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Found 21 results

  1. As of a few months ago I have had a bad algae problem please help ID so I can better combat it, here's some info on the tank 40 breeder 75 gallon sponge filter 5 gallon sponge filter https://www.amazon.com/NICREW-Freshwater-Aquarium-Light-Spectrum/dp/B08SC4DYN1/ref=sr_1_9?crid=XUH9G37NINEY&keywords=nicrew%2Bled%2Baquarium%2Blight&qid=1655485463&sprefix=nicre%2Caps%2C72&sr=8-9&th=1 (light) https://www.petsmart.com/fish/heating-and-lighting/lights/marineland-led-bright-lighting-system-16480.html (second light) stocking ( + or - some shrimp) (and endler fry) (and Im not finished stocking have to up schools and such since many are survivors of my first tank) 3x Panda Cory (Corydoras panda) 4 x Neon Tetra (Paracheirodon innesi)4 x White Cloud Mountain Minnow (Tanichthys albonubes)2 x African Dwarf Frog (Hymenochirus boettgeri)1 x Peppered Cory (Corydoras paleatus)1 x Red Cherry Shrimp (Neocaridina heteropoda)10 x Cherry Shrimp (Neocaridina heteropoda)1 x Nerite Snail (Nerita sp.)5 x Endler (Poecilia wingei) lights where on 8 hours with the marine land on for 9 (its an abysmal light worst $60 ever spent) I did have an out break of hydra about a month ago treated with no Planaria haven't seen any since parameters since I got the tank in a google spread sheet (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16UK8a2AfMVECLHKoTSaUJgTGwcMM_AnGU4rpGdVpf50/edit?usp=sharing) any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. Hey everyone, just wanted to share my gorgeous new addition to my 33gal long community tank. I had recently lost my king male betta from a loach accident/injury and said I was not getting anymore bettas for the foreseeable future, because (except for my king) they have just been very sickly and sensitive the past couple years and I was really tired of losing them. Well I was in my local Petco the other day picking up furry children supplies, and saw this guy and couldn’t leave without him. He is gorgeous and seems so healthy now that he’s in the tank! I have really high hopes and am hoping he can have a long life. He’s so spunky and just jets around the whole tank. He also flares his fins a lot which is gorgeous. He really doesn’t like my 1 red cherry barb, but the tank is so densely decorated that they can get away from each other easily. He will flare if anyone gets too close, but hasn’t chased or nipped anyone yet. He’s not nearly as chill as my king was (he would literally school with and brush up against all my platies and guppies constantly) which makes me a little sad, but I do so love his energy. I just don’t think this tank is complete without a betta fish.
  3. ZeroCool

    Sick guppy ?

    Hello I am new to keeping fish . I have a tank that’s a little over 2 months old. Cycled 1 month with over a month of fish living ok in it . 78.5-79 temp No3 zero No2 zero Ammonia zero Ph 7.5 Kh around 80 ppm (4.46?) Gh around 120 ppm (6.7?) Filter, heater, air stone all in use. The fish in the tank are 4 Mickey Mouse platys,3 kuhli loaches,6 guppies. I just got 3 of the guppies yesterday . All looked fin when I went to bed . This morning this blue guppy had this white stuff and mark on back fin . Is this a fungal fin rot? How should I treat? Thank you very much.
  4. 5 months ago I casually mentioned to my Fiancée I wouldn’t mind keeping an aquarium, now she bombards me with stuff for my new hobby. I love her to death. Now I’m at a point with my tanks that I have engorged information and it has somewhat paralyzed me. What is next and how can I be better? My plants are not looking good in my 10 gallon, I’m fighting ICK now as well, White Algae/Mold is cropping up and I keep vacuuming it away. I added more bottom feeders (trouble w/ snails only shrimp) and stopped feeding as much but nada. Perfect time for my Molly to birth. 3 Molly, 2 balloon Molly, 2 guppy, and 2 loach. I was gifted loaches from a moving friend and I couldn’t find space for a 20+ tank for them. My 5 gallon has slight ICK, the plants have tons of new growth, so does algae. 2 Molly, 1 balloon Molly. My Molly fry I moved into a 2 1/2 before my ICK issues but that tank is in need help with white algae/mold, so more shrimp it is, nada. 37 Molly fry I don’t have a picture of when the 10 gallon was bad but I had to take the thing almost apart to clean everything. 8/9 hour lighting all tanks. I will except any advice, thoughts, good intentions, or scrutiny at this point to become learned. Thank You for support.
