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Found 6 results

  1. I am trying to catch a fish that needs to be moved from a heavily planted 20G tank. I've tried netting him several times without success. There are too many places for him to hide, and I don't want to pull out/damage plants in the process When I feed, there are too many fish in one spot and I can't isolate the one I want. Cursing at the fish hasn't worked either. Does anyone have any tips or tricks for catching a fish in a tank with lots of hiding places?
  2. Last night I had to move my 4”ish male bristlenose and I used a fine net. His bristles right at the corner of his mouth got tangled. (are these bristles or more like a barb?) I had to cut him loose with sissors, it had to be stressful for him beyond what was needed. How do you move them? Maybe a corse net with bigger holes? I think trying to catch one in a cup/ container would be almost impossible. And maybe this question applies to all catfish or fish with bigger spine and fins? I’ve had bristlenose and catfish get a little tangled before but always got loose fairly easy. I seen this guy this morning swimming around but he ducked into a cave before I could get a good look at his fins.
  3. It's not quite time yet, but how the heck do you net out pond fish when there's so many plants. My tub pond has tons of fry and some of them will need to come out eventually. I also don't want to remove the friendliest fish and have a tub full of fish that are bred to hide. Here's a photo of my tub for fun and for thumbnail
  4. Any tips for getting Bristlenose out of a planted tank without tearing it down?
  5. Quick question.....Is it safe to net multiple small fish together all at once? I am going to be upgrading tanks, and the new tank (125 gal) will go where the current tank (75 gal) is now. I probably have 70-80 fish that I'll have to net out. Most are juvenile mollies and platies. Netting them individually takes forever, plus I can see it being stressful for the fish. I was thinking of just sticking an algae wafer to the glass and netting a bunch at once during their frenzy. Any thoughts on best approach? Thanks in advance.
  6. Anyone have tips and tricks for catching fish from a planted aquarium?
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