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Found 21 results

  1. I am planning on trying to keep/breed cherry shrimp again (I tried keeping them early on but the few I had died out) and found this article. I thought it was pretty good so I thought I would share for those interested. I thought the "behavior" section was quite interesting. https://entnemdept.ufl.edu/creatures/MISC/cherry_shrimp.html
  2. I'm looking to buy some pumpkin shrimp finally within the the next few days. I'm wondering how many a good number would be to start off a colony. The aquarium there going into is i beleive roughly 5 gallons. The company I am ordering on have a buy 10 get one free deal, should I get 11 then? Before I was thinking 8-10 would be a soild group, thoughts?
  3. I recently bought a tds meter and am currently trying to understand where the difference in my tap water and tank water came from. Out of my tap my tds is around 160 with a dkh of 0. Then when I check the tds in my nano shrimp tank the tds was 360. I have crushed coral in my substrate that puts my tank dkh ph 4. My dgh in the tank is 16 did my general hardness get so high from topping off with tap water? And would it be safe to use Rodi water to bring the general hardness down to lower my tds? If I did do this would my kh stay around the same level since the coral is in the substrate?
  4. So, my tap water has a PH of 8.0. My betta and snails seem ok, but the neo shimp that have been in for many months (since Dec 2020) have gone from 11-13 to just 2 in the last 2 weeks. No bodies except 1 I found behind the tank (I assumed the mystery snail is eating them before I see a body, until I found the dried up shrimpie behind the tank). Now, I don't know if they are crawling out and dieing or dieing and being eaten. I thought I should try to address the PH in case that is why they are dieing or crawling out (ammonia, nitrates, nitrites all 0, tank has been cycled for almost a year). I bought some Seachem Acid Buffer, but I am nervous of using it. I have a planted tank btw, plants are all alive and ok, but not thriving, and growing extremely slowly. Any suggestions on how to safely use the buffer and get my 5gal back to a safer ph. Looking to get the ph closer to 7.2-7.4
  5. I am in the process of growing my Orange Neocaridinia shrimp colony (in a 55 gallon planted aquarium) and currently only have a few adolescent bristle-nose plecos and 3 golden mystery snails, I'd love to get a group of nano schooling fish to compliment the mid to upper tank that is almost unused currently. My initial thoughts were a bunch of Green Neon Rasbora (Microdevario kubotai) I love the look and think they could cohabitate well. Does anyone have experience keeping these together, will the rasbora be able and actively eat shrimpletts? Anyone have other ideas, experience, suggestions?
  6. When hatching Killifish Eggs in jugs, I put in a neocaridina to eat fungused eggs. It works pretty well. Recently, I moved all jugs to the new 33-gal long Killifish colony. There’s tons of Emerald Killifish in there now. But I forgot about the shrimp — which I’d endearingly called “nurse droids.” Then I noticed some extra flashes of color in the Killi colony... Carry on IG Units!!!
  7. I was pleasantly surprised to find an orange shrimp pop up amongst my red cherry shrimp colony! Due to this, I suspect some of the reds might have been culls from an orange line or something; it must be in the genetics somewhere. I'd like to propagate this and ideally start an orange line. I think it will be pretty tough, but I'd like to try- it should be good fun. Based on the classic color chart of shrimp, it looks like I should just breed the orange one with... any solid red? Thoughts?
  8. Hi all. I have a 12.5 Fluval Edge with 5 platies, five neons, two black neons, three rasboras, two glofish, and a blue ram. Pretty mellow fish. I’ve introduced some shrimp into the mix, because I just like them, and I understand they’re a good cleanup crew. The tank is planted, with rock features and wood that give crevices and hideouts for shrimp to hang out in. I’ve added red cherry, blue velvet, Amanos, and a rainbow shrimp. Water seems to be right up the middle: Ph is usually 7-7.5, GH and KH are a little on the low side but not anemic. But I keep finding dead cherry shrimp. I know the platies are 24/7 eating machines; could they have killed shrimp in competition for food? Or could it be my water changes? I pull out about 20% every two weeks. Or could it be my water changing method? (Ive don’t that slam-the-siphon-in technique to get the flow started - could a concussion wave from that kill an invertebrate?) Just looking for ideas here...thanks!
  9. Howdy Nerms. I have a couple of 10 gallon RCS tanks and they are don’t move around much. When the tanks were young these shrimp raced around often. Now that they are six months old they are just kicking back. They are eating and slowly producing. I have sponge filters and heat to 75. Sand bottoms with Java moss and Malaysian drift wood. Ph is 7.4 and GH is 6. Ammonia is zero. I feed a couple a shrimpee sinking pellets every two days. I do water a change every 5 days about 20%. Recently I did a substrate siphon cleaning (small python for nanos) to see if that would help do difference. i just wonder if others have had this experience and can tell me if I am doing something wrong? I have other tanks that are younger and much more active. you thoughts? many thanks, tedrock.
  10. It being winter in northern Wisconsin, I have thought of summer. I’m thinking of moving some of my neocardina shrimp outside this summer. Do you guys think it’s a fool’s errand? What’s the lowest night time temperature that they can handle? Only reason I ask is I usually have a 5 gallon bucket growing mosquito larva for them anyways.
