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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm going to be in New Orleans in a couple of weeks and hoped to visit a fish store or two while I am there. Does anybody have recommendations? Thanks!
  2. Hello all new to the forums, somewhat newish to the fish keeping hobby though I've owned fish off and on when I was younger having tanks set up by my father for me had platies, mollies, bumble bee catfish which was in a small 10g hex tank I was really young and just fed the fish. Several years later around middle school my dad got me a 20g long and I had 5 turtles 4 red ear sliders 1 soft shell turtle which I nameed the red ear sliders the 4 Ninja Turtles and named the soft shell splinter just cause he was different from the red ear sliders. My dad at the time kept a 55g tank of cichlids that I have always admired so colorful and beautiful. I've also kept bettas but I kept them incorrectly keeping them in "betta" tanks that were like 1-2 gallons unfiltered unheated never cycled or used any de-chlorinators but that was my late teen years to mid 20's. So about 2 years ago I got a itch to get back into fish keeping. I started researching and learning quite a lot of info that I had zero idea about well I had a 5.5g tank that was doing fantastic with a betta though the first betta I got was in poor health not very active and unfortunately it died so I went back to the store and looking for a more lively betta and had one that was far more lively and was a joy to have. I also added a 20g which I got too excited with being a bigger tank and overstocked which I ended up killing a few fish and I ended up rehoming the rest before I killed them. One the betta died I set everything aside tried to sell it all but no bites must been overpriced to people. Anyway thats my history with the fish keeping hobby and I got very inspired to give it another shot always been a big fan of Aquarium Co-Op and I love Murphy!
  3. Hi! my name is Ariel, I live in New Orleans, Louisiana and I've been keeping fish all of my life.... but.... only have been keeping them correctly for about 2 years!
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