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Found 21 results

  1. Formerly called the Doghouse Tank (How a nearly dead Marimo leads to 180+gal in less than 3 months.) It all started with a stupid moss ball It all started innocently enough. The wife had found a genuine marimo moss ball online that hadn't been disposed of in the great zebra muscle kill (and wasn't just some java moss tied to some cork) off and without a plan beyond 'I can put it in a mason jar, till I find an aquarium' adopted it. We were both stunned when the package arrived. Instead of a small box with one of those dinky beta cups in it as we expected, the package was a bubble envelope the size of a business card, that looked like it had been run over a half a dozen times. Inside was a tiny ziplock bag, with a mostly brown, flat little blob the size of a dime. How long had this marimo been sitting on a shelf in a warehouse somewhere?! We popped it in a jar, convinced it was all but dead, and moved on. But the wife had the itch, she wanted a tank, even if it was just a small desktop number. A few days later she brought home a zen tank she'd found for free on Facebook marketplace a few miles from the house. A whopping 3.5 gallons total. We've both had tanks in the past, but this is by far the smallest thing either one of us has tried to do. After giving her a hard time about it being tiny, etc. We headed up to aquarium coop to figure out what to do with this tiny tank so it wasn't just a sad tiny moss ball we were still convinced was going to die any day now. We both fell in love with the little planted nano tank that lives in the shrimp room at aquarium co-op and set about making a version of our own. Not even halfway home we decided to upgrade the sad little 3.5 to a bigger tank so we could do some more complicated plants. We ended up getting a 20 long, 2 of the fluval planted tank lights, and hooking it all up to the sump from my old 150gal. The idea was to have larger water volume, while keeping the tank small enough to still sit on the desk space the wife had planned for the little 3.5, The river tank was born: We scrounged up some driftwood from our property and cleaned it up and boiled it. Added our substrate, planted our goodies from Aquarium Coop and let the tank run for a few weeks before adding our first round of cherry shrimp, and the neon tetras, and our score of the evening, a pair of uncommon galaxy ottos. A month later, the wife brought home a few wood shrimp to add to the collection. Now I'm hooked again too. Helping the wife setup her office tank has been a great project for us to both work on, and it's reminded me of how much I love this hobby. So tomorrow, (4/15/22) we are driving into Seattle to pick up a 180gal tank, and stand. We are planning on sticking with the nano river bottom theme, but going on a much larger scale. The long term plan is 300+ nano fish, cherries for days, and a few other friends I'm sure. We hope you enjoy this journey with us, it sure has been a weird ride so far. And to think, it all started with a nearly dead marimo.
  2. Can anyone give me some nano fish recommendations that are semi-shrimp friendly? I realize anything I choose is likely to eat some babies, and am ok with this since my colony is established. I got some phoenix rasbora the other day, and lost 4/5 within 24hours. I think I did not acclimate them well enough? pH 7.4, heavily planted 10 gallon.
  3. Hi Aquariast’s, I’m Daniel out of CA, I’m relatively new to the hobby! I started with a 5 gallon tank with a blue betta fish, Saff. Recently, due to illness (he ate some Neon Tetras),RIP, I decided to upgrade to a 10 gallon tank and dive into a planted nano aquarium. Researching, watching Co-Op videos on YouTube, there’s so much information to consume and start a journey into this hobby. My tank is only a week old and I’ve been working on testing the water parameters pretty consistently. I still have lots to learn and already have questions bubbling up in my mind. I added an image breakdown of my creatures but here’s some insights on the plants I’ve added / adding: - Pearl Weed, Dwarf Sagittaria, Scarlet Temple, Micro Sword, Duckweed, and Fairy Moss, Fissidens Rock, and 2 Moss Balls I also plan to add in the Honey Gourami after a few weeks to be my centerpiece fish in the nano aquarium. Looking forward to seeing this planted tank come to life! Pleasure to meet everyone! -Daniel
  4. I finally got my furniture and belongings on Friday. So of course after setting up the bare minimum of human and dog items, I immediately searched for spots for my 5 gal minibow (quarantine tank) and new imagitarium 5 gal. I had aquarium supplies in a few different boxes and while digging through I made a huge mess. I got the 2 tanks where I want them at least. I now have to place an order for plants and stick another sponge filter in Cosmo's tank for seeding. Once I've got more stuff put away I'm going shopping for a 10 and/or 20H (?) and then next week...shrimp and maybe one guppy to start in the minibow. Also set up the shelving unit next to Cosmo's tank. I'll use that driftwood in a tank. Tomorrow I am fixing his plants which are still floating.