  5. I moved this post to journal so I could add to the post as they grow so bee can see if they stay smaller than the 2 inches. UpSo last week I got some many discus. I didnt know they Had such a thing. So far so good they shipped no problem. I did have a issue with 5 fish that are going to be replaced do to a issue with the dorsal fin. It look as if the back is ok just the dorsal fin is messed up. They seller is. Replacing them plus two more. 1 Quote Dwayne Brown Posted 1 hour ago Wow those are really cool. How big do they get? Quote If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success. - John D. Rockefeller T. Payne Posted 1 hour ago When you say mini discus, I'm assuming that you are referring to the fact that they are just young discus? Quote HH Morant Posted 56 minutes ago You're gonna to need a bigger boat Edited 55 minutes ago by HH Morant 1 × Quote Gentleman, Scholar, and Renaissance Man Brandon p Posted 17 minutes ago 2 inches so should could kept them in a much smaller tank. The seem pretty hardy so for Quote Brandon p Posted 5 minutes ago No the seller claims that they do not get bigger than 2 inches. These are still very young at this point. I’m skeptical but I have a large tank that 18 full size discus if I needed to. I will say that the guy has been nothing but honest and helpful when I’ve had questions or was not happy. They don’t seeem like a fish that he is trying to perfect. I ordered 12 he sent 14 just in case one or two died. A lot of personal sellers do this because the fish are cheaper than the cost of postage. 5 of the 14 h e Dora l fins that lay over on their side. No one wants that in discus. When I talked to him he is sending out 6 more to replace the what would 3 I need to have 12 that I ordered. I’ll post here again in a month juts to trach growth. Edited 4 minutes ago by Brandon p
  6. Hello! It finally happened and my white Molly gave birth! These are my first fry and I am clueless. She was bought pregnant and now I would very much appreciate tips. The biggest being how to clean the tank with dry and should I move them to a smaller setup for the time being?
  7. Go and buy the brand new Aquarium Co-op Heat Pack!!!
  8. I live in Mexico, after new year my family and I went for an outdoor trail walk ideal activity now a days because of Covid-19. The walk was on a local creek that starts off from a natural underground spring. I didn't expect much since we live in a pretty dry area, most rivers and creeks are dry all year round and when there is creeks they are stationary and have no life other than basic frogs or insects. The creek was thin, shallow and slow moving mostly looked like any other creek I've seen, but Suddenly I spotted it, it almost looked like some algae, but it was a massive floater colony ( if you can call it that) The colors basic green and a hue of red - pink. Upon spotting them I realized this could be a much more special place than I originally thought, along the trail I kept an eye on the creek and that helped me spot movement in the water, there was fish! it was small and it was quick to hide. Before leaving I remembered the floaters and took a sample with my empty plastic water bottle to analyze through observation. Since I got the sample I've been taking pictures and I'm creating a log of photos and video with my camera. From the very first moments of observing it I noticed micro fauna in the water. 10 days have passed and I've noticed Miniature snails and a few fly or mosquito larvae, thus I decided to enclose it every night and whenever I'm not around to look at it, wouldn't want them to morph into mosquitos in my room. The following pictures are from my cellphone, I haven't gone through all the video and pictures in my camera(higher quality) though so I wont post that now. I'm jumping the gun sharing these since I tried really hard to get Cory's attention in today's live stream and was unsuccessful. Since I got them I've done heavy searching for this plant on the internet, and I cant find anything on it. Mind you all I have little to no experience with aquariums but I've been following the YouTube channel for a long time a little under a year and every video I get closer to actually going all out in on the hobby. I'm really interested in aqua scaping maybe its cause I'm an architect and I feel its almost like landscaping duh, lol. But in all reality I'm a noob at this, literally haven't had a fish since I was like 12, I'm 29 now. And because