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Found 3 results

  1. I'm starting a third tank because I am a crazy person. I am just super curious as to how to make a dirted tank work. Now, I live in a very old, tiny house so we don't have room for another tank and frankly, I don't really want another full blown tank. So I bought a jar. From Target, 2 gallons and it was only $14. I would like to do it Walstad style, so I bought some organic potting soil, sifted it and covered it with sand. Put the rock and the plants in and let it sit over night. I now realize I want to take it all out and try again... this time I want to put the sand around the outer edge first, then put in the potting soil, then a deeper sand cap because the soil keeps wanting to peek out in spots and I think that will just be a mess if I don't fix it now. I tried to do a good mix between slow growing plants and fast growers. I have an anubias nana, a java fern, scarlet temple, dwarf grass, pearl weed, spiral val, java moss on the rock, s. repens and crypt undulata red. I might even go crazy and add a stick. I am just using a regular old desk lamp over it and I'm getting a little nano air pump with a little valve regulator thing so I can do a super minimal air stone in it to keep it from getting stagnant. Once I get it more figured out, I will add some floaters (red rooter cooters and I caved and ordered some frogbit on ebay that's coming soon, if it doesn't fry on the way here). Ultimately, I'd like to add some of my new super cute red ramshorn snails, some shrimp and put one of my zillions of guppy fry (or maybe one of the Endlers that annoy the guppy females too much). I'll probably add the snails relatively soon, once its set up again but the rest will wait until the plants are established and I feel like this will actually work without a filter and all that. It's a fun little project/experiment! I assure you, the jar is not breaking the laws of physics. I canNOT figure out how to get pictures to not post sideways... I seriously cannot sort this out on my own. I've tried editing the picture, control-right clicking the picture and so on.
  2. So the motor unit on my AquaClear died. I don’t have a back up filter (I know shame on me) to use while the Co-Op order with a sponge filter comes in (To replace the motor was $20-30 plus shipping, while the sponge filter was $7.....you can do the math) Will my tank/fish be okay for the couple days without a filter? What should I do to tide it over until my order arrives? It’s a 20g long with 15 neon tetras, 6 ember tetras, and a school of panda corys. Fully cycled and partially planted.
  3. I have a 10 gallon office tank that is home to white clouds, snails and java moss. Only running an air stone, no filter or heater, and it has been set up for over three months. I have done two water changes in that time. The tank is loaded with fry and snail eggs, and I had to cut back the java moss last week. This morning I came in prepared to do a water change but after running all the tests I don't see a need. Ammonia, nitrite and nitrate are all zero and the pH is 6.4. I know the API master test kit is good since it is the same one I use on my home tank and it always measures nitrate levels. Any reason for a water change if you don't have any nitrates?
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