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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone, I thought I'd share an incredible species of snail I personally own that is local to the country I currently live in (Israel). Meet Theodoxus jordani, this tiny snail is part of the Neritidae family. It behaves exactly like it's larger cousins, is voracious algae eater, looks amazing, and lays tiny little eggs everywhere. There are two main differences between it and a "regular" Nerite: Firstly, it's tiny! This snail reaches a maximum size of 1 cm but most commonly they reach the size of 0.5 cm. Secondly, they breed in freshwater. They lay tiny singular eggs in the aquarium that hatch after about 30 days depending on the temperature. This is what makes them incredible in my eyes. I have breeding groups of them in 4 out of my 6 aquariums. Breeding behavior Size comparison Horrible macro shot of an egg.
  2. Does anybody have any experience with breeding Nerite snails? What is the “easiest” spiecis?
  3. can anyone out there help me ? i have tons of unfert. nerite snail eggs on the glass of my 20 Long fresh water tank iv tryed scrubing them off and cant remove them whats the best way to get them off my glass there also on my wood and other deco
  4. I have been seeing these white little dots appear in my tank, and zI don't know what they are or where they are coming from. The only things I have in my tank are mollies, neon tetras, cory cats, a loach, an otto, and 3 (maybe 2) nerite snails. I would thinks they are from the nerite snails, but my tank is freshwater and I was told they don't lay in freshwater tanks. If any of you guys can identify, that would be helpful. Thanks!
  5. If it ain't broke don't fix it ... Anyway yesterday morning I decided to fiddle with my CO2 and accidentally dumped some into the tank. CO2 is back to where it was ... But since then I have noticed two things, unrelated, but the tank is not the same. 18 Danios (mix of Zebra and Kyathit) are now hiding. They are usually very active, swimming through all the terrain ... in the past 24 hours only about 6 came out to feed. They are not in the sump, but must be hiding down in the plants and rocks. Very unusual for Danios not to come out in a frenzy for feeding. But I've tried two feedings and very litter reaction, and at this moment, I cannot find any of them. However, the 10 Corys and 2 Plecos are active. There is a group of white egg looking things on my glass. See pic. Just noticed this today while looking for the Danios.
  6. Any ideas what these small specs are on this clay pot? They're beginning to develop on my aquarium glass, plants and just about anywhere else they want to be. I've noticed whatever these are , they're next to impossible to remove without a razor blade. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Rich
  7. Just curious how other people feel about nerite snail eggs. I have one nerite in my 60 ga slowly spreading eggs throughout the tank. Do the eggs go away after awhile? How do you get rid of em?
  8. Are there any freshwater aquarium animals that eat nerite snail eggs? Edited to add: We don't have brackish water, so we're not worried about them hatching. It's the white eggs all over the dark wood in our aquarium that's an eyesore.
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