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Found 4 results

  1. I'm considering putting a school of Odessa barbs from Greg sage into a spare 55. I have watched Greg's videos on breeding the Odessa's but honestly it seems like he's overcomplicating it. I was wondering if anyone has breed them, and how you did it? I was wondering if there was a way to utilize spawning mops and pick the eggs like I do with rainbows. Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  2. After growing out a small batch of Odessa Barbs I acquired from Select Aquatics over the summer, I finally attempted to breed them this week. Two days after pulling the adults, I'm finally seeing fry! Not sure how many will be in this batch total (three? three hundred?). Time will tell. Right now there at the teeny-tiny, glass-hugging, sliver stage. Almost impossible to focus on with my phone, or aging eyes! I'm currently feeding them a diet of micro-worms, vinegar eels (alas, don't really have enough of these right now), and Sera Micron. If anyone wants specifics on the breeding setup, go to Greg Sage's YouTube channel. I'm replicating his most current set-up note-for-note. His great video series will get all the credit for any success I achieve (I'll gladly own any failures). I'll keep this thread updated with any trials or tribulations (and hopefully successes), just in case anyone else is interested in Odessas.
  3. Hello all, For the past week or so, I’ve noticed that my Boesmani Lake Aytinjo Rainbows and the Odessa Barbs are schooling together. At times, it’s more like shoaling, yet there is absolute schooling behavior being observed. Anyone ever notice something like this. My guess is everyone is happy and getting along. For reference, there are 18 Boesmani and 10 Odessa’s in a heavily planted 75 gallon. Thank you kindly, stay safe and healthy
  4. Recommended by Fish Folk (thanks soo much) here at CARE, I want to add a school of Odessa Barbs to my 75 gallon tank I have set up. Currently the tank has 6 Tiger barbs and 6 Serpae Tetra, both juveniles. I want minimum of 10 Tiger Barbs and 8 Serpae, the tank should be able to handle another school of fish. So my dilemma, do I wait and try to buy 8 unsexed Odessa Barbs at $16.25/each (including shipping) from Greg Sage at Select Aquatics, he is very profession and clearly knows what he is doing or just say frack it and buy them from PetCo who has a tank full of unsexed Odessa Barbs for $7/each. This is not a support you local breeder issue, it seems the demand for Mr. Sage's barbs far exceeds supply and based on his comments, he supports the mass breeding of this fish. My concern is the quality of the Odessa Barbs being breed at the fish farms. Mr Sage seems to be working hard on maintaining the brilliant colors of his line, I am unsure on what I will get from the PetCo fish. Note: I am trying to support our local Mom&Pop fish store but they seem to be living in the 1970's, clearly they are still old school. I asked about ordering some Odessa Barbs, a young employee wrote my name down in a quaint little notebook. I really have no clue if it will be feasible. Mark
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