 2 angels with mollies and platt tank mates
  12. Hello everyone, greetings from Cleveland! I've been watching Cory on YouTube for about two years, though I didn't have any tanks at the time. I just found his content interesting and I like the way he presents information to his viewers. YouTube recommended other keeper’s channels and I became interested in planted aquariums. Decided to try my hand at a planted 10-gallon late last year and in hindsight, it was laughable. It was a community tank filled with basic fish from retail stores. My aqua-scaping skills were non-existent. Most of the fish are still around today, but I somehow failed all 6 of the pygmy cories that I had. I had a bout of black hair algae which I successfully managed to combat. I now have a 29 and two other 10-gallons that are doing well and look much better than my initial efforts. My original 10g is now a plant nursery! I purchased a 90 gallon and stand, which I then sold before I ever used it because I decided that I wanted multiple smaller species-specific tanks. Yes, I have caught the MTS! I built a stand from 2x3 lumber that holds four 10-gallon tanks because I was sure that that would be enough. That was only about 4 weeks ago. Today I just modified my Sketchup drawing to hold six 20g long tanks instead. I will probably start on that stand this weekend. Anyone looking for any lightly used 10g tanks? I’ve been window shopping on Aquabid and Aquahuna trying to decide what to put in the 10g that I finished scaping but that is still cycling. I have a propensity for Tetras, Rasboras & Barbs so I see myself owning some Glass Bloodfin Tetras and Neon Green Rasbora soon. Well just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to everyone! -Dave This tank is cycling, think I'll put some Neon Green Rasbora in! I have some E. Repens coming that I'll add to the foreground.
  13. Hi everyone. I've been on the FB group for a year or so, but I'm new to the forums. I live in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. I got into fishkeeping when the hotel I used to work at hosted the American Cichlid Association annual meeting. They left some 10-gallon tanks in the garbage, saying they leaked, so I fixed them and kept one for myself, and still have it to this day. (Though not with the same fish) Currently I have a 55-gallon with crayfish (a local Ohio species, but I don't know which one specifically) and a planted 10-gallon with platies and cardinal tetras. I work as a video technician at a local university (the one that hosted the first presidential debate) and when working from home and hosting classes over Zoom, I open each room with the webcam pointed at my aquarium. The students love it. I attached some pics. Scott
  14. Howdy fellow fishkeepers. I got started about a year ago when the wife let the granddaughter pick out 2 fish and a small cube tank at our local Meijer. Well-- then😬 I had to figure out how to keep them alive. After a few mistakes, I finally found some great online content - especially Cory and Aquarium Co-Op. Now 1 year later we are up to a 60 gal and loving it(Wife included - LOL) As you can tell, we have a clash in decor(some glo items for the wife; and some more natural-ish decor for me), but we enjoy working on it together and the Granddaughter loves all the fish and helping to feed and clean. We currently have 7 Platy, 5 Danio(glo), 7 Tetra(5 glo, 1 White Skirt, and a Serpae), 4 Corys(2 Emerald, 2 Albino), and a Bristlenose Pleco. Possible adds in the future include a group of Cherry Barbs and maybe a Dwarf Gourami. I'd also like some Neon or Cardinal Tetras, but not sure how they'd assimilate with the Gourami. Ohio Pappy Ron
  15. Hi from Ohio. I'm brand new to aquariums. Currently cycling my first tank, a 28 gallon nano cube, hoping to add my goldfish soon.
  16. Hello everyone, my name is Kaleb I’m from western Ohio. Hope everyone is doing well!!! Very excited to be in this community I have high hopes for the forum and the future of the hobby.
  17. Hello everyone, Andy here from a small town in NW Ohio. I've kept fish since I was 12, when I won a goldfish at a school carnival, next thing you know, I had multiple tanks in my bedroom. Currently, I have about 25 tanks, keep a variety of fish, all peaceful community fish, and several varieties of neocaridina and caridina shrimp. All but a couple of my tanks are planted, and I just started a 40 breeder plant grow out tank. I'm looking forward to hanging out with fellow fish nerds, seeing what projects everyone has going on and showing off some of mine.
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