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  1. I just brought this beta home two days ago. He came with the marks on his back and head. He is flashing and not eating and swimming erratically. I dosed with API general cure. I don't think it's Ich because the spots are gray not white, it is not spreading and some are like lines and not dots. I've done tons of research and all I can come up with is possibly epistylis. Could it just be scars from thrashing around? he is not eating. He put a pellet in his mouth and spit it out and now is totally ignoring food. The pellets are quality. I also tried flakes and nothing. All my water parameters are within range. I have a moderately planted tank. If I'm honest, I'm wondering whether to take him back to the store.Thank you!
  2. Hi everyone, I got a some nerite snails a few months ago for my tank with shrimp. At first they were doing great (eating algae off the glass, algae wafers, burrowing in the gravel etc.). Then they got really lethargic (stopped eating, laying on their sides and not moving their bodies much). We got some new fish and 2 more nerite snails (from a different store) and were putting them through the quarentine trio, so we added the other nerites to see if it would help. Within a week the two new snails were acting the same way. After a couple weeks some were closed up in the shell, but all are alive. Right now we have them in a separate tank with some aquarium salt (1 Tbsp in 5 gallons) but they haven’t moved in a couple days and are not improving. Has anyone else experienced something similar? I have other snails in the original tank (mystery snails, rams horn) and no one else is acting the same way. pH = 7.4 Nitrates = 0 ppm Hardness = 200 ppm Nitrite = 0 ppm Ammonia = 0 ppm KH/Buffer = 80-100 ppm Water Temperature = 75 F
  3. I have a group of five (5) glofish zebra danios at work. Four (4) seem to be active and fairly plump. However, my blue one has been not interested in eating and is getting skinnier. This is a stark difference from when I got them because it used to be a glutton. They would eat until their belly looked gigantic and kind of alarming. They currently just sit in front of the gradual filter current and just barely swim as required to maintain position. The other fish like to do this as well, we have named it the treadmill. They will swim around the tank but not that much. The tank has been set up three months and the blue was the last one added. I did not medicate the tank when I got the fish. Tankmates: 2 nerite snails, 3 amano shrimp, a bunch of cherry shrimp and shrimplets. Plants Ph:8.2, kh: over 300, gh=over 300, nitrite: 0, ammonia:0, nitrate: 25, temp: 75. Food: tetra color flakes, Hikari micro pellets
  4. So one of my discus wasn't eating as well as the others, so I put it in a quarantine tank and started feeding it daphnia, which it will eat. After a few hours, it made a huge, stringy, white poop, which as far as I know is indicative of internal parasites. The thing is, about two months ago it went through a complete 12 day metronidazole treatment, and about a month ago I dewormed it with prazipro. It hasn't come in contact with any other fish. In fact, I did this treatment in all 3 tanks in my house and haven't gotten any new fish since. Does anyone know what could it be? It was fine, up until a week or two ago
  5. Hi everyone Before I start, I currently reside in India, where meds like Prazipro and Paracleanse aren't available in the local market, and can only be imported into the country at exorbitant costs. Hence, my decision to proceed with the steps outlined below. I have a group of 5 juvenile angelfish which came from the store with internal parasites cause they all were passing white, stringy faeces, in a 40 gallon tank. I put them through a 10 day course of treatment with food soaked in 400mg metronidazole once a day with 40-50% water changes after 8 hrs and they did eat the food but 2 out of the 5 didn't get better. The following week I noticed the 2 outliers not doing too good and just hanging at the top of the water, not showing any interest in food or anything, and they did have white, stringy faeces again. The other 3 were eating fine and doing great. Since they shared the same tank, I decided to treat them again with metro soaked food in the hopes that it would help the ones that were eating as well. This time, I used 800mg of metro instead of 400mg like last time. Around 6 days into the treatment, I noticed that all 5 of them stopped eating any of the food, and so I stopped the treatment with the 7th day. It's been over 2 weeks since then, but none of them has eaten any food since then (as per what I've noticed). Also, I have a couple of Ramirezi, some juvenile Red Head Tapajos I'm growing out and a large male Bristlenose pleco in the same tank who all went through