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Found 7 results

  1. Hey! My name's Emily, and I'm a beginner aquarist who began keeping fish in February 2020! Even though it's been about 2 years, my knowledge in this hobby is still very little because I have had no access to experience- which means I haven't been able to get my hands on many plants, animals, or aqua scaping tools besides the very basic necessities (as you can see in the thumbnail, my 10 gallon tank is bare of plants except for a dwarf hairgrass and crypt bought from this website. I didn't even have enough sand to cover the top layer of my substrate! Luckily, that dilemma is solved now). The thumbnail picture is old, I replaced that barely-functioning filter I used to keep in a 2.5 gallon with an Aquarium Co-op filter and I removed that horrible dragon decoration. I've been able to get by for getting fertilizer, medicine, water testing kits, a gravel vacuum, a filter, and all those other tools by begging my parents to allow me to use my allowance to buy these supplies off Amazon or Aquarium Co-op, haha. While I do have an LFS, it's a really crappy one where the animals there are neglected, there's a really limited selection for the aquarium supplies, and everything is overpriced. I try my best to give my male betta, Ciel, the best life I can; considering that his diet consists of only hard pellets and bloodworms (also flakes he refuses to eat) and that his tank is located in the kitchen (not a good choice because of the fumes from the sink chemicals or the smoke from cooking), I feel like I haven't been able to live up to that. I still have a lot to learn, and after 2 years I am still stuck with knowing only the basics. Ciel is my first fish, and he hasn't gotten sick yet in these past two years I've owned him- but I have no experience with treating sick animals (every other day I get paranoid that Ciel might be sick and I am unable to recognize the signs) or with taking care of plants (my dwarf hairgrass and crypt have nearly died off on several occasions). I want to have more experience by getting some tankmates for Ciel, like cherry shrimp or tetras, but first I need to fill up all that empty space with plants, maybe even driftwood or aquascaping rocks if I can somehow get my hands on them. I already learned the hard way when I got myself a mystery snail before conducting proper research, and he died a premature death from an irritated foot and malnutrition. You can see him in the attached image. Anyway, sorry for literally writing an essay, haha, but that summarizes the experience I've had so far into this hobby. It's tough, but Aquarium Co-op's blogs/youtube videos and being able to order supplies like plants and filters from them really helps me out to enjoy this hobby. Aquarium co-op team, if you're reading this, thanks a whole lot! You guys are awesome!
  2. Hello everybody! I have recently come back to the hobby, Cory and Irene's videos were a big help to me getting info! After having tanks as a kid, and am in the process of setting up a 55 gallon community with a lot of beginner friendly, low light loving plants. One nice thing to coming back to the hobby as an older adult is I now have the patience and budget to do thing properly, the nice tech bump in equipment is a bonus too! My water parameters are 74 PH, with 10 hardness. Here in my area of NJ we have reasonably hard well water. Which brings me to my main questions I really wanted to have a couple groups of different types of tetras, but am worried about the water quality being bad for them. Cory showing off the Black Neon Tetras did make me excited for them, but I am very worried the water parameters would be too much for the little guys. I am adding a bunch of driftwood to the tank, but am concerned that would not drop things down enough. So, instead I am getting research on suitable tetras that could work with what I have. The following look like okay choices, but I figured it would best to ask people with actual experience what they think. I have already crossed of Serpe and Buenos Aires tetras for being fin nipers or turning the plants into their personal salad bar. Here's the list: Penguin Tetra Lemon Tetra X-Ray Tetra Red Eyed Tetra Red Phantom Tetra Emperor Tetra Candy Cane Tetra (seen conflicting info on these guys, some sources say they are okay, others list much lower PH requirements) Would any of these, or other good suggestions work out okay? Thinking of two schools, so they have plenty of friends. For tankmates I am thinking a little group of platies, some Corydoras or Zebra Loaches, if the loaches are okay with the water (yes I know the two will not get along, so it is one or the other), maybe some dwarf neon rainbowfish ( as an alternative to one of the tetras), and a nice herbivore, so Bristlenose Pleco or Hillstream Loach pack. Still thinking about a good centerpiece too, but right now I want the tetras locked down before I think of that.
  3. Hi, I am Mark in NJ. First time fish keeper. I have a planted tank that is in the cycling process now. 36 Gallon Bow front. I want a calm community tank with variety of colorful fish and type of fish that don't get too big. I don't want breeding. And I am in love with Angel fish - so that is my 1 centerpiece that I must have. Other than that - colorful and peaceful and different shapes and colors is what I am looking for. My daughter really likes glo fish tetras, so I want to work 6 of them into this tank as well. Would like to know if this stocking list would work (in terms of getting along - note: I've created sections with rocks and drift wood to block sight lines): 1 Angel 1 Honey gourami 6 Glofish Tetras 1 Apisto Cockatoo Thanks, Mark PS: Here is a pic of my aquascaped tank with no fish yet.
  4. I'm retired and was traveling around in an RV, but circumstances has change that for a few years I figure. So I'm bring my 150 gallon tank back to life. Would like to do the same for my 14,000 gallon Koi pond but to much involved and would have to rehome the Koi again once I hit the road. Just trying my best to do things right from the beginning. Going to take my time and cycle tank before introducing fish. But also got some new equipment. lets fire off a few questions, just radomly. I have the Fluval FX6 filter and bought the sponge filter to put on the intake, what do you use to reduce the filter hole down to the intake pipe size? I was looking at the Current USA serene light with the underwater led background light but my take has a build in Blue background so can not use the opague screen they supply. Has anybody udse the light against a colored bround and does it look ok? Last but not least, if andf when I get back on the road, does anybody know how to make an RV friendly aquarium? There is an introduction, I'm 65 married, in NJ. Travel around in a 45' 5th wheel toy hauler with a small zoo. 2 guinea pigs, 1 Sugar Glider, 1 Kinkajou and 3 dogs.
  5. Hello everyone, I live in NJ and I’ve been in the hobby since I was a kid to varying degrees. I’ve at some point kept everything from community freshwater planted and unplanted to reefs to ponds, love it all. It’s great to be apart of a community like this.
  6. Hey Fish Friends, Name is Brian Scott. I've been in the aquarium industry for many years, and have been very fortunate to work in "the industry" in several different capacities. Most notably as the aquatics editor for TFH Publications from circa 2003 - 2006, where I was afforded the chance to do a lot of writing on various aspects of the aquarium hobby. Additionally, I was often writing articles for Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine as well as Cichlid News Magazine. I prefer online forums over social media, where topics just keep getting pushed further down the list. Forums allow people to more effectively search and follow on-going projects and topics---especially those that may not get updated on a regular basis. At any rate, happy to be here and hope I can help out from time to time......and looking forward to always learning more myself. Cheers from NJ, --Brian
  7. Hello everyone, I recently rejoined the hobby (due in large part to Cory and Aquarium Co-Op resparking my interest) after being out a long time. I just set up a new 40 gallon tank and am in the process of fish in cycling with black neon tetras. I used fritz turbo start and also bought some zyme 7 to supplement. I also planted dwarf hair grass from the Coop. Hopefully my lighting is good and the plants spread (I also used coop’s root tabs). Below is a picture of the new tank. Anyway just wanted to say hi!
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