  11. Hi everyone, just needing a little advice ... I have Blue Rili and Snowball Neocaridina. I just got the 10 Snowballs last Thurs, and I know at least 3-4 have died since, but now I can only see 3 at a time. Also, one of my blue rili died since adding the snowballs. I drip acclimated them and aside from 1 dieing the first 24hrs, they seemed fine. They seem happy until there's suddenly another dead one. 😔 Plenty of algae to graze on, temp 78, ph 7.5, kh between 120-180, gh about 180. What am I doing wrong? 😟
  12. With the Petco dollar per gallon sale, I want to get a tank strictly for Neocardinia (and maybe some otis or cleanup crew). What do you think is the ideal Tank size?
  13. Hi folks, just wondering at what age/size of a cherry shrimp would you be able to identify if the shrimp is "cull worthy". I started off my colony with 20 shrimp and there is easily 100 offspring now of different sizes. I've noticed a couple of clear shrimp with a red line on their back. Will these ever get their colour back??? Thanks in advance.
  14. About once a month I lose a group of Neocardina shrimp and have not been able to pinpoint the source down. At first I thought it was planaria and treated my tank which is now free of those worms but the deaths are still happening. KH, GH, nitrate, nitrate, ammonia etc. are all exactly where they are supposed to be. Temperature is high 70s. Weekly water changes of 20% I know that copper is super poisonous to shrimp and wondered if the copper in these wafers I feed the Pleco in that tank, which they always feast on, could be the cause. It’s pretty far down the ingredient list but I have to figure out the cause. Thoughts?
  15. Having trouble with keeping ghost shrimp, especially while they're acclimating. Should I expect better luck with neos? They're tough to get in my area, and I want to make sure I'm ready for them when I can get my hands on them.
  16. What are your favorite clean up crews. Shrimp,snails,bottom feeders,ect.
  17. Has anyone witnessed Neocaridina mating? Is my imagination just running away with me? Have I been in quarantine too long?
  18. I don't think the discus tank is good for shrimp. But that might not stop me from putting some in. The temperature is 84°F and the pH is slightly below neutral, conductivity is low because it fed with RO water. Almost nothing in the way of plants, except for a couple of newly planted starts of Jungle Vallisneria that have yet to get going (and might never get going). There is a little bit of some short felt-like bright green algae that grows on the wood in the upper foot of the water column. Lots of mulm, lots of drifwood and colonies of blackworms living in the sand. I don't care if the discus eat the shrimp eventually, in fact that would good, but currently something the size of a cherry shrimp would be way to big for the discus to eat. I have thought about scuds also as I have loads of those. What would be the purpose of the shrimp? I would hope they would eat uneaten Vibra Bites that drifted into hard to get to crannies, and also provide a food source for the discus. Is there a shrimp that would survive under these conditions?
  19. So I removed my cherry shrimp from quarantine but thought 2 shrimp may have hatched eggs. I left the water and watched. Within hours I saw one then 2. 4 days laters and the are growing. I think they are about a week old. Looks like quite a few ramshorn babies as well. These are two of the week old babies I spotted. Man they Are so small. My pointer finger is there for comparison and my hands fit in kid’s gloves.
  20. Hi all, I am having an issue with my shrimp. I have a 60 gallon, well established aquarium (over a year.) It contains guppies, pencilfish, corys, and cloud minnows. They all seem to be doing OK. For inverts, I have 2 bamboo shrimp, cherry shrimp, and assassin snails. Two weeks ago I had a thriving colony of neocaridinia cherry shrimp. See photo- they were all over the food, they were chowing down on the algae on the back of the tank, feeling happy. Yesterday, I went to scoop some out for a different tank and noticed they were hard to find. Today, my fears were confirmed when I looked in the filter- there's always a few that live in there, but this time it was just carnage, tons of dead cherries. I also noticed that my bamboo shrimp shed yesterday, but it has not opened its fans to eat. Just crawling around, not by the filter as usual. (See before and after pics.) I can't currently find the other one, but there are lots of plants. Only a few cherries alive. I want to say there might even be fewer assassin snails. The cories are also acting strangely. Usually shy and hiding, always on the bottom. They have been very active and sometimes swimming mid-tank, I actually thought it was mating behavior initially, but now I am worried it could be as symptom of something in the tank. Current tank parameters of this morning: ammonia 0, nitrate 0, nitrite 0, pH 7.8. Gh is 12, Kh 7, as of 8/5. No major changes to the tank that I can think of. 3 days ago I got a couple new plants from aquarium co op, I rinsed under water but did not quarantine. And about a week ago I got some mature bio filter out of the HOB for a different tank. None of that really seems like it should change anything. I lowered the temp 3 degrees (from 80 to 77) a few days ago but was careful to do so slowly to avoid shock. I have been dosing Flourish excel daily for the past 2 weeks per directions but will be cutting that out ASAP as sources are telling me it basically kills things. I also dose fluorish twice a week, which the plants gobble up greedily. I am worried perhaps there was a change in the water from the city? Like maybe added copper, since all the inverts are suffering? Unfortunately I don't have a copper test handy. Anyone know what might be going on? Should I turn the heat back up? This was a perfectly healthy, balanced tank just 2 weeks ago. 😕 I also keep magenta mystery snails in a different tank, use the same tap water, and they are all fine.
  21. Saw this and figured it could help out some people!
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