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Found 3 results

  1. Something I found interesting happened the other day in my Nannacara anomala tank. A pair had attempted to spawn in the 20long set up a few times without producing any fry. The female would brutalize the male to the point where I would remove him afraid she might kill him. This time I left the male in after adding some more hiding places and soon found the female leading around a group of fry around the middle to end of June. Things were going well for a few weeks but eventually I decided to move out the male. After about a month and a half I looked in to see the female guarding another group of eggs on a piece of driftwood. Surprisingly, the fry of the previous spawn seemed to sit over and guard the eggs as well. I had never heard of such a thing. They all stuck together around the eggs for a few days until I figured I was pressing my luck with the female and the fry together. Pulled the eggs and removed the 20 or so fry to a proper grow out tank. Obviously with no mature male in the tank the eggs turned out to be no good and I have since reintroduced the pair back together to try another spawn. Just thought it was interesting seeing mother and fry together over eggs. Nannacara anomala are great little South American dwarf cichlids if you ever get the chance to give em a try.
  2. Looking for some help sexing my golden eye dwarf cichlids (Nannacara anomala) I believe 1 is a female and 2 is a male. At the moment I have them separated as they were getting aggressive with each other. If the sexing is accurate I’m not sure why that might be. I included a picture of the whole tank tank in someone can see an issue there. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  3. Any ideas what I’m looking at on my female Nannacara anomala? Her anal vent is somewhat swollen and is trailing something behind. She is currently in a tank with just a male. Appetite and behavior seem normal. Pardon the torn fins. She was with a group of 7 N. anomala I was growing out for breeding and her fins got a bit torn up. No territoriality between her and the male she is with currently. I don’t believe this is Camallanus as no other fish she has been in contact with is present these symptoms and the protrusions are brown, floppy, and always visible.
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