of the sudden discovery that I just couldn't ignore I jumped the gun took the sample and here I am 10 days later, when I really wasn't thinking about investing in a tank etc. until much further, when I know more and am 100% sure this hobby was for me. Luckily when I was a kid I had multiple bettas and I had 3 small spherical aquariums which are perfect for my tests. I used the smallest one I had, and plan on if possible to grow these plants and get enough for all three aquariums and eventually enough for a much larger aquarium in a not so far future. Anyways, I'm sorry for the super long text, I really wanted to fully explain the context of where, when, who and why I'm doing this. And my intent with this is to get help identifying the plant and whether its a good option for an aquarium with fish. And if indeed its an unknown then look for help from local biologist or investigate on how to adequately register and name it to be found online. So far in these 10 days I've seen massive root growth and expansion in the little aquarium which I could post in a follow up post. Enough delay here are the photos. The creek, thin, shallow and steady or still flow. The Floaters in their natural environment!!! Discovery for me at least. 🙂 Floaters close up in my small aquarium. (daytime, direct sunlight) At night with dim lighting the edge lights up almost looking phosphorescent! couldn't really capture what it looks like with my cellphone with that dim light. Upon realizing there was mosquito or fly larvae I enclosed it letting it breath when I'm there to check on it. Roots, most where anchored on to a twig. and the pretty much have only one root per petal, and I saw new root growth soon after setting it in my new container. I did notice root curling in the end, I cant tell if that's just a plant characteristic as in maybe used to anchor on to things as seen in the twig, or if it is the result of a certain deficiency in the water since I took the sample and added about an equal amount of drinking water( water bottle) to have the floaters float off the bottom since the container is much bigger than the small water bottle used to take the sample with. I used drinking water to prevent adding any untested unfiltered tap water which I have no idea of its ph etc ( city water). I hope I did the right thing. If yo are still here reading this, THANK YOU ❤️ I will try to keep up with this thread daily until I get the help I need, Happy New Year to all
  9. I'm a huge supporter of people getting into the hobby. So, I'd like to start a discussion about a valid reason why it's difficult for new people interested to get into the hobby and/or stay in the hobby. I think this can be productive in future recommendations for people who come here. I honestly think it'll give food for thought before some people give advice....maybe? I've read some discussions in other forums. But, let's be real: other forums are nothing compared to this one full of Nerms. Seriously. I've never been in a forum as dedicated and real to the hobby as this one. I digress... I don't want to write a book for this post, because sometimes a lot can get lost in the shuffle. I prefer a bunch of shorter / quick posts by people, that's a long thread vs. each person's post is a book to read long thread, so I'll get right to my starting point. Person A wants to get into the hobby. Maybe they try on their own without research / forum(s). Fish die. They find a forum. They're told they have to cycle the tank first. This can be anywhere from 4 - 8 weeks. So, this is kinda the first *oh boy* moment for them, right? It's going to be a month or two before I can even have fish? We also recommend medicating fish (another hoop to jump through), a quarantine tank another *oh boy* moment...more money (can be cheap, but still more money), more time before they can go into the display tank. I get it - fish aren't as easy as a dog or cat. But, I think there might be a better way (this is where I need some help from y'all) to help them get into / stay a little while instead of "well, you need this, this, and this.....and then you still need to do this, this, and this....wait for a while, and then you can have fish" mentality. Maybe I'm way off here, but there's got to be a better way of helping them. Everyone on this forum is super nice. The point of this, is, can't there be a better way of helping people instead of listing off all these things they need / should do, to be successful?
