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Found 17 results

  1. Hey I was just wondering if anyone else on the forums live in northern New York. I live in the Watertown area and am looking for others to meet up with. I am 1 week into the hobby and just finished up my 2nd tank (10gallon for guppies 😁😁).
  2. Hello everyone, Greetings from upstate New York, My name is Joe and I am new to the hobby. I’ve had my tank for about two days now and am excited to start this adventure. I am open to all sorts of ideas and look forward to learning as much as I can. I am blessed that a good friend of mine was nice enough to set me up with my first 5 gallon tank. He walked me through the process and did 90% of the work but explained it all in great detail. He strongly encouraged me to join the forum and started a new hobby for me. I look forward to learning , growing, sharing, and enjoying my time with any and all of you. I was given (sorry if I mess up names I’m terrible with that) 2 Ember Tetra, 1 Neon Tetra, 2 guppies (males), 1 Khuli Loach, 1 Amano shrimp, 2 Neocaradina shrimp, a couple corkscrew vallisneria, a couple of Dwarf sagittaria, and a cryptocorynes plant.
  3. I am very excited to have found your group. Cant wait to dive in and read everything I can. I am relatively new to the fish keeping hobby. I have one 10 gallon tank and one 29 gallon tank. I am cycling both to enjoy both planted tanks and beautiful new fish. I started with the 10 gallon and one Betta, who we just lost about a month ago. He was very entertaining and we learned a lot during is 4 years with us. Doing lots of research on types of fish and looking forward to learning more.
  4. Hello everyone! I have been on here for about a week but I thought I'd introduce myself! Hi my name is Brianne and I am 12 years of age. I have been fishkeeping for about a year and 4 months. We have 75 fish tanks and starting up our own fish business now. We keep african cichlids, discus, angels, kribs, plecos, cories, livebearers, white clouds, ricefish, rams, tetras, gouramis, glofish, bettas, and so much more for freshwater. For saltwater we currently have an emerald crab, nassarius snails, turbo snails, banded coral shrimp, serpent sea star, clownfish, black chromis, yellow damsel, azure damsel, yellow dottyback, pajama cardinals, bangaii cardinals, gobies, wrasses, royal gramma, and neon goby. For freshwater we have tank varing from 4 gallons up to 75 gallons and all in between. We have 3 saltwater fish tanks. 16 gallon, 26 gallon, and 75 gallon. We just recently set up a fish room with about 40 freshwater fish breeding projects. We also have 4 cats and 1 dog, and 1 hamster. Thank you!
  5. Hi all, this is such a useful resource to learn and get ideas as I’m new to the hobby (at least since I was a kid 20 years ago and continually killed fish with ich and overstocking). I have a 20 Long tank I bought “for my kid”… so far has a black lyretail molly, a couple zebra danios (that I used to cycle my tank), 4 Kuhli loaches, and a Nerite snail. A bunch of Java ferns and other small plants (dwarf sag, bacopa in back), including a water lilly bulb that recently started exploding. I plan to get a school of tetras in the near future.
