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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Fam, My myrio green is turning brown.... I looks like only the tops are green. The nutrient deficiency guide isnt clear on what to do with brown leaves/needles. Does anyone have any advice on what to do with this issue? I use an aqua soil, should I add root tabs? I dose easy green twice a week. Should I be trimming these? Any advice is welcomed. pH (7) NH3/NO2 (0 ppm) NO3 (0 ppm) KH/GH (2d) T (73.4 F) PS This is mostly a shrimp tank... is my KH/GH too low?
  2. How do you keep feathery plants like myriophyllum dust free? I keep getting light brown dust (I’m guessing from the substrate?) on the leaves. It just feels like biofilm when I rub it off, not like diatoms. Maybe it’s just a type of algae...? I use Fluval stratum. I have three Amano shrimp, 6 blue velvet shrimp, a nerite snail, and 7 Pygmy corydoras. The shrimp aren’t adult sized yet and they tend to eat some of the food I feed to my Corys. I was thinking of getting 10 more blue velvets but more so to build up a colony rather than the goal to address the dust issue. It’s a 10 gallon tank with a nano sponge filter from the co-op. I have a Chihiros C2 at 60% on a timer for 10 hours a day so I’m wondering if I should up my fertilizer. My nitrates have been between 5 - 10ppm. I was using NilocG Shrimp formula but recently switched to Easy Green. I’ve been doing a water change the rare times it reaches 20ppm but I’m wondering if I should leave it until it reads over 20ppm...? I’m concerned that’d be toxic for my livestock though. This is a photo where I tried to rub most of the dust off but there is still some on the edges of the leaves.
  3. Good morning to u all. Have a question if anyone isnt to busy. I bought some Myrio for my nano about a month ago (also i just got the new Fluval nano led about aweek anad ahalf ago for this tank, still playing with the settings about 36%). Should i plant the myrio alittle deeper? In my pic are those roots on the sides ?
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