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Found 12 results

  1. Happy Saturday All! I have a nutrient deficiency issue and I can't figure out exactly which nutrient I'm lacking. I've looked at the diagram the lovely @Torreyhas posted several times and I'm still stumped. The oldest leaves on my swords are turning translucent and the tips are disintegrating. Here are my stats: pH: steady at 7.6 Ammonia levels: 0 Nitrite levels: 0 Nitrate levels: 40+ Hours of lighting per day: 6 (2 hours on with a siesta and then 4 hours on) Lights being used: led that came with the Tetra kit How long the tank has been running: 1 year Dimensions of the tank: 10g The temperature of the tank: 75 degrees Stock is 4 pea puffers Add Easy Root Tabs about once a month, Easy Green liquid at recommended dose for the tank size once a week and potassium at recommended dose once a week Substrate is eco complete topped with gravel Any thoughts? I tried taking a pic but I'm not the most amazing photographer. I'll try again when the light goes on if needed. Could it be as simple as just adding more root tabs? Thanks Nerms! 💕
  2. Ok so I am basically brand new to this hobby and I am really struggling when it comes to getting my plants healthy and controlling my algae. The only plant that I have noticed grow at all is my tiger lotus bulb. Everything else has basically stayed the same or gotten worse since it was introduced to the tank (melting, browning, deficiencies, etc). I struggle with diagnosing nutrient deficiencies because I’m new to this hobby and am not really sure what qualifies as symptoms of nutrient deficiencies vs regular plant behavior. Most of my plants have leaves that are turning yellow or brown, my Amazon sword has leaves that went from brown to yellow to translucent and also some have holes on them, etc. I’ll attach dated photos from when each plant was first introduced to the tank vs now. Plant symptoms Tiger lotus bulb - few minor holes but that’s it Amazon sword - translucent leaves, brown patches on leaves Anubias barteri - haven’t noticed much except little to no growth Anubias nana - haven’t noticed much except little to no growth Java fern - some holes on a few leaves Cryptocoryne lucen - hasn’t grown much, awkard leaf stem shape and occasionally leaves turn yellow Cyrptocoryne wendtii - completely melted, growing some small leaves now Pogostemon stellatus octopus - 50% leaves turning yellow or brown, 50% leaves green Water sprite - leaves are browning Water wisteria - didn’t grow at all, shriveled up and turned brown Java moss - basically all of it turned yellow brown Dwarf Sagittaria - not much change, few leaves have melted In this last month I’ve really struggled with algae as well (mostly hair algae). Every week I’ll do a deep clean of the tank (scrub walls + plants + decor, vacuum substrate, rinse filter) and get almost all of the algae out of my tank then do a 50% water change, but it just grows back a few days after. So I also need advice on balancing my tank. I want to dose more thrive fertilizer since I suspect my plants are missing out on many nutrients, but I also don’t want to encourage algae growth. I don’t know if I should mess with my light schedule, my fertilizer dosages, or both. My nitrates have been consistently high >40 ppm and Ive been dosing the recommended amount of thrive weekly for about 2 months now. My lights were on from 7 am - 3 pm for the first 2 months but last week I changed it to this schedule 8 am - 12 pm : On 12pm - 1 pm : Off 1pm - 3pm : On And I also noticed some water pests 1 or 2 weeks ago (detritus worms, hydra, I think daphnia / copepods, and rhabdocoela) but that’s a topic for another time Details Tank : 20 gallon long Substrate : fluval stratum Fertilizer: thrive c (dose 1x week) Light : Finnex stingray led light Filter : sponge Heater : Fluval E100 (I keep it at 78°) I set up my tank on August 1st 2021 and it’s not fully cycled yet (mistakes were made but the cycle is nearly complete now) When I set up my tank (8/1/2021) I planted the following all in substrate: Anubias barteri Anubias nana Amazon sword Java fern cryptocoryne wendtii cryptocoryne lucen Pogostemon stellatus octopus Tiger lotus bulb A month later (9/1/2021) I attached my anubias barteri and anubias nana to wonder rock and I attached my Java fern to a coconut hut I also added new plants (9/1/2021) : Java moss Water wisteria Water sprite Dwarf Sagittara Any help or advice would be very much appreciated, thank you 🙂
  3. I think my java fern and anubias might be showing signs of a potassium deficiency. The java fern is turning black in some areas and the anubias has some tiny holes in both old and new growth. I'm not the best photographer but photos attached. It's a 5g tank and I dose one pump of Easy Green once a week. I read that java ferns can suck up nutrients pretty quickly. Should I start adding something like seachem potassium or dose more Easy Green?
