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Found 12 results

  1. I have a 10 gallon tank with an over powered light. Finnex fugeray Planted+. I would like to start a red cherry colony. I think I got all females but that's for a different thread. I'd like to create a bright green background so the cherries pop against the green. I'd like to make a moss wall. But what kind of moss should I get? I was thinking Christmas moss because it's supposed to do better in higher light than java moss. Open to suggestions. I was thinking about starting the moss wall flat in the bottom of my q-tank. But I think that won't work out because the change in lighting and water might cause a meltdown. I'm probably going to buy a couple mats of whatever moss I get and then weave pieces into some crafting mesh. Then use some suction cups to secure the mesh to the tank. I've seen the video using two pieces of mesh but that seems unnecessary. But if I get feed back to the contrary I have enough mesh to make it work. I just hope my constant battle against black hair and brush algae doesn't win over the mats.
  2. On 11/7 (12-ish days ago) I collected this moss from a mound outside. I thought why not try and convert it into my tank. When I got home I barley cleaned it up placed into containers floating in tank and filled with fertilized tank water where moss was just under waterline with some parts exposed. Changed the water every couple days. The small container I floated close to the light source the big was at the dark end of tank. you can see I only have lights at one end. Both containers were just now placed in the middle close to light source. I believe (didn’t take a before pic) it has new growth and is doing fine. Don’t see die or melt back. All the info I found says it can be done. Is this ready to be fully submerged? I have it a through rinsing today.
  3. Anybody have any ideas for a moss from South America besides Christmas moss? I’m trying to sort of do a biotope-ish tank in my 46 gallon bow front that will be an angelfish tank, but I’d like a slower growing moss that’s more substantial looking than Christmas moss. I’m trying to a biotope-ish tank, but I ran into a brick wall when I went down that rabbit hole when I was trying to find mosses from South America. Christmas moss was it and I have plenty of that to use. It just grows faster and a bit messier looking than I really want. I’m hoping for more like giant willow moss or hookeracea moss, something more substantial looking like those, but from SA. Any moss experts that have any ideas on that? All my other mosses are more or less from the Asian region. I am stupidly fond of unusual mosses, so any excuse to buy a new, cool moss is OK with me. 😆 I do tend to like plant like mosses best. I need something that I can cut up and tie or better, that will survive blender method and do well with a “dry” start.
  4. Hey everyone! I'm planning out a tank right now where I will be breeding live bearers. With that being said I want a plant that can provide cover for the fry. Do you think Floating Java Moss is a good choice for that? I am also planning on using dwarf sagitteria but I think I'm buying that in tissue culture so it will be quite small for the first few months. I wanted to do hornwort, but I cant find that anywhere. Not even from a local hobyist.
  5. So!!! I’m planning on starting a pea pufferfish tank. I’ve heard good but cautious things from people whove had pea puffer communities before, and cautious nos from those who havent. Stocking plan: 1 male pea puffer, as many females as possible 8-10 kuhli loaches - EDIT: LIKELY GONNA CHANGE TO STIPHODON GOBIES!! They don’t need as many buddies to be confident, are faster, and with the tank position, will help me keep the glass clean EDIT EDIT: NEVERMIND THEY LIKE WATER JUST A LITTLE TOO COOL. However, Micro Dragon Gobies seem to be a great fit! They’re carnivores, so perfect for cleaning up after puffers, and what the ember tetras dont eat, they can sift into the sand! 10-12 Fast Schoolers - probably tetras, may go with embers, since i have experience with them? EDIT: DEFINITELY GOING WITH EMBERS As many snails thatll grow in the tank before I get the puffers as possible. I have a bin (seen below) in case things go sideways, and the tank above it is where itll be situated. The window is facing north, but i thought it was south before I checked with my parents. (ignore the mess i just rearranged my furniture) The plan for lighting is No artificial lighting, since I’ll get plenty from the sun. Substrate and decor plan: Dirt capped with black sand Moss wall consisting of asian liverwort (monosolenium tenerum) that will also hopefully grow over the pvc. Tall, bushy/fluffy background plants that can further filter light all along the walls except for the viewing panes, the two facing the picture, probably gonna do cabomba, hornwort, and similar plants. May toss in some Red Boys too for fun. Love me some dwarf aqaurium lily.... midground plants in front of those dudes, things that are more leafy, probably, might put some of those mini monstera i got in there, maybe crypt, probably good ol hardy java fern varieties in front of those, a nice carpet of dwarf sag for babies and kuhli loaches and snails to hide in, and some differing foreground lads here and there like anubias hardscape is gonna consist of driftwood- ill probably snag spider and bogwood to emulate tree roots and stuff, and may grow some pothos and mini monstera on them so it looks like trees! i want stuff that can break up a loooot of line of sight On that note, ill also probably get a good amount of frogbit too. that pvc in the back is gonna be a cave of fast flowing water via water pump for the kuhli loaches. I’m think I’m gonna drill more holes in it to help disperse the flow some more, so its not super fast coming out of the elbow- but what do yall think? Filtration plan: Swisstropical’s betterboxfilter Lava rock for biological filtration polyfill i already have for mechanical filtration Feedback: So! Thoughts, concerns, insight? What do yall think!
  6. Thank you @Irene! I love that you explain that it is an algae.
  7. Hello, I have recently made walls , tunnel hides (for plecos), volcanos décor with lava rock. I am looking for a good plant that can hide some of the ugly adhesion spots. I have anubias hiding some spots and Java moss in one tank. In my other tank I want a different plant/moss to cover the ugly. Does anyone have any good recommendations for this? The lava rock is maroon (i soaked and washed and washed the rocks forever) I am not an artist at all so some of the glue spots are noticeable and thats why im looking for a plant to cover them.
  8. Moss mat question I saw some suppliers sells moss attached to square mat (wire??) like this https://aquaticarts.com/collections/moss-plants-on-mats/products/java-moss-mat to place onto substrate. My questions are.. When you place mat on the gravel, you just place on top and wait for it to grow ? When you want to gravel vacuum, can I move the moss mat around to clean under the wire? Or as time goes by, it grabs substrate and I cannot move it around easy like driftwood with moss? Over time, would the moss mat develop rust or something that might cause shrimp in the shrimp tank at risk in the tank? No worry about rusting? I have not bought it so I do not know what to expect. It just that moss carpet looks real nice and would like to try someday in my shrimp tank..
  9. Will moss that I find growing on rocks or trees or on the ground, in the woods, also grow in my aquarium?
  10. I purchased a couple moss balls a few years ago. Since then the miss begun to grow on the rocks, drift wood, live plants, and glass of my tank. I have been taking it out as much as I can, even taking out the larger growth areas in my gravel and boiling the rest. I put the gravel back in the tank and it’s still slowly coming back in tiny areas. How can I ever stop it from growing back into the things of my tank?
  11. Following along with some of @Daniel adventures (seriously jealous of the banana plant find, agree they're some of my favorite aquatic plants) and in need of some moss for growing out fry, I've decided to try and collect some from nature. I found a reference to some of the mosses in Rocky Mountain National Park (I'm in Colorado) but can't find any info on narrowing down it's distribution in state. I hike a lot and don't get to combine hobbies very often, so this seems like a fun scavenger hunt. I'm hoping someone has a better reference that can narrow down where to go, or if not that, just some general advice on what environments I should be targeting (like lakes vs streams)?
  12. These were included in the water with a recent shipment of Amazon frogbit that I bought on eBay. The only moss I've intentionally kept is willow moss so I'm not familiar with what the strands look like of other species.
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