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Found 6 results

  1. Hi All, anyone attempt a solo move of a frameless nano tank across a room...that's semi filled? I have a 9 gal Fluval Flex with 2 inches of substrate, a few potato-sized seriyu stones, two mollies and live plants. It's on my kitchen counter and is just a tad large for the space. I know this is tricky with frameless tanks and I'm doing the move by myself. I'm physically strong enough to do it once most of the water is drained out, but what are my odds of damaging the frameless design? The tank also has bowed front. I'd have to carry it about about 15 feet total distance. I've nearly dropped a coffee mug on it twice from the cabinet that sits above it in its current location. So leaving it where it is, is also risky. Thoughts?
  2. I just found out I'll be moving to a place that's a 16 hour drive from my current home. Because I also have a young child to travel with, my water critters will likely be in their travel containers for ~4 days. (And yes, that does seem safer to me than mailing them does. Temperature on their route would be an issue.) I'll surely have more questions later, but what are your initial thoughts on how best to take care of them over a 3 day drive? I have one nano USB air pump with the weighted air stone. I can buy one of those rechargeable battery(?) packs that comes with it. I figure on giving each container of water several hours of air stone per day. I can let a Purigen bag sit in the bottom of each to help absorb ammonia, and fast them for a day beforehand. I can also either let a thermometer float in each container, or have one on hand to do temp checks. I'll have at least 3 containers: 1 angel, boy endlers, and girl endlers. I'll likely also have a separate container for snails, though my favorites could go in the previous 3 containers so I'm keeping a closer eye on their water. To keep some bacteria alive, I could at least add seasoned gravel to the bottom of every container. (There will also be some bacteria on aquairum plants I'm taking.) One of my biggest questions: What about my 1 African Dwarf Frog? She'll be 7.5 years old at the time. All thoughts welcome. I need to get my plan rolling.
  3. I have a new 75g that I need to set up. The plan is to move everything from my existing 29 into it. (I only want and have the room for one tank, blasphemy I know, sorry). But I need to move the 29 tank first, so I can set up the 75 in the same spot. I am not quite sure what order to everything. Here are my thoughts cause I need to write them out. 1. Empty 3/4 of 29 water into a plastic storage tub 2. Move fish into tub with some plants and HOB filter and air stone. 3. Pray I can lift and move/rotate stand and tank together 5ft to the left. 3a. if not, remove rest of water, try again, if not then plants & gravel (ugggghhhh, bleck, use curse words, cry) 3b Move tank, replace everything. making a cloudy mess. 3c. something was supposed to go here but I lost my thought 3d. Return fish to tank once its not to cloudy, Hope fish don't die. QUESTION: Will this mess up my cycle in 29g if I have to remove everything and put it back? 4. Set up new 75 and use some water and seeded filter from 29g. 5. Move over 1/2 the plants. 6. Wait for cycle in new tank. Does this sound like a plan? Thank you in advance for any input. I do appreciate ya''ll!! 29g 75g Waiting patiently.
  4. Just thinking ahead. Maybe some of you have experience with this. I have a 55 and a 20. The 55 needs emptied and re-siliconed. (The silicone has growing algae pockets between it and the glass.) My only fish are 1 grown angel, and some endlers. They'll fit okay in the 20 for a while. I'm okay with the endler fry being angel candy. I'm hoping I can wait until the weather is warm enough to put the 55's plants in a makeshift pond outside. If not, I'll do the pond inside. So that takes care of fish and plants well enough. But how about the 55's bacteria? The main media it grows on are gravel, and sponges in the HOB. How do you suppose I could keep the bacteria alive on the gravel and filter sponges? I'm open to other ideas too. Although I've successfully re-siliconed a 20, it was very hard for my unremarkable biceps, and I assume a 55 is going to take a lot more muscle and speed.
  5. Hey guys So here is the situation. I am moving out of my apartment and into a house. I have 3 set up aquariums that I'll be taking with me. The move is only an hour away. I've made a plan for the fish by the aquariums are the issue here. As far as the fish go, I am planning to take them and place them inside foam coolers with holes on the lid and an airstone(the usb powered air pump attached) to keep them good. Going to separate them into several coolers. The shrimp/snails, group a fish and group b fish(more on this below). -------------------- TLDR skip this ---------------------------- So I want to completely redo my aquariums to better the conditions for some conflicting fish. I have plans to add an additional larger aquarium. Looking at the realm of 100-200g. I have a 40, 20 and 10. Most of the 40(group A fish) and all of the 20 will be going into this new large tank. The 20 doesn't need to stay intact and I am willing to tear it all down. The 40 will remain and group B fish will call it home. The 10 will need to remain as is. Now there is a window of 2 weeks from the time I move in to the house vs the time that I move out of the apartment. Would mean there is a chance to set up this new aquarium at the new place. Now realistically, I dont know how much time they'll actually be, because within the 2-2.5 weeks, I have to get someone out to place some supports beneath the floorboards and get the aquarium to the new place. So for the sake of things, lets say I only have a week to work with. How do I make this work? Is this even in the realm of possible? The 40 has a bunch of new plants acclimating to the submerged life rn. Most of the plants in the 40 will become part of this new tank, none of the hard scape will. I have all new hardscape curing already. The concern is the bacteria vs bioload. Say it's 150g, Will adding about 25 rasboras, a host of shrimp/snails and a some khulis/panda garras, push things into the red, after 1-2 weeks of cycling? I wont have any existing substrate to move sadly. Although, there IS 2 potential saving graces. I plan to add buku amounts of plants, to include a large pothos, and I'll be moving my 55 gallon canister filter to help smooth things out. That will be the only existing bacteria I can add. The 40 will be getting a sponge filter in place of the canister. I'll have it running alongside the canister until the day I move the canister to the large tank, at which point the sponge filter will be solo for the 40. The 40 wont have many fish in it after all this, so I have little concern for it by comparison. Here is a timeline if it makes things easier. Day 1(move in) Day 2+ : Contractor places brace beneath floor.(going to try and get this lined up to happen asap) Day 5+/- : Aquarium arrives(AA)-dependent on the timeline for the brace AA+1 day: hardscape, water added|Filter and plants transferred AA+1 to 7/14 : Tank cycles with existing filter and plants helping Day 14-19 "Final day": Bioload gets added. I am not looking for someone to tell me it will work. I would like honest advice. If you think I need to approach things differently, please tell me. I have 3 weeks before this all starts, so there is still time to make things different. Can I keep some of the fish in the coolers longer? With no food and some water changes I could get away with a few days, right? I could slowly add the occupants over the course of a few days if that's the case. Would that work? Maybe I am stressing over something little, idk. ------------------------- TLDR start here ------------- I want to move an existing 40 and 20 into a 100-200g but I only have a 2 week window to get the larger tank set up. Is this possible? ------------------------- continue ------------- The general recommendations I have received about moving, are these... Disturb the substrate as little as possible and keep wet(could be a potential problem with stairs at apartment*shrug*) Keep as much of the existing water as you can store Keep filter media wet/submerged(on that note, if the filters are sponge filters, can I just have them run inside the coolers? In place of the generic airstone?) Thanks y'all! Have a great weekend, -Kyle *inserts random picture of Pothos* Really hoping this elevates some issues. 😮
  6. due to multiple tank syndrome i started with 1 and now i have 8. due to space issues from my spare bedroom need to move the tanks to basement. i am wondering what are the options for water changes from basement to ground floor. does any one run into this kind of situation of keeping tank in basement ? any one has experiences with it. any recommendations.
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