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Found 18 results

  1. Hi all, We are moving from Washington to Georgia. We have a 10 gallon tank, and we haven't moved with an aquarium before so I would be most thankful if you could give some insight on how to move/pack a tank. Thank you in advance!
  2. So I have a 55 gallon that I need to move literally 10 feet but it’s on carpet so I can’t side it anyone have recommendations
  3. Hi y’all, so I need some advice. I have a fully planted 15g community tank and an empty 6g quarantine tank in my bedroom, but I’ll be redecorating & rearranging the room at some point in the next few months and I’m not sure how I’ll safely move the fish to another room while the work is done. We don’t have a garage or a spare room or a shed, so I’m not sure yet where I’ll be putting the tanks yet - that’s an issue for later. How would I go about emptying and transporting the tanks without causing any damage to the plants or fish? The quarantine tank will hopefully remain empty, so my biggest concern is the community tank. • Do I buy large buckets and place all of the fish, water, plants & equipment in them? • Do I risk moving the tank with the substrate in it or should it be stripped bare? • Do I keep all of the fish together or have a bucket for each species? The betta could probably go into the 6g, but I’m unsure about what to do with the danios & corycats. • If I’m placing the fish into multiple buckets or tubs, I suppose I’ll need to have filters (or even just air stones?) for each bucket - should I buy & establish those filters now? I’d probably get away with leaving the zebrafish without a heater for a few days, if they’re in a warm room.
  4. Hi all. I would like to ask for your opinion and advice. Currently I have 5 tanks and quarantine containers. My 200ltr tank should arrive in a week or two and I am looking to move fish around and to end with 2 or 3 tanks. I was thinking about the mix as below and will appreciate your thoughts. 400ltr. (110gl) tank to include: 1. Crossocheilus reticulatus / Fishnet Flying Fox X6 2. Emperor Tetra / Nematobrycon palmeri X8 3. Angel Fish X3 4. Celebs Rainbow / Marosatherina ladigesi X10 5. Sterbai Cory X6 6. Adolfo's Cory X6 7. Bosemans Rainbow/ Melanotaenia boesemani X5 8. Melanotaenia Sahulensis X4 9. Yellow Rainbow / Melantaenia herbertaxelrodi X3 10. Western Rainbow / Melanotaenia Australis X6 11. Blue Rainbow / Melanotaenia lacustris X6 12. Neon Rainbowfish / Melanotaenia praecox X6 200ltr (53gl) tank to include: 1. White Cloud Minnow X7 2. Gold Cloud Minnow X5 3. Hengeli Rasbora X8 4. Threadfin Rainbowfish / Iriatherina werneri X6 5. Forktail Blue-eye Rainbow / Pseudomugil furcatus X14 6. Sewellia lineolata / Tiger Hillstream Loach X1 Currently the Pseudomugil furcatus are in a 30ltr cube tank with several shrimps. Would you leave them there or move them to the larger 200ltr tank? In the future I aim to add to the 400ltr. Congo Tetra / Phenacogrammus interruptus and Banded Rainbow M. Trifasciata. What do you think? Any other suggestions or changes? Thank you.
  5. I want to move my 80 gallon aquarium out of a corner to another part of the living room. Now would be a perfect time as I am changing it to a planted and I am doing large water changes to get the nitrates down. Are there types of companies out there that do this sort of thing? TIA
  6. Hey all. We will be moving the beginning of July. I have a 5 gal tank with live plants and 4 types of snails. I think i've got a handle on how to move the plants (Im going to copy how Aquarium Co-Op sent them to me). Any tips on how to move the snails? How can I gather up all the smaller ones? How should I keep them happy and contained on the 5 hour drive? Should I save some of the water from the tank? Tips on re-setting up the tank? Thanks all.
  7. I have a 20 gallon planted community tank in my classroom and found out I'm switching classrooms(JOY!) I was planning on taking the fish themselves home for the summer anyway (plenty of room in existing tanks) So what should I know about moving this tank? Obviously it has to be drained. Any tricks, tips or thoughts? TIA Lena
  8. Hello everyone, Last week we sold our home and will be moving. Any advice or suggestions with moving 4 75 gallon planted aquariums, and a few smaller ones. Last year I moved from NYC to Florida, but before I did, I sold all my fish and aquariums because it would of been a bit much to tackle. Currently we are moving 30 mins away so I do not want to sell anything unless necessary. I would greatly appreciate any feedback or suggestions anyone has. Thank you kindly, Manny
  9. Hello, I'm going to be moving into a dorm this fall and can bring my 10 gallon, but I'm wondering if I even should. I'll be on the road for 12+ hrs and I'm already anxious about keeping my betta alive. Besides that, I'd be in the dorms for 8 months and then have to move all over again. I'm really attached to my fish and don't want to leave him/give him away but I'm not sure that hauling him and supplies on a trek to the dorms and then back home is the best idea either. Advice? Moving tips if I do go for it? Also, there are no communal bathrooms at my college - it's a suite of 2 bedrooms (roommates in each of course), each with its own bathroom, and a common room in between. I'm actually seriously thinking of bringing him with me because this would make water changes much easier than if I had to deal with a communal bathroom.
