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  1. After two years of plotting, planning, saving my pennys, and fast talking my wife, I have my 75G tank! Over the next week I’ll paint the back, and get ready to retire my 20g long. I also need to rearrange the “fish room” so I can move it in. One step closer to getting my discus!
  2. Recently I decided to put together a high tech aquarium. The aforementioned aquarium is a a 61 liter (H-40, L-45, W-34 cm), a good sized tank for light penetration. The equipment I use is as follows: Ehiem liberty 75 hang on back filter Chihiros A451 Plus LED light Future heater will be the 50 watt Dennerle heater (summer is hot here so my room is cooled to 24C with AC) DIY Sodastream CO2 system I decided to use Dennerle's Scaper's soil as a substrate, ended up using about 7 liters of the stuff, and dragon stone as the hardscape. This is the only image I have right after adding the soil and hardscape, please excuse the terrible quality. This image is 24 hours after setting up the tank. In this image I am using the Dennerle bio co2 system temporarily until I put together the Sodastream CO2. The plant selection at the time of taking this image is as follows: Anubias nana Cryptocoryne nurii "rosen maiden" Cryptocoryne wendtii "brown" Cryptocoryne scurrilis Cryptocoryne balansae Eriocaulon vietnam Hygrophila pinnatifida Bucephalandra sp. After all the parts for my CO2 system arrived I was finally able to put it together. This system consists of a 400g CO2 Sodastream cylinder, a TR21-4 to W21.8-14 adapter, and a CO2 regulator with a solenoid. Long term a large CO2 cylinder is better cost wise, but I decided to go with this system because I'm limited for space. The picture on the left is of the system in general, and on the right a picture of the adapter. This is the aquarium now, I've moved around some of the plants and swapped some out for others. The current plant list is as follows (would love if someone can identify the plants I'm unsure of): Cryptocoryne nurii "rosen maiden" Cryptocoryne wendtii "brown" Cryptocoryne scurrilis Cryptocoryne balansae Hygrophila pinnatifida Bucephalandra sp. (Dark green and reddish new leaves, it's the big one in the back) -unsure Bucephalandra sp.green (located on a rock just to the right of the filter intake) -unsure Bacopa colorata Alternanthera reineckii "mini" Blyxa japonica Nymphaea zenkeri (red tiger lotus) Ludwigia repens "rubin" Micranthemum Micranthemoides (pear weed) I hope to soon add Cryptocoryne wendtii flamingo and Pogostemon helferi. These are pretty rare in my country so they're a bit pricey and hard to track down. I'll update on the progression and stocking of this aquarium in the future. Constructive criticism and advise is welcome. Hope everyone has a fantastic day and thanks for reading!
  3. I've had my first planted tank setup for 3 weeks now. And was thinking about adding some nerite snails. Water is 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites and 20 nitrates. PH 7.8 and I have very hard water. Would this be a good thing? How many? Do you have any other snails to suggest? I will be adding fish after vacation which is in the first part of October. What do I need to do for snail while I'm gone a week? Thanks
  4. Starting a journal post for my birthday tank!! 🥳 There will be a betta (there has to be a betta!), but I'm definitely looking forward to more livestock and plants variety in this tank vs. my 5 gallon tank at school. My plants arrived today for a tank that my husband is purchasing for me for my birthday! He got off easy (but he has no idea, haha!)...I asked for him to grab me a tank (14-20 gallons) and some substrate. I requested the Fluorite this time...I'm interested to know if I'll like it better than the Fluval Stratum! I'm a little too fond of a neutral pH to love Fluval Stratum! Here's my plant list: The water lettuce is the only thing that arrived looking slightly worse for wear (it broke into two pieces!)...but I already love it, so I hope it survives! Here's a picture of my bucketful of sunshine (kinda like a pocketful...only better!). 😜 I purchased some driftwood, a Marina Slim 20 filter, an Eheim Jager heater, Fluval Cycle, Fluval Aqua Plus, and a gravel vacuum off of Amazon. My parents bought me some Xtreme Krill Flakes, Anubias Barteri, a USB Air Pump, and a Ziss Air Stone from the Co-Op for my birthday. Most everything else I already had from what I purchased for my 5 gallon tank at school. I still need a test kit, a light, and a turkey baster. 🦃 Y'all will have to let me know if you have any experience with these plants...or any fun betta buddy suggestions for stocking! I'd really like to get a schooling fish...and I'm definitely getting some shrimp!