  6. Hello fellow fishkeepers! I'm new to the aquarium hobby and I'm excited to find this forum. My 8-year-old daughter decided she definitely wanted a tank, but it has somehow hooked me a lot more deeply than I initially expected. My current tank is a 10 Gallon Aqueon LED that I am currently cycling without any fish -- because they died about two weeks ago when I tried to cycle the tank with them inside it. 😞 So, seeing them die despite water changes, etc. really pushed me to get into the chemistry behind the hobby to NOT have that ever happen again. I've got my API Test set and am hoping to get my nitrogen cycle going. I take readings every day, log them and yesterday.... magic when I got home. Wife and daughter told me in dire terms that there was algae forming on the underwater driftwood. But to me, this was great: LIVING THINGS CAN GROW IN MY TANK. Never thought I'd be so happy. Then, on top of that, after two weeks of testing, adding bacteria, I saw evidence of nitrites in the sampled water. Never thought I'd be so excited about bacteria, lol. So anyway, now I'm going to keep testing, wait to see the second form of bacteria form, will continue to ghost feed the tank. I am wondering what I should do about the HOB filter that came with the tank -- since most of the bacteria I'm trying to develop 'live' in the filter media I'm leery of changing it. I have read that the bacteria exist on any biofilms on tank items, but unsure how to change the filter without disturbing the biofilter. I bought extra filters weeks ago, but I don't want to interrupt the cycle by changing the media before the tank is cycled. Does anyone here have any advice on how/when to swap out the replaceable filter media on one of these kinds of tanks? There are no fish in the tank, and won't be for weeks until my tank is cycled. So how do I change the filter without really destroying my biofilter? Here's a picture of my-- my daughter's -- aquarium. Ok, so ... yeah, the rainbow gravel is a concession. This is probably what the riverbed of Willy Wonka's Chocolate River looks like, with Nerd candies as gravel, but I had to bend somewhere. Any tips or suggestions are very welcome. Excited to read the forums, any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  7. So hi my name is logan I’m 16 and I live in Queens, New York and I have one 55 gallon tank now but after the summer I’m upgrading to a 90 gallon tank and I wanted some feedback on my stocking ideas Blue pinoy angelfish Pearlscale Red koi angelfish German rams Apistogramas Cory cats Black neons Cherry barbs Bristle nose pleco Khuli loach Rummy nose tetra Emperor tetra
  8. Hello from Fingerlakes New York. I started this crazy hobby at xmas 2020 with a ten gallon. I now have a 3 gallon with a scarlet badis and snails. A 29 with 5 kilifish that im breeding, A fat molly, and 5 albino Cory cats. And my 10 gallon has 1 female half moon betta named Mimi. Accompanied by 8 ember tetra and 2 zebra loaches. My most recent tank is a 20 long that i just set up a betta sorority with 7 vieltail females. The bettas are fighting a bit but its been less than 24 hours. I'll watch close but I might be taking two back to the store. So that's it. 4 tanks and 30 fish later here I am. Hooked.
  9. I live on Long Island and haven;t been able to find a really good fish store in the area. Any suggestions?
  10. Greetings all! I am from the northern edge of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate NY, and a very short drive to the US/Canadian border. There is not much for Local Fish or Pet Stores, just a sad and struggling PetSmart. The nearest real pet stores are in Montreal, about an hour or so away but with a closed international border due to COVID, and a wonderful little pet store called the Pet Advantage in Burlington, VT, which, alas, is also hard for me to get to due to COVID restrictions. Fortunately, Aquarium Co-op does a great job of keeping me supplied as well. I have been a slowly evolving fish nerd ever since running a science and nature store in Lake Placid, NY in the 90s, where I cared for aquariums and an indoor fishpond with local perch and pumpkinseeds, along with a trio of red eared slider turtles. I now have a 30 gallon planted tank filled with various Fancy Guppies that are constantly breeding, a 10 gallon planted tank that houses my male Guppies, a 30 gallon tank with a mated pair of Convict Cichlids, a 3 gallon tank with a veil tail Betta who will be moving into a 5.5 gallon soon (or maybe he will go into the 10 gallon planted, still not sure!), and a 10 gallon that I have set up as a Quarantine Tank. All of my tanks are happily "infested" with Malaysian Trumpet Snails except for the Cichlids, who I am pretty sure would find the exposed bits tasty. I am always happy to learn from others and open to sharing my own experiences, although I will be the first to admit that I am often wrong and still have much to learn. If you happen to be in my area of the country, don't be afraid to say hello, and I am always willing to trade what I have.
  11. I'm Jon form Long Island New York. Great to be here and very exited to be a part of this new community. Just got back into the hobby after about 6 years thanks to the coop. Here are some pics.