  10. Title says it all. Kicker is, the 10 gallon is going in the same spot as the 5. Currently the tank houses just a betta and some Nerites. Plants are just anubius, Crypt Flamingo, Val, and a dwarf lily. I'm buying a new stand for the tank. The current one is only slightly bigger than the tank and the space I'm working with is only about 2 inches longer than a standard 10 gallon.
  11. Got a new 40 Breeder and 29 Gallon Tank. Planning to upgrade everyone into a larger tank. Trying to figure out the game of musical chairs without stressing too many fish out. Fish in 30 going to 40 Fish in 20 going to 29 Fish in 15 going to 30 The new 29 Gallon is going in the same spot as the 20. Substrates in some are hoping to transfer along with plants. I have a serious amount of 10 gallons available as temporary holding tanks but I don't want to move them and then move them again. Just trying to figure out the best approach. Do you think its better to start with the largest tank upgrade and work down since the 40 is already empty?
  12. I'm picking up a used saltwater tank and setting it up as a freshwater system. I am planning on useing the coarse sand substrate that's already in it. Is there anything significant I should be aware of or do besides doing a good rinsing and cleaning of the tank and substrate?
  13. Hi, I’ve been in the hobby about a year. I have a 29, 15 both planted community tanks and a 5 with a betta. Do you ever ask a question even though you know the answer and you’re just hoping someone will say what you wanna hear, 😬that’s kind of where I’m at. Within a year I’ll probably be moving. I really want to get a 75 gallon get rid of at least the 15. It takes quite a bit of time for water changes with the three tanks and I really want to get more fish. So do you think I should wait to get to 75 until after I move? 😬
  14. I made a huge error in judgment in the placement of my 15 gallon aquarium. It is sinking into the surface of the table and I'm afraid it will eventually cause too much stress on the tank and shatter it. I actually did make sure the table was able to handle the weight, but the surface is too soft to handle it, which was not something I reckoned on. So, I bought a tank stand which should arrive today. I searched online for the protocol for moving fish tanks and the consensus is I need to take everything out beforehand. I had envisioned the necessity of removing about half the water only, so I am reeling a bit from this blow. The Prime Time Aquatics dude says that 10 gallons is the limit on this, which I tend to trust, as he knows his stuff. I just don't want to have to. My tank is a Metaframe, so it's framed with steel, but it was refurbished at some point. It doesn't have the slate bottom, but rather glass, so the fact that it was rejiggered is also a worry for me. Any advice is appreciated, but I already have the "What are you, stoopid?" covered, as it has been going in an endless loop in my noodle since noticing the sinkage.
  15. Hello all, I have recently been regretting my choice of a 15 gallon tank 😣 now I’m convinced I want to go to a 20 long for a little more floor space for my 2 leopard frog plecos and other fish but am I too late? If I do get the 20 long could I just put everything I have in my current tank into the 20 gallon (gravel, plants, caves, wood and all)plus abit more gravel and not have to worry about cycling again? thanks for the replies!
  16. I would like to upgrade to a 29 gallon planted tank. Currently have an established 20 g community tank (1 bristlenose, 1 bamboo shrimp, 3 amano shrimp, 5 cherry barb, 5 zebra danio, 4 male fancy guppies). Anybody have any links for how-to directions or videos? What to do w fish btw tank moves? How long do I wait before adding fish to 29 gallon? Or do I have to set up the 29 gal and let it cycle before moving fish? Im very new to the hobby and sincerely appreciate any feedback or tips. Thank you!
  17. I have a planted 20g tank with 8 White Clouds, 6 local minnows (1-1.5"), 6 amano shrimp, and 4 Nerite snails. I am moving them to a 40g. I have already moved most of the rocks, but am using new substrate in the 40g (Flourite black sand and Eco Complete). I've also moved some plants and will move some more when it is time to move the fish. I had two filters on the 20g for the last month. I put the media from one into my Fluval 307 that is on the 40. It has been running for almost a week and I've been putting flake food into the tank every 24-48 hours. The 40 has a pH of 8, ammonia 0.5, and nitrite 0.5. So it isn't quite cycled. I'd like to get them into the new tank as soon as I can. They are a bit stressed with all the changes (removing rocks and plants), but otherwise healthy and eating. I have a few options, any better than others or any to avoid? Move 20g water to the 40g; Move Fish; Move the 207 filter on the 20g to the 40g and run both filters for a week or so. Move 20g water to the 40g; move bio media from 20g filter; dose with SafeStart+; move fish. Move 20g water to the 40g; move bio media from 20g filter; dose with Prime; move fish. Move 20g water to the 40g; move bio media from 20g filter; dose with Prime; move fish; dose with TSS+ in 24-48 hours. Wait until new tank cycles on its own, then move water and fish. I can find information that says any one of these is right, safe, bad, wrong. At the end of the day I want to do this quickly, but also without killing or harming the fish.
  18. My little 5 gallon aquarium is in my kitchen under a cupboard. It makes adding water and getting at the filter mildly challenging. Do they make table top aquarium stands with wheels that would let me roll it out a bit to work on and then roll it back?
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