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Found 15 results

  1. Greetings everyone, I’m finally at the stage of hatching the clutches that were created on May 10th. I pulled the clutches from the incubator and carefully crumbled it into a specimen container using tank water. I’m concerned that perhaps I crumbled the clutches too soon. Looking at the results I am not seeing any snails. This is my first attempt to breed mystery snails, I’m concerned that this may a failure. Looking at the photo is it still possible there are viable snail babies?
  2. I came home from vacation and found this on the lid of my 5G. I’m sure it’s Mystery snail eggs but the question I have is must I have a male and a female to hatch? I only have one mystery snail in this tank along with two nerite snails and 3 cherry shrimp. TIA.
  3. I have Rainbows, Guppies, Amano shrimp, Cherry shrimp and mystery snails in the tank. Google shows mystery snail eggs having solid colors not transparent.
  4. I was doing my weekly water change and when I removed the lid I noticed this clutch of snail eggs. I tried to change the water as fast as I could to minimize the eggs getting dried out. Is that a concern I need to take into account next week or will they stay moist for long enough to not worry about that. Also I have been doing some reading and saw that not all the eggs my be fertilized. How can I know if they are fertile and will produce baby snails. Also when/ if they hatch do i need to move them to a separate tank to let them grow out or will they be fine in my main tank. TIA
  5. I have one mystery snail in my aquarium and bought it a few months ago. kind of neglected my aquarium and was cleaning today, thats when I noticed this thing on the hood of the aquarium. Not sure what they are I have done some research and think they might be mystery snail eggs. Any information is helpful just need help identifying them. And if they are mystery snail eggs, do they need any special treatment? or should I just let them be?
  6. ... takes a turn around the tank then lands at a nice spot by the filter. Asks the aquarist for an aglea - neat and makes themself at home." In all seriousness though, here's the situation. My golf ball-sized golden mystery snail, Asuma, was about a quarter of the size she is now when I got her has now laid a sizeable clutch of eggs. It has been almost 4 months since I purchased my mystery snail from my LFS. I was excited and baffled to find a clutch at the waterline of my 37gal community tank. Keeping in mind Asuma is a solo snail in that tank. So, I frantically started researching; how did this happen, how do they reproduce, etc. I read that mystery snails can hold onto a fertile clutch for months before deciding to lay them and that they could have become fertilelzed in the LFS before I brought her home. We decided to let the clutch run its course. I didn't want to risk injuring or loosing the babies, so I decided to leave them be. It wasn't until too late that I saw that you could remove clutches. Now, were at week 3 after discovering the clutch and I have confirmed 7 babies of varying sizes; the smallest the size of quinoa & the biggest a pea. My plan is to move the babies to a 20 gal I started cycling at the time of discovery. Once they're old enough to be seen and safely removed they will be transported to that tank. Couple questions and suggestions needed: a) How long until the clutch will be done having hatchlings? b) Since I am building this renewed tank around the snails, suggestions on substrate, enviornment and decor and tank mates please? c) Shells: Are they squishy or pretty hardened after hatching? d) Will "mom" eat them? Will their tank mates eat them? (they are with 6 guppies, 6 corys, and a hillstream loach) I welcome any advice or constructive critique. I am new to snails and learning as I go. I am super stoked on these babies though. Baby and Asuma ("mom") Baby Quinoa Sized Feb 26th-ish One of the bigger babies, today, approx. pea sized
  7. I've been looking to get some mystery snails for my tanks and was surprised to find many people on e-Bay selling the egg cases. Has anyone bought the egg cases and raised the snails from them? What's the procedure like? I'm waiting for the weather to moderate a bit before placing an order but I'm intrigued by the idea of ordering the egg cases and raising them myself.
  8. So I just noticed a clutch in my tank and had to have been last night or sometime today Gary and Sheila my blue and ivory mystery snails are about to be a mama and papa. Let the snail Colony begin
  9. I went to do my normal sat morning topoff and msimt and found this in my 20l. Any idea of what it is?
  10. Okay, so I read the thread with the person about two weeks ago that had some baby snails. Here's my problem. I am a very new fishkeeper. I just started mid september. I have three grown mystery snails in my 40 gallon breeder tank, along with some pepper corydoras and some small shrimp when they want to appear. Friday I saw I had one new clutch of eggs! so excited! My husband is a bit hesitant because he doesn't want our planted tank to become overrun with snails. (As it is, we have some bladder snails I am constantly killing or removing from the tank that we got from not planting the plants right away that we got from AC. We left them in their rock wool containers and I am convinced that is the culprit for the pest snails.) Here's my question. This morning, I saw I have ANOTHER clutch in my tank. I don't really want to remove the clutch, killing the snails. What do I do with all of them? I don't mind if my already present pets eat them for nutrition....or I can maybe sell them? Is there a school of fish that would eat the eggs, leave the grown Mystery Snails alone, as well as my plants, corydoras, and shrimp?
  11. I’m so excited! I was going to clean one of my tanks when I found a Clutch of Mystery Snail eggs! I haven’t cleaned the tank in a while so the water level got low enough I guess! The only problem is, I don’t know what I should do now? Do I remove them? How do you remove them? What do you put them in? And anything else I need to know should help a lot!
  12. Am new to breeding Mystery Snails. Does anyone have a preference on leaving the egg "clutch" inside the aquarium, or is it better to remove it & build an incubator? The humidity level should be fine where the eggs are, but was wondering what the best method might be, from your personal experiences.
  13. While walking in the Palm River subdivision in Naples Florida, I saw a bunch of pink stuff along the road. At first I thought is was discarded waste insulation but upon a closer look it appears to be snail eggs (snails were visible in the water). What do you think?
  14. Ive recently started breeding mystery snails and have run into a problem. I can get them to lay eggs all day long but cant get the hatchlings to stay alive for more that a few days. Anyone have any tips on how to be more successful with the hatchlings?
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