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Found 4 results

  1. Thought I'd compare the Fluval 3.0 24 inch with my NICREW Plus LED. First pic is the Fluval on with all settings at 100%; second pic is the NICREW. Fluval seems brighter up top and with richer colors--however, as it's a 24 inch, it doesn't quite illuminate the 'sides' as well as the NICREW, which runs the full length of the tank. (a 29 gallon), leaving them looking a bit darker in-person. The next size up would obviously be far too wide for the tank. Thoughts?
  2. I have been playing with a Nicrew light for the last few weeks, and while it is a pretty decent light, I feel for the $$ the Finnex (a little more expensive) might be a better option. I know the COOP only sells the model 1 stingrays and I am curious why. Does anyone have experience with both care to weigh in?
  3. So I know the Fluval 3.0 is a fav among aquarists, but it is far too expensive to buy in Canada ($300 on Amazon). I can't justify that for a low-tech tank. Finnex isn't as widely available here either so I'm really looking at Nicrew. Specifically, I am looking at the NICREW SkyLED Plus Aquarium. It seems pretty similar to the Nicrew ClassicLED plus. It does have increased red spectrum light than some of their other models. I am doing low-medium light plants in a 33 gal (36 long x 18 deep x 12 wide). Of course I have I few inches of substrate so don't need it to travel the full 18 inches. The most demanding plants I would like is Scarlet Temple and maybe some type of carpeting plant. SkyLED plus : ClassicLED plus he RGB Plus: Thoughts?
  4. Greetings! I have a 20 gallons high fish tank. Currently all plastic plants, but I want to convert it to real plants. I will try to focus on low/medium plants. No co2. I don’t want special effects on my light - it’s on a timer anyway. Or at most, sunrise/sunset effects. There is so many choice but not all are available in Canada. I think the fluval 3.0 would be a bit over kill so maybe Nicrew? But then there is Classic, SkyLed, etc, etc. After analyzing with my very limited knowledge, I would go with the Nicrew Skyled plus 24 ‘’. What are your toughts?
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