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Found 12 results

  1. Started the build of a set of raised garden beds where I am incorporating a 100 gallon mini pond. My wife and I have been planning it for a few months now, and we finally pulled the trigger a couple of weeks ago by ordering the wood and pavers from Lowes. We are merging my hobby of fish keeping with her hobby of gardening. We demoed out a set of 4 raised beds we had before to make way for the new, larger beds. We are increasing planting are by about 50 to 75%, and going from 6 inch deep beds to 22 inch deep beds (4 1x6 boards stacked). If you could the pond area, we are close to doubling the planting area. There will be 3 raised beds. The beds are made out of 1x6 and 2x4 cedar, using deck screws to hold them together. The one in the center will have the mini pond. I am hoping the dirt around it in the bed will help insulate the pond so the fish can live outside year round. We are in Louisiana, so we rarely get below freezing and typically get at least into the 50s Fahrenheit during the day. The other 2 beds are L shaped around the pond bed making a big rectangle. So far, we've built the pond bed and one of the L shaped beds minus one board. We've also laid most of the pavers. Lowes owes us about 1/3 of the wood, so we are at a holding point until they bring the rest. I am stocking the pond with rainbow shiners, so based on my climate I think they'll be fine outside year round. I'm further south than a large portion of their range. I'll probably pull a few inside for the first winter or two to be safe. I am also going to have some kind of pond plants, but haven't figured out which ones yet. Suggestions are welcome! I am going to do a gravel and some river / pond stones as the substrate. Gravel for some aquatic plants and the stones in a few piles hoping the eggs and fry can find some hiding spots. Anyway, as the build progresses, I'll update with pictures and more info. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!
  2. Like a few other folks, we lost fish with the crazy climate the last few weeks. Starting with three guppy tubs, we lost all in one, and many adults in the other two. Being sulky... I just left off feeding, and have not looked much into them til today. In the Firecracker Guppy tub, I found a thriving batch of young. Many appear to be female — though they’re probably too young to properly sex. Then I checked out the “mutt guppy” tub. I caught a few meh-looking males, but found no females. So... I decided to boost genetics in both by moving out a bunch of Firecracker Guppies from our downstairs little colony. I tried to be clever and catch them barehanded while holding the phone. Nope. Nets are genius, it turns out... I’m adding them to both tubs. The Mutts can blast genetics out any which way - I find it fun to see by the end of the summer. Of course, the rest go to the FCG tub. Hoping to get some great options for selective breeding by September.
  3. Wanting to do a couple more outdoor mini tubs / mini ponds, and inspired by the way some folks set up a pump to deliver water flow, I'd like some critical feedback on this concept. Each tub is drilled to allow outflow to fall out down to the next. There is an emergency hole on each for potential rain overflow. Each one has a sponge filter going. Pump pull from last tub overflow, and pushes up to the top. Each outflow is covered with some sort of strainer to prevent fish from one to tumble out into the next. What problems do you foresee with this? I'd just set them up as separate tubs, but having the flow / cascade of water provides a lot of positives that just the sponge plus mini pond pump doesn't.
  4. A while back I started this thread about starting a mini-pond, a ~50 gallon kidney bean partially buried pond liner... Since then I have used some crushed coral and flora max for substrate, sponge filter and more recently an 8" waterfall which I dumped some bio balls and more sponge to since it had a trough and why not. I also added a 200 watt heater to help prop the temp up which does help but still not quite warm enough to add any live stock. I think a few more week things should be ready. My plan is to put some guppies in the pond, if I can find enough cover for them. Having a hard time finding stuff like hornwort and a tad early for pond plants but I do have a couple lily pads started. I have a 20 gallon tank setup inside. Our well water is on the softer side, so I opted to use crushed coral in the 20 gallon tank as well as the mini-pond. The 20 gallon tank is sitting at 7.8 and the pond a little higher (evaporation?) at 8.2. The 20 gallon is a newly cycled and since i have been running medication and having to change some of the water the water is a little cloudy. No ammonia/nitrite and nitrates less than 5 ppm (down from 40 after it finished cycling on 3/9). I did make a mistake and bought 4 guppies from a well known chain store to which 3 of the 4 guppies died in less than 48 hours. So I did get 8 more guppies from a local pet store and did not have quite as bad luck, I've lost 1 or 2, but I do have one that is behaving weird. In the attached photos the guppy will lie on the bottom of the tank and then swim off, but I have not seen it swim more than halfway up. I can't see anything visually wrong and the rest of the fish seem to be fine. (seems the photos aren't rotated correctly). I have treated the tank with Maracyn, Para cleanse and Ich-X. The consensus of responses I got from other sources are that guppies aren't as hardy as they used to be and that I just got a bad batch of guppies, etc. Not entirely sure that is true, I just think getting them from a chain store and a newly cycled tank that I'm running meds through probably is part of the equation. My question about the guppies since I have not previously kept guppies before are things to look out for, or other "general" tips. Someone suggested brackish water. Which is also something I haven't had experience with. I did lookup to get an idea of how much salt I would need to add for brackish water...in short depending on whether you go "low end" or "high end" brackish, closer to marine, it seems you would add somewhere around 1.5 lbs of marine salt for a 20 gallon tank. The two concerns I have is whether any plants can acclimate to brackish water that have previously been in freshwater