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  1. I moved this post to journal so I could add to the post as they grow so bee can see if they stay smaller than the 2 inches. UpSo last week I got some many discus. I didnt know they Had such a thing. So far so good they shipped no problem. I did have a issue with 5 fish that are going to be replaced do to a issue with the dorsal fin. It look as if the back is ok just the dorsal fin is messed up. They seller is. Replacing them plus two more. 1 Quote Dwayne Brown Posted 1 hour ago Wow those are really cool. How big do they get? Quote If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success. - John D. Rockefeller T. Payne Posted 1 hour ago When you say mini discus, I'm assuming that you are referring to the fact that they are just young discus? Quote HH Morant Posted 56 minutes ago You're gonna to need a bigger boat Edited 55 minutes ago by HH Morant 1 × Quote Gentleman, Scholar, and Renaissance Man Brandon p Posted 17 minutes ago 2 inches so should could kept them in a much smaller tank. The seem pretty hardy so for Quote Brandon p Posted 5 minutes ago No the seller claims that they do not get bigger than 2 inches. These are still very young at this point. I’m skeptical but I have a large tank that 18 full size discus if I needed to. I will say that the guy has been nothing but honest and helpful when I’ve had questions or was not happy. They don’t seeem like a fish that he is trying to perfect. I ordered 12 he sent 14 just in case one or two died. A lot of personal sellers do this because the fish are cheaper than the cost of postage. 5 of the 14 h e Dora l fins that lay over on their side. No one wants that in discus. When I talked to him he is sending out 6 more to replace the what would 3 I need to have 12 that I ordered. I’ll post here again in a month juts to trach growth. Edited 4 minutes ago by Brandon p
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