  10. I just got these plants from the site a couple days ago and it seems like I have a bacteria growth of some sort on my plants I got a Bucephalandra "Green Wavy" and the "Windelov" Java Fern it's mainly on the Java Fern I can see , but I was wanting to know what I can do , I just dropped the plants a couple a days ago I don't want to kill them trying to kill the cotton like substance
  11. Just purchased 6 ember tetras to start a new tank. Will it be ok to add more to the school later on or will the existing embers school more on their own?
  12. Hello, Just setup my first planted aquarium, really first aquarium if you don't count the ones I had as a kid. This is a 30 gallon tank and I want to fertilize cycle the way Cory talks about, just need some help. I'm going to use easy green/root tabs but how much/often? Lights are on 5 to 6 hours a day for now, when do I increase? What water parameters should I have through this cycle period? When do I do water changes? Sorry for so many questions, so much to learn. Any help would be appreciated. What did I miss. This has been fun looking forward to this next phase. Thanks
  13. My name is Nathen (20yo). I’m currently living in Florida and have a pretty interesting occupation that some of y’all might not like. My family and I run a fish spa experience with Garra Rufa fish in 12 different tanks (about 44 gal. each). We opened up in November (2020) not knowing anything about aquariums, but have learned a lot since then and still are learning. I just have one issue i’m struggling with right now that needs attention. Whenever I add Pond Prime to my tanks the ph lowers a lot. I searched up to try and find something related to that but I found nothing. If y’all have any questions regarding the health of the fish let me know I’m an open book. We take great care of our fish and really treat them like our babies haha.
  14. These are my two tanks. My 20 gallon hex was just recently converted to a fully planted tank a few days ago. It houses a betta, named Creme Brulee, 9 neon tetras, an otocinclus, a guppy, two African dwarf frogs, and a ghost shrimp. They all seem to get along very well, even the shrimp that I thought I would kill immediately with the frogs or betta. I've been binge watching every video I can on aquascaping and aquariums in general. This is my first real attempt at aquatic plants. I feel like I've gotten pretty good at houseplants over this year due to the pandemic and this was my next step in the hobby since my husband said I couldn't get anymore plants since we will be moving soon (GA to the DC area) and he doesn't want to move them.I have had fish tanks since 2011 and worked at pet stores with fish for 4 years so I have the basics down but want to expand my knowledge and maybe someday have a room in my house just for my fish and plants. The 10 gallon tank is a tank I'm cycling for cherry shrimp or crystal shrimp. I have all the tests (TDS meter, Gh, Kh, freshwater master test kit) to see which species based on my water parameters. I have very soft water with a low TDS (under 100) so I'm leaning towards crystal red shrimp since they would require fewer adjustments. I'm hesitant to call it my first attempt at aquascaping but really that's what it is. Lol The plants on the right (Rotala indica) should grow nice and tall to hide the heated and filter nicely. They melted back pretty hard but the new growth I replanted makes me pretty confident that they will be just fine in a few months. I even have a crytocoryne wendtii green that completely melted and the roots seemed firm so I planted them in the tank and they seem to be regrowing new leaves as well! I'm really having some fun with it and I'm definitely getting the itch to get another tank. I'm trying to convince my husband to just let me upgrade the 20 gallon to a 75 but no luck until we move again.
  15. I have a seeded (about 2 years in an established, planted tank) sponge that I would like to put in my new tank along with a brand new sponge filter. How long can I expect to cycle my tank before I can add some nerites and neocaridina?