  5. Hi everyone! I have a fish rack that has some empty space and wanted to see if anyone had any fun recommendations for breeding projects for nano fish. I have breeding CPD's and shimp for a few years now, but now that I have more space I have started dipping into other fish. Just picked up some Guppies for the first time (so excited)! Anyone have any fish that they absolutely love having and breeding? I mostly have 10 and 20 gallon tanks available. Thanks! 🙂
  6. Hello friends, I hope you all are doing well. I'm a first time poster here but long time (subjective?) follower of Aquarium Co-Op. I'm sad to report that I have inadvertently killed some fish with my water skimmers and I've tried many possible remedies including various sponge additions and mesh fabric. Nothing has yielded a viable solution yet. However, I do think my tank does need a surface skimmer since I have a heavy bio-film build up and am running C02 so need gas exchange. In the interim, I'm running oxygen injection which I normally don't do but I can't currently use a surface skimmer as it is resulting in dead fish =( . The fish I'm keeping are CPDs, a few Dwarf Emerald Rasboras and now, 2 less Chili Rasboras as of this morning (I tried another solution to the problem but didn't work). Collectively, all of these fish are small enough to get sucked into my surface skimmer even when blockers are installed. Before I post pictures and provide more explanation, I wanted to see if anyone has derived a solution to this problem? Thanks for all your help.
  7. I have been racking my brain but can't think of a nano fish i.e. a fish that can live and be bred under 10 gallons and shows parental care in a planted tank Like angelfish and rams fan their young, feed them slime coat move the eggs So I decided to open this question to the community. What do you think? Btw, searching the web didn't help
  8. So last week I picked up some CPDs at my LFS and got to talking with the very nice lady who helped wrangle 18 of the little cuties into bags for me. She fed them BBS while I was there and then showed me where the BBS was in their freezer (it was kind of hidden and I didn't see it at first inspection), bottom line, she was very nice, knowledgeable and patient with any questions I asked her. here's my question - while in the freezer section talking about foods for my CPDs and also the Embers I had at home - she suggested reef plankton because she said it really helps bring out the reds in fish and she "swears by it"...has anyone else ever fed food primarily for reef/saltwater fish to their freshwater fish? LFS lady said she does it all the time, but who knows, maybe she just went loopy or was pulling the wool over my eyes (have not fed frozen in the past, so...)?
  9. Hello! My name is Nanci Byers and I currently live in Ogden, Utah. I started in the hobby in 2012 and had a wonderful 55 gallon community tank with smaller peaceful fish so I could enjoy their behaviors. Lots of plants and growth and I really enjoyed it 2 years later I had a lot of different types of algae and one morning woke to one of my beloved dwarf chain loaches dead and being eaten by an Amano shrimp. I was devastated and broke down the tank. I got back into the hobby in 2018 with a 40 breeder and loved the aqua scape I started but was too impatient to add fish to the tank and lost most of my fish. I felt so bad that I broke down the tank and sold off the remaining fish and equipment. As a regular outdoor gardener I live for the growing months, but have issues during the winter. So earlier this year decided once again to venture into the hobby starting smaller. I started a 20 long in mid February and even though I have had some success in the hobby, still asked for a lot of advice from my local club’s FB group. Everyone is very nice and great about answering questions. I discovered Rachael O’Leary’s YouTube channel years ago, but just discovered Cory’s Aquarium Co-Op channel and love his content. He doesn’t talk down to people, but still explains scientific principles in an easy to understand format. So here I am. Started using sponge filters for the first time. In my 55 I liked allowing the back and sides to develop algae for the biofilm. I am a lasessie-faire type of gardener and take the same approach to aquascaping. So Cory’s approach works very well with my goals. My goal has been to keep nano fish species in larger groups. I have lots of questions and look forward to getting to know everyone. I don’t post very often and still feel like a rank beginner. So I probably have lots more questions than answers. But I will share what knowledge I can in the community. Cheers, Nanci ” Seek Beauty Every Day”
  10. Wondering what you guys like to feed your tiny nano fish! I have a dozen chili rasboras, and I have tried several foods for them: Xtreme Nano Pellets are too big (they constantly spit them out; I wouldn't consider this a nano fish food despite the name). Sera Micron is too small (it just floats on the surface and makes a mess, and it's really annoying to get it out of the bottle...I would not buy it again!). BBS is a bit hit (no surprise there) Hikari Fancy Guppy food they also love (these are tinier than the Xtreme Nano) Hikari freeze-dried tubifex worms (they do eat these...but not that exuberantly; main problems are that tiny pieces of a cube don't stick to the aquarium glass like a full cube will, and this food floats and the chilis don't prefer getting their food from the surface) Hikari frozen bloodworms (again, they kinda like these but they have to be manually pulverized and they tend to sink too quickly to be practical) I want to try Hikari Micro Pellets next. And I also need to get more fish that will eat all these foods I bought, LOL. 🤣 FWIW, here I'm considering nano fish to be fish that are under 3/4" or 2cm. I also keep licorice gouramis and I don't consider those nano fish. They only eat BBS, but that's a different story (spoiled little micro-predators 🤣😆 ).