and since my plan is to keep guppies in an outdoor pond, I don't know how difficult it would be to maintain brackish water outdoors or that there is a whole lot of benefit of keeping guppies in brackish water. Definitely would prefer the easier route but if brackish water is a hands-down good way to go for guppies and the plants won't die off it is something I would look at doing. Plants I plan on keeping in the 20 gallon are really going to be limited to floating plants like duckweed, frogbit and water sprite...hornwort if I can ever find any. Some sources suggest these plants will tolerate brackish water but I am a bit skeptical. Plants I plan on keeping in the mini-pond are the same as the 20 gallon plus lily pads and other pond plants like water hyacinth, water lettuce and so forth. Getting to some of the concerns about the pond itself. One of the concerns I have is temperature. I have been monitoring the temps for some time and I am worried that when the hot weather arrives that I will have a hard time keeping the temp at or under 82 F. The pond will be in sunlight between 11 AM and 3 PM which is enough to warm up the water quite a bit and it hasn't been very warm or humid yet. I don't know if having a lot of floating plants covering the water surface will help enough to keep the temp under control or not. Can't really move the pond at this point, not many places get less sunlight that is level enough to keep the pond. Any suggestions and advice are welcomed 🙂
  5. Im currently setting up my first mini pond to house My leopard danio fry when they outgrow the tank their current tank. My goals are to run filtration solely off of solar power and to use the pond as a sort of low tech aquaponic system also to grow some peppers, herbs and veggies. To start i’ve sourced a 3/4 wine barrel. I believe it holds between 55-60 gallons Ive added a couple of old bookers bourbon boxes for planters also and have drilled holes in the bottom so that they drain back into the pond. I also added the pvc spigot set up at the back which will aid in water changes as well as draining in case the pond starts to overfill during heavy rain. The spigot should also allow me to use the pond water to easily water other nearby planters.
  6. I just started a mini pond. I have two 17 gallon HDX tough bins from Home Depot in my kitchen. I got two to hopefully prevent bowing. I’m in Seattle so it’s been in the high 50s - mid-30s and rainy. I currently have cull neo shrimp, hitchhiker snails (ramshorn, bladder), and six medaka from the Co-op. I didn’t wanna shock them by putting them outside. I keep my house pretty cool but I leave the lid on overnight (just on top, not snapped on) to keep the heat in and prevent evaporation. I’m picking up some acrylic soon to use that instead of the lid. That way I can keep warmth in but let light through. I’ll keep a little crack of open space though to ensure some air flow. My plan is to bring the pond out on my porch when the air temp reaches at least 70 degrees high and 55 degrees low. I know the water volume isn’t that much but I’m hoping that the acrylic will help keep the heat from the sunshine in. Then from that point on, I’m hoping I can permanently leave the pond outside. It’s a Southern facing porch so lots of sunshine. I know medaka can survive pretty cold temps but I’m wondering if using a cold frame (like for gardening) on my porch would be helpful in the fall/winter. I have a raised porch (10 steps up if that matters) so it wouldn’t benefit from thermal heat from the ground. But I’m wondering if it would make a difference by helping to hold warmth from the sunshine and additional protection from the frost and occasional snow. The water in my tub is only 10 inches deep; the length is 27” and width is 18” so I’m not sure if that’s enough to prevent the ice from getting down to the fish. I saw that Ryo Watanabe recently posted a video showing one of his medaka ponds with an ice layer and it doesn’t look very deep but the fish were still moving. But I’m not sure how much below freezing the air temp was.
  7. The past 2 months I have been experimenting with a microworm culture feeding my small tanks at home. So far the fish go crazy for it and I've had a lot of luck just adding bread and water. So now to the title of this, my idea for @Cory is in his new pond/farm set up at his new home is to experiment with suspending a microworm culture above a few of the ponds. My thinking is it would operate as an autofeeder of sorts and if you can make the culture the correct size it wont overfeed. If anyone has tried this or has any reasons why it wouldnt work I would love to hear them!
  8. What does everyone use as a substrate for outdoor mini ponds? Gravel, sand, dirt? I am planning on getting a 100 gallon tub from a big box store to use as a tub. I'll be planting and adding some fish to it to enjoy outside. I am thinking gravel as a base with some areas with larger pebbles / stones for egg scattering fishes. I would like 1 or 2 water lilies and maybe an iris and some floatering plants. I have water wisteria and pogostemon octopus in my current tanks, so some trimmings from those may end up out there, and may get some crypts to plant in the lower light areas, depends on how everything else fills in. Thanks!
  9. Would like to know what those crates Cory has in the fish room is called really wanna get some for summer tubbing
  10. I’m late in the game for mini ponds but out here in Hawaii you can keep fish outside all year. Here are some pics of my pond next to my garden.
  11. At the beginning of March this year, I started my first outdoor mini pond. Given what a summer its been, I found myself spending countless hours sitting next to that pond and staring into it...like I was a crystal ball or something of the like. I didn't find any answers, so to speak, but I did find some peace. So when summer ended I couldn't bear the thought of it going away, and so, I've been taking steps and making moves lol. Which is to say I moved my outdoor mini pond indoors. It's not yet finished (grow lights are on the way) but here are some pictures. I've heard that fish tanks are a thing that exist but there's just something about a pond. I'm curious as to how many like minded individuals there are out there. If you have an indoor mini pond lets see em
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