both treatments and are doing more than great, pigging out during feeding time. All 5 Angelfish are currently very active, have great finnage and are swimming throughout the aquarium, squabbling with each other and even coming up to the top of the water when I approach to feed them. But they show zero interest in the food, sometimes mouthing a piece and spitting it out immediately and then swimming away. I can see that their stomachs have sunken in as well. Looking for any help and advice to get them to start eating again. And on the subsequent treatment required. I'm currently on day 3 of trying to get them to eat food soaked in Garlic Guard but no luck yet. Water Parameters: 86 degrees 30 nitrate 0 nitrite 0 ammonia 7.5 ph
  6. I'm having trouble with my Bolivian Ram. About 3 months ago my ram became substrate bound and has been unable to swim without a lot of effort. It spends most of its time as it is shown in the picture below. I'm also a bit concerned about its stomach being rubbed along the sand so much. It is still active and will chase your finger around the glass. It eats quite a bit less than it did before getting sick but still eats. I keep the tank at 74 degrees and all the other fish have been doing well. It was the king of the tank so bullying has never been an issue. I attempted to treat with aquarium salt in a quarantine tank for about 3 weeks. I kept the dosage at 1 tbsp per 2 gallons. It seems like a swim bladder issue. Does this seem like a correct diagnosis? What can I do if anything? Thanks in advance!
  7. I need some help with a bit of a fish saga. I finally decided to get a pea puffer because my desktop 5.5 opened up and I've been dreaming about one for about a year now. I went down to the only fish store in 200 miles and picked what I thought was a good one. plump belly, yellow fins, but as soon as I got it home it started acting weird. swimming laps, bumping into the wall at every corner over and over again, only that. No hunting, and no interest in food. I put some in it's path, it swam into it and kept trying to swim like it didn't realize it had bumped into the tweezers holding blood worms. It kept doing this until I woke up on day 3 and it had passed away. the tank has been established for over a year and a half, and the perimeters where completely normal. (PH a bit high at 7.6 but same as the store) Store replaced it, but all the others looked like they had sunken stomachs... I picked the one with a bit of yellow on it's fins that was the most active. It got home, and had been active and hunting around my tank for micro-fauna, but stopped doing that on about day 3. Upon recommendation I treated with general cure (finished 4 day course yesterday), as I am told Pea Puffers generally have internal parasites (which might be why the stomach looks pinched and the fish looks thin) but it could also be that the store is just COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT. I called and asked what they had been feeding and the guy who MANAGES the fish room said, and I quote "oh, you know, just the general store flake, and occasionally some blood worms) so who knows how long it's been since this one has eaten anything. They also had their pea puffers in with a school of Juli Cori cats... poor things. I have baby brine hatching, but they are being stubborn because I was a fool who didn't buy Aquarium Co-op brand eggs. First batch failed to hatch after 72, and I'm now on 36 hours with the second batch. There are about 15 perfect sized baby snails in the tank, which it has completely ignored. It pecked at one of the 2 large bladder snails on day 1, but nothing since then. It runs away when I try blood worms with a tweezer or pipette, but it doesn't run from a syringe with an air hose attached so it doesn't see that my hands are on the other end, but it still wont eat offered frozen blood worms or frozen brine shrimp from the end of it, it just doesn't run away. I am starting to get very concerned. Today it's acting different. less active, more shy. It used to hunt around for micro fauna, but it has stopped doing that and is just lounging around near the sponge filter. Any help is greatly appreciated. I just procured enough Fenbendazole for a 5 day course from my vet, and it's pre-dissolved in zylatol (I believe that's the carrier liquid) so it should be easy to administer. I am worried about starting that with baby snails in the tank though.....
  8. I put mymedaka in a tub 5-6 days ago and they haven't eaten sense. The flake I give them just stays on top for hours. They mostly just stay still at the surface until I startle them and they swim down. Any idea why this is? Paramiters are 72f, 300 gh, 80kh, 7.4-7.8ph, 0/0/0nitrogens (5 new fish in 30gh. They were living at room temp (68-75) in a 5g before the tub was ready and we're always excited about food.
