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  1. First of all, I would like to say that i'll express just my thoughts. I don't think there is an absolute truth to this topic. I would like to hear your opinions about fish that where bred by man to express different characteristics than what you find in the nature. I personally believe that as long as it doesn't affect the fish's it's fair game. Here are the different kinds of modifications that I can think of and my opinions, please share yours! Fish line bred for a different coloration: Perfectly fine! Fish genetically modified to have different colors (Glofish): As far as I know, they don't have any health issues because of that, so fine too. Veil tail fish: Also fine, as long as the tails aren't so large as to really hinder the fish's ability to swim and feed: Also OK (needs some extra care from the owner when choosing tank mates in order to avoid fin nippers. Fish not bred for a specific trait, but that are born with defects (Culls that are not culled). I'm all for that adopting "rants" mentality, as long as you don't actually let those fish breed. Hybrids: There are some which do tend to have a more fragile overall health, like parrot fish and flowerhorns. These i'm against. Otherwise I don't see a problem as long as they are sold as hybrids. Short body/balloon fish: As far as I know those tend to have health issues, due to their bodies being smaller and compressing their internal organs. Also some short body fish have really deformed spines and can't swim properly. I am against those as a general rule. Other various body deformities (i.e.: goldfish): I'm usually skeptical about those, especially in the kinds that are bound to have physical problems (telescope and bubble eye goldfish). Others may or may not have issues throughout their lives, like oranda goldfish when their cap grows over their eyes. In this case, although it might be possible to go to the store and choose some that are less likely to develop those problems, I personally can't help, but feel responsible to being and incentive to breed them in bulk so that I can choose the few that won't have health problems. Fish mechanically modified (i.e.: Love heart parrots): Now those I personally consider animal abuse and think they should be illegal. It's completely immoral to take a fish, cut off its tail, inject dye in its body the water it's in just so that people can have a "heart shaped" fish. I've recently seen love parrots in an online fish store and was horrified when I looked into them, and this is what made me stop and think about all this. What do you guys think? Do you agree/disagree with me? Why?
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