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Found 12 results

  1. Do floating moss ball melt and grow back? I have three that were growing beautifully after I first received but after several months they are turning brown and coming off the ball it was attached to. The same with the moss bridge and java moss on the wire mesh, they are all browning.
  2. Great information on the different choices, but have a question. In the end of the video when talking about using plants as filtering moss balls were mentioned. The last time I heard anyone talk about them was that they were no longer available due to tiger muscle infestation. Has that changed?
  3. I just saw this earlier today, there have been zebra mussels found in some Marimo moss balls lately. Although from the article, it sounds like most of them have been found in ones sold at a big box pet store, it wouldn't be a bad idea to check any. I am going to check mine out this afternoon when I get home, because I just got a few within the last week or two. I have grown up in northern Ohio close to Lake Erie, so I have seen what the zebra mussels have done to the ecosystem of the great lakes, covering docks, boats, clogging water intakes and outlets, it would not be good if they got spread to other inland lakes or waterways. Invasive Zebra Mussels Reported in Marimo Moss Balls (reef2rainforest.com)
  4. I absolutely love marimo moss balls, and I'm even considering starting a store selling them. This brings me to some ethical questions- I know they are becoming increasingly endangered in the wild. (Edit) I know most are farm raised, however I am still interested in their conservation. Are there any funds/conservation efforts for them? (Also, on a less important note- has anyone kept large quantities of them? Any recommended setups for it?)
  5. Unfortunately, I am in Canada so can’t order from coop but would love to find local source.
  6. I had a small nug fall off my Marimo Moss ball. Planted to see if it would spread like a carpet. Has anyone tried this? Thoughts?
  7. Hello, I have a few moss balls(Marimo. Named the largest Dan after Dan Marino) that have started browning in spots. I read that i can vacation them in the fridge to help this. (Tank is at 78F) do I only leave them in there for 24h or can I leave them longer. Also is there any fertilizer that they like. Besides temperature and light (they are mostly shaded within the tank) is there any other reasons for them to be browning. I have stopped using excel and liquid carbon with them in the tank (I think it hurts them but I could be wrong I don’t actually know). any guidance would be wonderful!
  8. The good old marimo moss ball. One of the easiest in to grow in the hobby. Its almost impossible to kill. These plants are awesome for starting new tanks or to add surface area for shrimp and other animals to snack on the bits of food and biofilm that grow off of them. I personally own about 7 of them. The best part about them is they just have a knack for holding in lots of nutrients microfauna and bio film. What are your thoughts on the marimo moss ball
  9. Just wanted to share this moss ball I picked up at the LFS. It was only 4 bucks! Same price as the ones in the small cups. This one was in with some guppies. Hand for size comparison. Now, I'm 6'2" so you can imagine I don't have small hands. Sorry for the cloudy water. I just did a water change this morning and it hasn't settled yet. I have some moss balls on the way from aquarium co op but, I couldn't pass this one up. When this tank is mature enough to add cherry shrimp they should love this thing.
  10. I have a mossball with some staghorn algae on it and im not sure if i should quarantine it and put in a dark space for a while to kill the algae or to if i can use easy carbon on the mossball. Not sure if that would hurt the mossball or not. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. I purchased a couple moss balls a few years ago. Since then the miss begun to grow on the rocks, drift wood, live plants, and glass of my tank. I have been taking it out as much as I can, even taking out the larger growth areas in my gravel and boiling the rest. I put the gravel back in the tank and it’s still slowly coming back in tiny areas. How can I ever stop it from growing back into the things of my tank?
  12. One time I rinsed a few spare blackworms off my hands in my jar of marimo moss balls. after a while passed I noticed the the worms quite liked the moss, so I swapped one of them out for one of my Sparkling Gourami' moss balls. The fish loved it, and have begun to take interest in my... Marimo. I've begun tossing moss balls in my blackworm culture. I leave the Marimo in overnight and swap balls in my tanks daily. they pick them clean, it's great. I know it's not too far from placing filter sponge for the same purpose, but I think it's much more lively Have a great day all.
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