  12. Hey folks, finally getting around to joining this forum after watching Cory mention it online like a zillion times 🙂 I know my handle "Andy70VWBus" is ugly, but my original YouTube was supposed to be a channel centered on my 1970 VW camper van, and now it's too much trouble to change it, so I'm just keeping it and using it here so folks can recognize me from YouTube live streams etc. I've had the pleasure of meeting MANY of the "FishTube" creators at the past two Aquatic Experience shows in New Jersey, what fun! My fish tanks are scattered all over my house, though I do hope to create a real fish room eventually. I currently have 16 tanks in operation, not counting a rack of little bowls and jars holding various plants for future tank builds. I use only live plants, no "plasticus artificialis" allowed! I love breeding fish, so that is usually my focus. I currently have the following breeding: Guppies/Endlers (of course) - trying to line out my own "Navy Blue and Gold" line of guppies (black body with gold head and blue tail) Limia Perugiae Black-Chin Livebearers (Girardinus Metallicus) Neocaridina Shrimp (Red, Blue, Yellow, and Snow Ball lines) Paleatus Corydoras (Salt and Pepper Cories) Bristlenose Plecostomus (both long-fin Yellow and Super-Red lines) Lamprologus Brevis "Sunspot" shell dwellers - my first Cichlids in many years! There is a group of Melanotaenia McCullochi that I want to breed, but have not got them properly set up yet. In addition to those, I recently added my first Caridina (soft water) shrimp, but they are too young to breed yet. I also have five Blue-tailed Goodeids which I had planned to breed, but all five of them turned out to be males, so they are just a fraternity pack until I find them some females. I live near Rochester New York, but we have no local fish club in Rochester, so I am a member of a fish club over near Buffalo, about an hour's drive away. So there's my intro! Cya All in the live streams and posts below! - Andy
  13. Hello name is Bob, Rew is a nickname I’ve had forever. I live in not so upstate New York. I’ve been in the hobby for years now wife calls it the obsession, I call a passion! Went from one 30 gallon to 37 tanks from 10g to 125g. I keep mostly goodied, some Angelfish, various Barb’s, Bettas as well as Kribensis. Just in the past month finished the fish shed for most of the tanks and pond with a greenhouse. Nothing but projects here.
  14. I have been hoping for a good old fashioned forum for aquarium fans for a long time. My other hobby has a robust one and I am excited Cory is taking this on. My family moved into a new home last year that has let me expand my fish keeping. Here is what I have going right now: 55 gallon display 3.4 gallon desk red cherry shrimp 40 gallon 3 goldfish container pond 15g container pond, 20g tall and 10g for N Class Endler breeding project that are the beginning of a fish room, or at least wall
  15. Hey folks, I'm an Irishman living in NY. Got back into the hobby this year after many many, many years of not being a fish keeper lol. I have a Betta, 4 Oto's and 2 Nerites. Pleased to meet you all 😀
  16. Hi all. i am newly returned to the hobby after a 40 year hiatus. I had quite a few tanks as a kid with the usual suspects; Guppys, Neons, Angels, Loaches, etc. I am also newly retired and have started up a ton of new hobbies, like Extreme Hammocking, and Beard Growth Watching, but I was looking for something else to do...then I remembered the joy I got from keeping fish when I was in my early teens. I actually don't even have a tank yet, other than a little 10 gallon the kids used for rodents, years ago. I set it up to make sure I understood how to do the cycle and get the parameters down... Then I started watching Cory's YouTube videos and videos of a few other youtubers... Now I have a 20 gallon tank coming tomorrow and a 40 gallon that will be here Tuesday. I'm lucky that I live in rural upstate NY(right on Lake Ontario, I can see it as I type this) and do not have a fish store within 50 miles of me, other than the petcos and petsmarts and even those are a good hour's drive away, otherwise I'd probably have a big tank by now. I did spend my first $100 at the shop here already and got my package pretty quick, especially for what's going on with the USPS right now! I am going to slow down a bit though and get these two tanks set up and make sure I still enjoy it as much as I used too. The 20 gallon is going to be planted and have guppies, shrimp, and snails. Not sure yet what I will do with the 40 gallon, but I am going to set it up as soon as it gets here and do my research. I LOVE that we are really going for entire ecosystems these days. It's not just a cage for fish, but a home, so I am going to be doing a lot of plants and trying my best to put stuff together that like the same things. SOOOOO much info out there! Obviously there was no internet when I was a kid, so I rode my bike to the library a couple of times a week to check out another book and hopefully expand my knowledge a small amount. Looking back, we really didn't know even a quarter of the things that are "KNOWN" now. It was a lot of guesswork, so a huge thank you to all of you sharing info! I'll post pics as I go along and if things work out as I think they will, I'll show each new tank as they get progressively larger and probably my divorce papers somewhere along the line too.
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