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Found 2 results

  1. This is my brand new 11.3g AIO cube, set up for a little over two days now. This is the first evidence I've seen of any sort of biofilm or bacteria and I'm curious if someone more knowledgeable than me could tell me more about what I'm looking at. There are a few snails in here for establishing purposes, and I've been feeding them small bits of repashy omnivore. I squeezed a cycled sponge in the tank and the plants were from an established system, so it should be at least seeded.
  2. I set up a 40 breeder without a heater for fancy goldfish. I put Seachem cichlid substrate in and some driftwood Anubias, crypts and moss balls and a large sponge filter from an established tank. I also put some of the mulmy water from the same sponge when I cleaned it in aquarium water. And some ramshorn snails. The tank was set up for a couple of weeks before I put the fish in. The fish had been in a ten gallon quarantine tank for those two weeks and saw no signs of disease or stress. Parameters in the big tank seemed to be stable. They seemed to be doing fine for about four weeks before I noticed that the black moor seemed to have a cloudy film developing fairly evenly over his body but he still eats and is acting fine. About the same time a calico fantail started acting lethargic and was not eating. I checked water parameters: and nitrates 20ppm nitrites at 1.0 chlorine 0 gh 150 kh 120 ph 7.2 But because of the cold snap the temperature in the aquarium has lingered at 50 degrees because there is a draft from a door next to the tank. (Apparently we need to put a better seal around the door.) Because the little fantail was not eating I put her in the quarantine tank that they had been in. And added salt. Seeing no outward symptoms I wondered if the cold temps made her susceptible to a parasite or something. She died the next day. She had a lot of clear mucous especially on one side around the gill area. It was kind of thick and covered the area of about a dime. She was about two inches long. I did a 20 percent water change on the big tank and set the heater on low to try to bump the temperature up to 70. I kept an eye on the temperature for most of the day but over the supper hours I had to do other things and then when I looked at the tank the lid was all steamed up and the thermometer read that it was above eighty (!!!) This happened about a week ago. I did a partial water change to bring the temps down a bit. The fish seemed OK. I threw the heater away and bought a better one. This one is keeping the temperature in the low to mid 70s. The black moor looks blacker now. But now my biggest and favorite Oranda is acting just like the fantail did. No visible symptoms. Sits on the bottom or floats on the top and doesn’t eat. What should I do for her? Oh and I also added an Aquaclear filter with sponge and Purigen.
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