  9. Just added my betta to my next tank two days ago. He hasn't eaten anything and kind of just hangs around the heater. Tank temp reads 76 based on thermometer in the opposite corner. Should I be concerned.
  10. Hi guys. I am a little worried about one of my two pea puffers. I have a plump one and a pretty lean one. The plump one will eat straight from my tweezers and the lean one seems much more shy/fearful of it so I have only ever seen the leaner one nibble on bloodworms. I am concerned the plump one is bullying the lean one. I have seen the plump guy chase the lean guy around and has chased it away from my tweezers when offering blood worms. I am offering frozen blood worms and live snails I have seen the leaner one hunt snails I think at least once. Right now the lean ones is just resting on a leaf. I placed a snail nearby and hoped it would pique their interest to no avail. If this guy is not eating, how do I help? Especially if it's not eating because of the other guy? Should I put the lean one in my gourami tank with red phantoms and otos to get away from the more aggressive one? I am concerned for its wellbeing
  11. I got these 3 juveniles about a week ago. The 2 in front are boisterous. The one in the back is just hanging out. If you look close, he has a black spot next to his eye. His black is just a lot more pronounced. He didn't eat tonight either. Any suggestions?
  12. Hi all! I've noticed since setting up this planted tank, the neon tetra don't seem to eat. I've had them about a week now and each feeding, the fish won't go to the surface to feed and I end up using my net to fish it all back out about 10 minutes later. At first, I assumed they were just getting used to their new home, but jeez, they have GOT to be hungry by now. The only time the seem to intake anything is when the water filter return pushes the food into the middle/lower portion of the water column where I guess they see it. The problem is, most of the food stays floating and what does make it down there is pushed with such force that it usually ends up in on the substrate or shoots off by the created current. I don't THINK they are eating, though the food that collects at the bottom is gone the next day (but I can't be certain it's not the shrimp cleaning up). This never happened to any of my previous tetra before in my non-planted tank. Any insight or advice? Thanks in advance for entertaining my bombardment of questions.
  13. Its been a few weeks but here it goes. So I have a 10 gallon with pretty much guppies snails and shrimp, heavily planted btw. I have noticed that one female gave birth, then got really skinny and barely eats, swims little and she looks like she will die any time, then another female gave birth and the same thing happened, not eating almost anything, not swimming a lot, and THEN another one gave birth and same thing, shes starting to get skinny and rejects food, I feed a a variety of foods from xtreme flakes to hikari first bites, frozen blood worms, hikari brine shrimp etc, but they dont eat almost anything and Its so sad it looks like theyre gonna die. I dont know what to do and I have read a lot. I know it could be worms but im not really sure. Parameters are PH 7.2- 7.5 water is hard because I remineralize RO with equilibrium and alkaline buffer nitrates and nitrites 0 ammonnia 0 chlorine 0 so everything looks right... What can I do? It seems to be only the females 😞
  14. Hi guys. My kiddo has a planted tank, 10g. It is cycled, about 3 months old, running a sponge filter, ammonia, nitrates and nitrites all at 0-- nitrates are mostly waay low in this tank, we don't really fertilize it, the plants are duck weed, java moss, and left over val runners cast off from other tanks. pH is 7.6-ish, and the heater is a bit sketch, got up to 81, but is meant to be set at 78. I have a secondary thermometer in there and am eyeballing it several times a day. Water is soft. The tank has has a couple of losses. fish were medicated with the trio on the way in. We lost a betta to emaciation twice now. And now 2 of the danios are not eating and emaciated too. I am suspecting internal parasites of some kind, due to the slow sporadic attrition. The tank also contains khuli loaches and random snails. I have on hand the med trio, and levamisole. What would you recommend here?
  15. Hi, I have some hillstream loaches and I don't think they are eating. I have tried cucumber to no avail. I have tried Hikari algae wafers but I don't see them eating. In the morning it is gone (I thought they were not nocturnal). I think that the wafers are just falling apart and I can't see the partials. Any ideas of how to get them to eat?
