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Found 15 results

  1. Hey everyone! I have and aquariums my entire life and decided to try something new. I purchased Fluval Stratum Substrate and aquarium seed and sprinkled the seed on the dampened substrate and have kept it wet and was told after it sprouts, to add water. I have tons of sprouts but now it’s covered in what looks like white mold. What do I do? Can I save it? Did I just waste time and money, something intend to do a lot lol.
  2. I upgraded the size tank when we moved 2 1/2 months ago. Added some new pool filter sand and capped it with the old substrate—mulm and all. Used same plants, rocks and driftwood from old tank, hoping to keep the beneficial bacteria alive. I do not like to disturb the substrate much because I want the substrate to be enriched to feed the plant roots. I have been watching this white growth develop and hoped that it was benign and maybe useful for the ecosystem of the tank. But maybe I am letting things get carried too far in this direction? Can anyone tell me what this is and if I need to intervene and remove it for the health of my fish?
  3. Driving 3 days and it's a 5 gallon planted tank with fluval stratum. Also has moss covered coconut huts. Would it be ok to drain the tank and cover with plastic wrap and mist the plants or do I need to leave it uncovered and store the plants elsewhere while traveling?
  4. This is my brand new 11.3g AIO cube, set up for a little over two days now. This is the first evidence I've seen of any sort of biofilm or bacteria and I'm curious if someone more knowledgeable than me could tell me more about what I'm looking at. There are a few snails in here for establishing purposes, and I've been feeding them small bits of repashy omnivore. I squeezed a cycled sponge in the tank and the plants were from an established system, so it should be at least seeded.
  5. First of all, let me repeat: WHAT IS THIS??? There is this anemone-shaped mold growing on my two-day old Xtreme betta pellet. Its this white translucent 1 cm anemone thingy. I freaked out so I took it out with tweezers right away, The weird mold is in a freshwater tank, so it can't be real anemone, right?? And it just freaks me out and I'm really stressed about it now... can someone help me??
  6. Discovered this yesterday, attempting to do a walstad tank method and not sure if I should be concerned. I've already removed it but would like others opinions on what to do now.
  7. Hi guys, Hope you're all having a good week so far! Since setting up my aquarium there's been an odd white moldy patch on one of my rocks. It looks a bit like a cross between lichen and white mold. I didn't really pay it any mind, until I noticed one of my snails eating it today and got worried about the effects it might have on my snail's health. Any idea what this is? Will it make my snails, shrimp or future fish sick? Thanks!
  8. So I'm doing a dry start on my 75 gallon tank and today I noticed that its starting to mold on the driftwood and in the gravel.. What should I do.... Should I go ahead and flood it early?
  9. The top of my decor and front and back aquarium glass had what was either black algae or black mold on it. My water levels are on point, the best it’s ever been and my temp is right where it should be. It’s a 50 gallon tank. I do 15 to 20% water changes every week cause my zombie fish is a dirty gold fish. Today I took all the decor out cleaned it, did a 50% water change. Why would this be growing in my tank that bad? It was black. The tank is by a couple windows but no direct sunlight to the tank and at night I do turn the light on for a couple hours. The light is a fluorescent bulb, could this cause it and if so what is the best light to use or does it not need light? Thank you for any help! kelly
  10. So I'm doing a dry start on my 75 gallon tank and today I noticed that its starting to mold on the driftwood and in the gravel.. What should I do.... Should I go ahead and flood it early? Does anyone have any advice
  11. Ok I posted this on the plant side but I havent gotten any replies. And I really need some advice, I'm doing a dry start on a 75 gallon tank and I'm noticing mold start on the wood and gravel.. Should I leave it or maybe flood it early or..? Anyone willing to help would be apreciated
  12. I bought these bulbs recently and followed the instructions on their description when I got them Saturday January 16 and it hasn't been that long before they started growing this white stuff on it can someone please inform me if this is mold? And if it is should I see about getting new ones or will these ones be fine? My tank parameters: Fresh ph: 6.0 Nitrate: 40ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Kh: 0ppm Gh: 30 ppm Ammonia: 0
  13. Can anyone identity if this is either green mold or algae growing on the driftwoood?
  14. Hi Guys, Unfortunately, my first post on this forum is a troubleshooting post. I'm having issues with what I believe is Vorticella on my plants in a tank I set up on Friday.. First I thought it was white water mold, which it still might be. Wondering if anyone else has experience this and what methods have you taken to get rid of it. I know for a FACT that it's not biofilm or hydra. Tank: 7 Gallon Cube 11.8 X 11.8 X 11.8 (Using filter media and sponge from an old tank) Water Parameters: 0.25 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 6.8 Ph
  15. I have a reoccurring issue with a black moldy looking crud that continues to show up on my white sand. At first, back in April, I blamed it on some API root tabs that I used on some Vallisneria that I had just planted. Now, I’m not sure if it was the cause or not. The picture doesn’t really show it as vividly as live. I starts out looking like maybe some charcoal dust got sprinkled around. After a week or so, it will form patches that when vacuumed up look like a loose film that only breaks apart in pieces. I started this tank back in March and because of COVID didn’t get fish until August. Before adding the fish I did treat the tank with Chemiclean with no positive results. Vacuuming it seems to be the only cure (haven’t tried anything else). It always comes back after a few weeks. This is a fully cycled 60 Gal tank with more than enough filter for the 7 small Brichardi and 6 mystery snails that inhabit it. All perimeters are 0 except Nitrates which stay around 20ppm.
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