  11. I have an idea and I am looking for guidance as if it is a good idea or not. This will be my 6th tank and I am looking to do something a little bit different. I have recently gotten a new 60g tank with stand and a large cannister filter. I am curious to the idea of stocking this decent sized tank with a massive amount of nano/micro freshwater fish and ornamental shrimp obviously being heavily planted. Is this a good idea? I haven't really seen any forum posts anywhere about nano fish in anything larger than a 29g tank. Stocking Ideas so far: Chili Rasbora, CPD, Kubotai, Ember Tetra, Green Neon Tetra, Black Neon Tetra, WCMM, & Yellow Neocaridina. Should be quite the rainbow effect of colors going on. I am worried about trying Endler's and accidentally getting just one female and being saturated with livebearers. Pygmy Sunfish maybe? Killifish or halfbeaks? Are there any other ideas or suggestions? I would like to do Scarlett Badis but know that wouldn't end well for the shrimp, I have a lot of really good lfs that can pretty much order anything so any suggestions is greatly appreciated!
  12. I recently setup a 7.5 gallon tank with a nice read chamber for loads of media for my grandmother. She has a eye disease and has very poor vision. She wants me to out something in the tank I can breed if possible. I currently have the tank planted and cycling. I am wanting some feedback on ideas for sticking the tank from the community. She needs vibrant colored fish the larger the better. I will be going there weekly to care for it so no crazy bio loads that require lots of water changes. I am considering a pair of honey gourami's. I know they typically require a larger tank but I think I can make it work. Appreciate any ideas .
  13. After months trying to get the fish I want, importing some, quarantine and rescaping so many times, I am pretty happy with the current results. 15 gallons fluval flex (careful if you pick small fish/jumping fish. I keep finding some in the filter compartment despite using their little plastic clips and fill them with sponge. One of my Clown killifish got stuck and died in it.) Current population : 1m, 2f Clown killifish (will add 5 more soon) Around 10-12 Chili Rasboras 14 Green neon tetra (they are not shy, it’s just awesome to watch them) 3 cherry shrimps, 1 yellow shrimps 3 nerite snails.
  14. I have a tank with ember tetras and cherry shrimp. I wanted to see if there are any suggestions to get the fish fed better. Foods tend to stay stuck to the surface or get down to the bottom fairly quickly. Suggestions are welcome. Xtreme Nano and Fluval Bug Bites for small fish work decently for my ember tetras. I like to smash them in between my fingers a bit to try to get them smaller. Some of the pieces will inevitably still be too large, but the shrimp will get them off the floor. Is Aquarium Coop's fry food any better? My concern is whether too small would stay floating on top. I do have a sponge filter, and the bubbles typically knock down most of the pieces with the two foods I mentioned. If not, the shrimp hang upside down and skim the surface. Cleanup is never an issue, but I'd like to get more to the fish.
  15. What is your top 3 favorite nano fish? Can’t wait to see what all of you think!
  16. Does anyone have any experience breeding pea puffers?
  17. I'm looking for yellow fish that are community oriented and appropriate for a 10 g tank. Photos of, and the names, lemon tetra and long fin golden zebra danio would appear to fit the requirements, but reality does not meet these descriptors, with the depth of yellow in these fish actually quite pale. This experience has raised my skepticism of the relationship of photos, possibly shot under special conditions (and digitally "perfected"?), to day-to-day observation, as well as how accurate the names truly reflect the coloring of the fish. Any suggestions?
  18. Hello! I am looking to start breeding some fish for fun in addition to cherries. The 16 gallon tank already has some ember tetras and some Pygmy corys. Any recommendations for nano fish that are fairly simple to breed? I am fairly on top of my water changes and have extra filtration to accommodate for the extra waste. I added a picture for reference! And I’ve been thinking of doing CPD’s?
  19. Hello! I have a 16 gallon with a school of Ember Tetras, and a school of Pygmy Corries. I would like another small schooling fish. Any suggestions? Preferably a non orange/ red color?
  20. Planning out the next tank. Which always seems to be the case. lol. I'm thinking a heavily planted with mostly crypts. With a large school of both coryadoras hasbrosus and chili rasboras. Maybe some amino shrimp and a pair of bolivian rams. I'm looking for thoughts on how much trouble I will be in if the rams decide to spawn. Is it a case of enough hiding spots it would likely be okay, must move the rams out when they breed or is this just very likely to not work out? I have other tanks so there is always a backup plan but I try to avoid creating problems if I do not need to. Here goes the unanswerable question as I know the answer is depends on how much upkeep you want to do but if it were you setting this up what size schools of the cory's and rasboras would you shoot for?
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