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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, we are new to the hobby and finally adding some plants to our 20 gallon tank. I know aquarium salt is bad for plants BUT we already have aquarium salt in our tank (we add aquarium salt with every water change). Do I need to do a water change to remove some of the aquarium salt before I plant our new plants? Or will they be safe and okay? THANKS!☺️
  2. When reading about planted tanks, I hear the terms "New Tank" and "Established Tank" a lot. Or, sometimes, "new" and "established" referring to an individual plant. Are these term well defined at all? I read or hear things like: "Algae growth is normal in a new tank but will subside when the plants are established." "Reduce the intensity of the lighting in when plants are new and increase it when they are established" How can you tell if a tank or individual plant is established? And, are there more phases or stages to planted tank growth than these two?
  3. I received my fist plants today, I got them in the tank and fed them. In a couple of days I will take them out of the pots.
  4. So I recently put some new plants in my tank and not to long after found a couple fish with ich. I’m still treating the tank with ich x and higher temps. Tank has been established for years just recently changed to a planted community tank. I’ve been doing the daily water changes along with the treatment. My question is do I use Easy Green and Iron while I’m treating for ich. Keep in mind all plants were planted about 10 days ago. I have a Java fern, Amazon sword, Red dwarf (has stated to grow) Cryptocoryne Lutea, Staurogyne Repens, and a anubias petite,
  5. So I've had all of these plants for about 3 weeks now or so and some of them are looking like their dying. I know sometimes they melt or die back and then regrow but the red one looks rough and the green one with the long stem and round leaves seems like its just barely clinging to its roots. I use easy green as directed for a 55 g tank and I used root tabs as directed. I just want to know if I need to do something or if I just need to wait. I just dont wanna assume it'll be fine and let them die when I could have fixed it
  6. I have a fairly new tank and my plants look like they’re decaying? Any ideas what I can do to save them? I’m very new to aquariums.
  7. Do you decontaminate new plants before adding to your tank? Would you do this same process when setting up a new tank (no fish yet)? Do you have a tried and true method that you've found effective? I've been watching a lot of videos on different soaks and washes, but the information seems inconsistent (some say roots in, some say roots out, etc...) and I would really like to hear some real life experiences... Thanks in advance!
  8. I just got plants in from here, and I was wondering if I take the weird green ball things off of them?
  9. How can I get my plants to grow more and melt less? I am dosing fertilizers and the tank has been established for a while but the plants still seem to lose a lot of leaves and melt what should I do?
  10. Hey guys ,I am getting some plants through a shipment, unfortunately not from the co-op,as they won't ship to India:( Anyways I just need some help so as to know ,how do I prepare for them ,what do I need to do when they show up at my door front Sorry,this may seem like a noob questions,but please it's my very first time
  11. I have my new 10 gal set up, for a few days now, with my recent plant order. It all came through pretty good, but the dwarf chain sword is adjusting to my water. I'm thinking of using this for a new betta tank or some other nano fish.
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