  16. I ordered WCMM from my LFS (no breeder in the area and we are in lockdown so couldn’t go pick them up). One of them is really thin. Its belly is just flat, not rounded (but not caved in either). He mostly swim by itself toward the surface. Yesterday it was unable to eat my Hikari fancy guppy pellets. Today I gave them frozen bloodworms that I thawed in Seachem garlic guard and the little fish would take one, munch on it for 10 seconds and spit it. Same with a smaller piece. I isolated him with a fishnet and tried again the fancy guppy hikari food but it was too stressed to eat. I live in Canada, we do not have access to any fish medication so I was afraid with all this stress he would develop something like ich. I isolated him in a small pitcher with aquarium water, a plastic plant from the tank and a air stone. I have tried giving him food again but it mostly stays at the bottom of the pitcher. I am at loss for the next step? Should I put him back in the tank? I have frozen daphnia, should I try these before? Thank you everyone.
  17. I’ve got a 29 gal tank of fancy hippies and cherry shrimp and a few weeks ago I noticed this female had become very lethargic and was sitting on the substrate and hiding a lot. She’d eat some and swam fine when she tried to get away from any males giving her a hard time. I thought she might be stressed or constipated so I quarantined her in a 10 gal. I’ve fasted her for a week while medicating with PraziPro and when that didn’t work I tried a dose of Maracyn just trying to make sure there wasn’t a bacterial infection. She’s been spending a lot of time on the sponge filter lately and today I’ve now noticed she’s got a fairly large lesion above her eye, maybe 3-4mm. She’s all alone aside from a few cherry shrimp so nothing can be beating up on her. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Temp 78* ph: 7.4 Ammonia: 0 Nitrites:0 nitrates: 0 Tank has cycled for about a month and a half after being seeded with plants, decor, and a filter from my other tank.
  18. Hi, I have a 40 gallon long, heavily planted community tank. My Peacock eel won't eat out of my hands just yet. When I try to feed it bloodworms, I have to try and sink some near it, but before it can get any the other fish swoop in and eat. Any thoughts on how to get the food to the eel only?
  19. I got my betta from a local store about two weeks ago. I had him in a Back to the Roots 3 gal for a few days, long story short did research too late, found new local pet store and moved him to a 10 gal which is still in the process of cycling. Added a lot of plants and three rummynose tetras. pH 6.8/7 Nitrates: 0 Nitrites: 0 Hardness: unsure Ammonia: .5, did a 25% water change and didn't feed this morning KH/Buffer: unsure Water temperature: 80 F Tuesday: Noticed appetite decrease, didn’t notice (until reviewing photos) top fin was clamped. Wednesday: Still low appetite and swimming erratically. Thursday: I noticed white spots on him, all over his body but more so around his eyes and face. Please note that spots got worse since photos were taken, especially around the eyes and under the chin. It is really hard to get a good photo with my phone camera. Rushed to local pet store. The employee thought it was velvet and recommended aquarium salt treatment so I moved plants to the old 3 gal. Dosed 10 gal with 9tsp (1 per gal), then 9 more 12 hours later, then once more 12 hours later, per recommendation. Total 3tsp per gal, 27 total. After the 2nd dosing I moved rummynose out to the other tank because they weren’t looking so great. Keeping an eye on chemical levels in both tanks, everything is fine there and I’m doing water changes as soon as ammonia hits .5 (side note ,would adding the salt affect the ammonia readings at all?) It’s been a little over 18 hours since the last dose. Appetite and energy seem to be coming back. Fin is still clamped, white spots got worse since videos were taken a couple days ago, especially around face and chin. Now they seem a liiiittle better, but hard to tell. Any feedback helps, I’m trying to trust knowledge of local aquarist but want to make sure I’m on the right track before it’s too late if a correction in treatment is needed. PS I feel terrible having the betta alone in the 10 gal while all my plants, 3 rummys, and one snail are crowded in the little 3 gall. Next time will do differently but do you think I should try and transition and carefully switch the tanks occupants? I don't know how long the treatment will take, I feel so bad for moving them around so much already and want to do the right thing. At this point I don't know if that's to make everyone more comfortable or to leave them be.
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