  4. Hey all, I saw some trasparent on my sword, so at first I thought it was maybe a iron defency. I added root tabs and added some of the tropica premuim fertilizer. All though nothing seems to be working. So I have been doing some research and on other forums some say its a lighting issue. But swords are fairly low light plants, right? It is very low light, I have some really cheap LEDs that came with a tank a few years back. I'm using them until my Fluval 3.0 Nano comes in the mail. What should I do? is it a iron defency? lighting issue? other issue...? Just an FYI i live in Canada so I cant get the easy iron, etc.
  5. Got water wisteria growing in my tanks. One of my tanks has what I think is a form of algae on the leaves. It’s very dark almost black in color. It’s not BBA, it isn’t fury if that makes since. Is it an algae, or something else?
  6. I have noticed several plant leaves with holes in them. Are there adjustments to my tank I can make for healthier plan leaves? Below are some water parameters along with a couple of pictures. Nitrates - 25 Hardness - 120 Alkalinity - 120 Carbonate - 180 Ph - 8.5 Easy green applied each week (3 shots) 29 gallon tank
  7. New to the hobby and trying to figure out what is wrong with my el niño fern. Some of the older leaves are very pale (new growth is all really green) and I’m noticing some dark spots/holes on the older leaves as well. Any suggestions are appreciated!
  8. Can someone help me out with this plant? Based on Cory's article on plant nutrition it looks like a phosphate deficiency but I have a ton of guppies in this tank so I struggle to think there's a phosphate deficiency but I could be wrong. I dose flourish, potassium, nitrogen and I just started using liquid carbon and iron. The plant is attached to driftwood so root tabs cannot be used. Thanks Plant Nutrition - Aquarium Co-Op
  9. My scarlet temple had been growing like wildfire but my issue Is the leaves turn dirty looking and get holes. Do I have a deficiency or could my snails be eating them? At a loss. All my other plants are fine except the leaf from the red melon sword in picture
  10. Hi there, I'm thinking I might have a calcium deficiency, the new leaves growing on my mini buce plants are small, yellow and twisted. But I think there might be some other deficiencies going on that I'm trying to identify... I was hoping you could help me figure out what nutrients might be deficient. On my anubias barteri, there are yellow patches forming on the old leaves (the first pic). On the same plant, a new leaf is unfurling and it looks lighter green than the rest of the plant (2nd pic). Is it normal for new growth to start smaller and lighter, or does this leaf look stunted? On by anubias nana petite (I think that's what it is, the store just called it assorted anubias) I see pit marks (3rd pic). Does this look like potassium deficiency? On my other anubias afzelii (i think, honestly I mixed up the alfezii and barteri and I don't know which is which now) there is slight yellowing between the veins, is that magnesium (4th pic)? I planted all the anubias only 5 days ago, so could it just be the plants responding to the change? I fertilized the tank right after planting with macros, micros and iron, so I wouldn't have thought there'd be deficiencies. Last pic is a mystery plant (maybe micranthemum umbrosum) that showed up with my first plant order a couple weeks ago, its new leaves are also light green and smaller. Thanks for you help!
  11. In this tank val, dwarf sag, and giant duckweed all thrive with no ferts added but the water hyacinth will get very brown leaf tips that take over the leaf as it ages. The plant still survives and even multiplies though. It does not get the browning nearly as bad when I fertilize (see pic) which I do the small daily dose method but if I even miss a day or two the browning is noticably worst. Anyone know? Thanks
  12. Hello I'd like to think I am aware of most of my own deficiencies 🙂 but I struggle to still understand my water deficiencies causing this to my plants: My aquarium is a 100L, with soil, my water parameters No2, 3, PH, KH, GH are all 'normal' - however my plants are turning unhappy and I have blackbeard algae on most of them and on part of the wood . Pictures: My Crypto is turning red/brown, my swords seem to be melting and as said I have bearded algae. I have been putting in Flourish excel since a few days to hopefully battle the beard algae but what else can I do. Is this because of a lack of fertilizer, or will putting in fertilizer only make things worse? Thank you all Ruud
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