  16. I just got Aurora like today. Right now it is 5:54 PM (I bought him from Aquarium Co-op at 3/27/20, at 10:20-ish AM) Aurora backs away from me and hides under the crowd of water lettuce on the surface every time I come watch Aurora to see if he's doing good. By the way, this is my first fish in a 5 gal tank. There is no other fish in the tank but Aurora. There is a betta hammock, a feeding ring, some plants, one marimo moss ball, crypt. tropica, water lettuce, nano sponge filter with airline tubing, stingray led lights, a nano heater, and soft small gravel with beneficial bacteria. Every thing is normal, no ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, but the ph is 7.5. I don't know why he's scared of me and keeps hiding. It makes me worry a lot. Can anyone help or explain why Aurora is doing that? Jane Oh
  17. Hey all! I am a marine biologist located in the Seattle area. Interestingly enough, I worked briefly with Cory way back when, when he first started up aquarium co-op to advertise his business stealthily at an undisclosed national petstore chain while I was in college. I do not currently own an aquarium, but intend to hover the forum and help biology and chemistry related questions. I am a huge fan of biotope aquariums and I use to establish tanks and sumps and sell them. I am going to try to breed dragonfly/damselfly larvae as feeders for large fish. I will post tech articles on this when I get some trial and error under my belt In college I had a 55 gallon long tank with an eclectic mix of rejects that I adopted from said undisclosed national petstore chain customers. It housed a 6" gold siamese algae eater, 5" gold bristlenose pleco (m), 5 gold gouramis, a 4" convict cichlid, and an unidentified 2" sunfish. That tank was bursting with personality. The algae eater and pleco hated eachother and stayed in opposite caves on each side of the tank. The pleco would hoard hikari algae wafers in his cave and the algae eater would have to bravely try to steal them over to his cave. The convict cichlid was an absolute puppy who just wanted to be friends with everyone. He was actually the only surviving fry of about 10 that I grabbed to feed the sunfish. So he started life in my tank as a 2mm babe and within a year hit 4". When I graduated college I gave away these fish to a wonderful family who were putting them into a 250 gallon community tank.
  18. Hello everyone, New member and newbie from New South Wales, Australia. Started this addiction in late October 2020 when I saw a Youtube video of MD Fish Tanks aquascaping his tanks and was immediately obsessed. After watching more videos and researching I was truly naive enough to think I'll be the next Aquascape sensation......turns out it's harder then it looks 😀 However, my first tank I bought was the Aqua One Horizon 65 which was a starter kit and my local Pet Quarter store has been sensational with advice and also mentioned the Aquarium co-op YouTube channel and forum. In truth, I'm really into the whole water parameters and plants at the moment but trying to go slow with everything. I've been fighting a small BBA problem at the moment, and I think some plants are lacking certain nutrients so additional research is required. I'm sure I'll gain some knowledge here and hopefully, one day ill be able to give some advice based on my experiences too. Current tank setup - 65 Litre Aqua One tank, basic lighting, Tidal 35 Filter, basic heater, Air pump with an air stone. Fish - 15 Neon Tetras, 5 Glowlight Tetras, 3 Bristlenose Catfish, 1 female Bolivian Ram (Queen Elizabeth) and 1 Male Bolivian Ram (King Bernie) Also, I was recently given a small tank from a mate so it's planted lightly with a Half Moon Betta (Max) Thank you all and look forward to enjoying this forum.
  19. I just got a new 20 gallon long from the dollar per gallon sale at Petco and I don't know what to put in it. One of the fish that I know is going to be in it are corydoras. I really don't know what other fish would go great in it. This is my first time making a community tank. The only time I've kept fish were bettas lol. I hope anyone here could help me out.
  20. So, I unfortunately lost all but 2 of my fish in my 20gal tank due to fin rot (I didn't catch it in time). So, I'm taking this opportunity to change up my tank to a planted shrimp tank with some fish. With that being said I will have to change my substrate and take out all my decor. After setting up my new tank will I have to let it completely cycle again?
  21. Hello! My name is Kenneth, I've been in love with fish since I was young and now since I'm living alone I can start to do a fish keeping! I have set up a 10-Gallon Community Tank 4 days ago and Planning to get another 30-Gallon Community Tank maybe in a couple of months. I am planning to use my 10 Gallon as a Quarantine Tank or Shrimp Tank because shrimps are cute 😁😁 I joined the forum to learn as much as I can about Fish Keeping and any input that you give will be noted by me! (because sometimes, I'm forgetful.). My current 10-Gallon Setup have Bio Wheel PENGUIN 100 by MARINELAND and TOPFIN H100 Heater. I'm still saving up to get lighting and a hood or a lid. Nice to meet you all!
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