  5. hi, new planted tank, used aqueon shrimp and plant substrate, hardish water( gh, 60)( kh 40)( ph 7.5)( nitrite 0)(, nitrate 15), readings off test strip chart,(api 5 in 1) ammonia level still at about 3.0 any idea how long i should wait for ammonia levels to go down? the planted substrate says will go up but i have done 3- 20% water changes and going down slowly, using co ops sponge filter, medium size in tank
  6. Following up on my What Did You Do Today? post from last week, I was able today to get a new aquarium set up in my office at work. I would like for you all to go on this journey with me, and see what we can make happen. It's nowhere near as crafty as Daniel's 1930's masterpiece, but I gotta start somewhere! I am not sure of the brand of the tank, although my guess is Marineland based on the biowheel. I've never seen a filter quite like this one! There are a couple pictures in case anyone has some insight. The media well runs the entire length of the tank under the lid, with a biowheel on one end where the return is. I have a tetra HT10 (or 30, I can't remember now and I just threw away the box!). I put a piece of lava rock and some spiderwood in there, along with my first attempt at a specialized substrate (CaribSea ForalMax), housing some ACO Dwarf Sagitara and two Amazon swords which were replants from my home tank. I haven't decided yet what will grace my office at work, although I have some ideas. I continue to be open to suggestions from the peanut gallery! Tell me what y'all think!
  7. I've been planning a 90 gal, and due to COVID distribution issues, none of the stores around here have them or are able to order them from their wholesalers. So, I've been looking used, found a 95 for less than half the cost of new (if I could even get one) not too far away and went to pick it up today. I've never done a tank this large, and I've never set up a used tank. What should I watch out for? I'm planning on a thorough cleaning, and then it'll be a few weeks before I start working on hardscaping and add plants. And then planning a few more weeks before fish go in so it can cycle. Do I need to reseal it? It had water in it up until our pick up (still wet inside) and had no leaks. That being said, it looks like some of the silicone has a couple bubbles/chips or is loosened on the edges in a couple places. I'd rather not go through resealing, but I'd sure much rather do it now than have it fail in a year or two. I've included a couple pics of the areas I'm concerned about and would really appreciate opinions from anyone with experience evaluating this kind of thing. I don't want to take shortcuts now and regret it later, but I also don't want to screw up something that's perfectly fine if I just leave it alone--so trying to figure out my best route here!
  8. Brought home some blue velvet shrimp and tiger snails. Within a week I’ve got pond snails, hydra, copepods and seed shrimp. It’s a new 14.5 gallon aquarium that I cycled for 6 weeks. Lots of plants, spiderwood and dragon stone. Water parameters were normal. Suddenly I’ve got lots of hair algae as well... What to do? I feel like starting over is an option? Should I remove plants and treat with peroxide and replant in a bleached tank? Ugh. Not sure how to salvage with so many pests.
  9. I got my gear (much of it from AC-O, thanks!) and I'm (finally) upsizing from my nano (2.5gal) to a 20-long! So, how should I do this, exactly? (Doh! Noob) I have one betta and 2 snails currently, and some plants. I plan to keep the nano as a quarantine tank. (I'll be adding to the collection in the 20 with a few betta-friendlies and more snails.) Do I... A) Take some (maybe half) of the substrate and maybe 1/2 the plants to the new tank along with half (~1gal) the water; then fill up the tank most of the way and treat it like I normally would (Stability, etc.) for several (6-8-12?) weeks until it consistently tests as cycled? (Then move the creatures over to the new tank, along with the rest of the stuff.) B) Move everything over and add 2 gallons of water (essentially, like a 50% water change) creating 4 total (shallow and long, but I don't think they'll mind that? It'd be ~20% full then); treat as usual, wait a week, test, add 4 gallons (total now 😎 like another 50% water change; repeat, adding 8 gal the next time (now at ~16), then one more time to add the last bit, then continue regular maintenance? C) Neither; something else? Also, what's easier to maintain for the quarantine tank: completely empty other than water (cycled, obviously, and continuing to monitor it) or keep some substrate and even a plant or two in there? Maybe even one or two snails? When it's not in use, how should I maintain it in readiness? TIA; never done this before. 🙂 Only a little over a year into this hobby and only with the one fish.
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