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Found 2 results

  1. On Saturday I rescued two guppies, an endler and an ADF from being thrown out on someone's back yard to die - well, thankfully I had a cycled sponge filter and an extra tank...I set it up with a rock, the extra filter and some floating water sprite from my display tank. Today I came home from work to find tiny tiny tiny fry in my tank with the guppies and endler - I was able to save two of them (not sure if there are any others, or if the guppies and endler ate the rest (actually had to suck them up using my turkey baster...only used for tanks, not turkey 🙂 ). I'm not sure who dropped eggs in the floating water sprite from my display tank, but I guess either the CPDs or the Embers? I have pygmy cories and three otos in there too (and one Honey, but...) so I doubt its the otos or the cories, but I guess it could be anyone? I wasn't planning on fry, but if these two live, I guess they can go live in the fancy tank with mom and dad eventually, or just live with the guppies...I'm guessing they're going to need to live in the net for a while though just so the guppies don't eat them...SO tiny 🥰 honstly, I just hope at least one of them make it so I can figure out what it is 🙂
  2. Mostly convinced based on behavior and faint panda pattern this is my first panda loach fry. Which for qualifies in the "that is nuts" category for me if it proves out. Only other fish in that rack system of tanks are a limia p group, a variatus platy group, khuli loaches, and an cousin to barbatus group growing out. There were flagfish about 3 weeks ago in the sump along with hundreds of snails but i recall flagfish fry having a little different mouth structure and orientation was more of an overbite. Anyone think this definately is or is not a panda loach?
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