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Found 3 results

  1. Over the past week or so I have lost all but one CPD. Every day one or two would die. I did the med trio on the entire tank and they kept dying all week. I continued to feed normally half the week. This morning I fed the two that are left with my normal food, but had not been feeding recently and almost immediately the remaining adult CPD began the twitch of death and listing that was the sign I recognized all week at the sign that the fish wouldn't make it til the next day. Is it possible that my putting wet fingers in the food over a couple of months would cause it be poisonous? All other fish shrimp etc. have been fine??? I looked at the remaining food on a white plate and don't see anything obvious. I see all over the internet people loosing all their CPDs one at a time and so bummed this keeps happening to people. Thanks All! Chris
  2. Well this is an unfortunate turn of events. All the guppies in my sons tank died - 1 m 4 f adults, 4 sub adults born a month ago and 4-6 fry. Platinum Galaxy Tigers, gorgeous fish obtained from a reputable source. Son (5) found them dead. I got home from work and fished out the bodies then ran tests and ammonia 2-4 and nitrates 80. Water temp was 78.2. Did a 50% change, added Fritz ACCR a bit more generous than usual water change and added 2 tablespoons of aquarium salt (20 g high). The bodies were fairly intact but had white stringy bits on the tails and other fins - son held a funeral with his little brother while I was doing water tests so I didn’t get post-mortem pics. The ember tetras in there had it as well but were still alive (9) and Pygmy corys (10) along with a pair of honey gouramis are all still with us. I grabbed a pic of an ember with it. Plan to recheck water tomorrow and repeat water changes. Biggest concern I have is getting to the bottom of the source of this. The two of us are just heart broken this happened. Was debating dropping in some Maracyn but also don’t want to nuke the tank unless I have to. Tank does have a hx of Ich right after it was setup 2-3 months ago treated with Ich-x and salt and 82 degree temp resolved in a matter of 3 days.
  3. Lost a adolescent male in my guppy breeding tank. I’m unsure what could have happened. He was apparently fine last night and dead this morning. I included a picture of the fish in case someone can spot something I can’t such as bacterial sores. Tank parameters are as follows: Temperature - 78.5 F pH - 7.4 Ammonia - 0 ppm Nitrite - 0 ppm Nitrate - 20 ppm gH - 8 dgh kH - 3 dkh TDS - 1,500 ppm If people have any thoughts on what I should do to avoid further loses I would really appreciate hearing them.
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