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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, this is such a useful resource to learn and get ideas as I’m new to the hobby (at least since I was a kid 20 years ago and continually killed fish with ich and overstocking). I have a 20 Long tank I bought “for my kid”… so far has a black lyretail molly, a couple zebra danios (that I used to cycle my tank), 4 Kuhli loaches, and a Nerite snail. A bunch of Java ferns and other small plants (dwarf sag, bacopa in back), including a water lilly bulb that recently started exploding. I plan to get a school of tetras in the near future.
  2. So hi my name is logan I’m 16 and I live in Queens, New York and I have one 55 gallon tank now but after the summer I’m upgrading to a 90 gallon tank and I wanted some feedback on my stocking ideas Blue pinoy angelfish Pearlscale Red koi angelfish German rams Apistogramas Cory cats Black neons Cherry barbs Bristle nose pleco Khuli loach Rummy nose tetra Emperor tetra
  3. I have been hoping for a good old fashioned forum for aquarium fans for a long time. My other hobby has a robust one and I am excited Cory is taking this on. My family moved into a new home last year that has let me expand my fish keeping. Here is what I have going right now: 55 gallon display 3.4 gallon desk red cherry shrimp 40 gallon 3 goldfish container pond 15g container pond, 20g tall and 10g for N Class Endler breeding project that are the beginning of a fish room, or at least wall
  4. Hi everyone, Happy to be here. I'm a pretty experienced hobbyist from The Big Apple. Living in a small apartment limits the size of tanks I can keep so my largest is a 55 gallon turtle tank (with a basking room on top so don't worry 😉). I then have two five gallon betta tanks, a small ten gallon betta community, another ten gallon blue dream shrimp community, and a 20 gallon long puffer community tank. No, there is not a bloodbath happening in there. I have all live plants and my tanks are mostly rather heavily planted or in the process of growing out into a moderately planted look. I am obsessed with colorful and red plants.
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