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Found 2 results

  1. Okay, so over the past few months, my fish have been healthly, but I always noticed them rubbing their sides against the sand (guppies, cories, and algae eaters). I also had a bristlenose pleco and a pearl gourami in the aquarium, but they didn't rub themselves against the sand. Two days ago, the pleco suddenly died, but everyone else in the tank was fine. Just yesterday, the gourami stopped eating and only swam around in a small area in his aquarium. Yesterday night, I noticed something hanging out of him that wasn't feces. I think it's a parasite. Does anyone know of any medications I can use to get rid of this parasite? I watched a video by Cory on Fritz Paracleanse, but it is not at my PetSmart or PetCo. Would you think it would be at a local store (I live nowhere near the Co-Op)? Also, if not, are there any other medications to try? And are they fry and egg safe (I have guppy fry and cory eggs)? Thanks.
  2. Lloyd t

    Fish death

    Ive had 3 fish die over the last two week . One was a albino corey one was a white molly and one was a ram cichlid . My water parameters are ph =7.6 kh =100 gh =500 nitrate = 25 nitrite =0.5 my ammonia is 0.5 . The tempature is 21 : 22 decrease its a 100 litre tank The fish seem to just deteriorate over about 5 hours there is no flicking the fish just sit at the bottom of the tank and slowly lose life There is no visible algae in the tank I have live plants in the tank I have an internal ciano filter I have a photo of the ram cichlid afer it had died Any help would be much appreciated you can reach me at llo7dey@gmail.com thank you
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