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Found 16 results

  1. I got a batch from one of my young Black rams pair. They are free swimming now and this is my first black ram spawn since I have only breed the other regular types. Some of them look like the have a little black line that makes them appear darker than other fry that look clear. I think the darker ones are black rams and the others gold. I this correct?
  2. So I got a batch from a young pair that laid their first batch and I wanted to know the hatchrates of ram breeders to see if I can improve in hatching the eggs. At first there were 111 but now with the ones with fungus that I removed there are 98 in the first 32 hours.
  3. Water parameters all good. Been doing frequent water changes. This is my second round with Gold Rams, first batch had fungus ended up culling them. This batch a couple have this white spot on fins or tails, this one is by far the worst in this batch. Varys with One spot or maybe up to three much smaller spots. I’ve Ich X them, currently using Maracyn on them in another day or two I’ll paraguard them. Had these Rams about 2 weeks. These fish must be acceptable to disease?? Everything I read on them is their hardy but couldn’t prove that by me. Anyone have any suggestions? If I cull this batch out I’m going with Appistos.
  4. This is my first successful attempt at breeding. Lots of babies. Pulled the mom out since the dad randomly died before they were free swimming. Free swimming yesterday morning or most likely Saturday night. Water parameters are great across the board. I’m feeding Golden Pearls 1 for now. Did first water change today. Any advice on when to start then on baby brine?
  5. Something about black worms and peer pressure... got 2x pairs of Rams gettin’ in the mood. These are 2nd gen born & raised in our water. Goodness what a haul if these work out. If we pull, probably just batch them all together. Substrate spawn pulling... *ugh* not my favorite...
  6. Zach K

    Sick Gold Ram

    Hello there everybody, I have a gold ram which i believe was exposed to some sort of parasites in which I treated with paracleanse and mararcyn. It was swimming very strangely and now just sits on the bottom. I believe he now has swim bladder issues and I was looking for thoughts, or suggestions as to what to do.
  7. Hello everyone first off my parameters are ph 7.2, nitrates 15-20ppm, hardness 14, nitrite 0, ammonia 0, kh 3, temp 80 degrees. I have a 15 gallon Fluval flex that is home to 1 male GBR, 4 harlequin rasboras, 4 otocinclus and 2 male endlers. The tank has been set up for 10 months now and I haven’t had any issues whatsoever! About a month ago I was rescaping one of my other tanks and decided to thin out my herd of cherry shrimp a bit and put some in my Fluval flex for my GBR to eat. Well that was a terrible idea!! He ate them, but he managed to injure himself in the process! He was very aggressively trying to get them when they’d hide in the rocks and he was ramming his face into the crevices trying to get them. About a week later I noticed a bump forming under his mouth on one side. It looked to be healing for a while and then now I noticed it’s getting bigger. I did a full treatment of e.m. Erythromycin a week ago it unfortunately doesn’t look any better. Anybody have any experience I’ll post some pics! I really wanna save Franklin my GBR he’s my buddy!!!
  8. Checked after lights out... another pair of Rams spawned. This time on a rock (Yesssssss!!!!) Pulled. H2O2. Lots of fry to tend! 😅
  9. Hello, so I just got this guy the other day and he has not ate really anything. My Ammonia and nitrites are 0. I haven’t checked the nitrates but all my plants do to good of a job soaking those up. Tanks 78 degrees he has 10 neons, 3 endlers, 3 fancy guppies as tank mates in a 20 gallon planted. Also cherry shrimp and snails. I was wondering if I should buy some Vibra bites. I’ve tried xtreme nano pellets, Krill flakes and fluval bug bites but he’s not interested in any of them at least so far. Do you think I should just wait and see if he’s still getting his bearings or should I get some vibra bites? I know frozen food but was hoping to get used to dry food first instead of him just eating the most expensive stuff out there.
  10. Hi. We just noticed that the rams were laying eggs on the sponge filter. The eggs are translucent. We just got the rams from the Co-op on Jan 20th. Should they be laying eggs this young? Does it mean they are a pair? Should we turn off the filter so no fry (if any) gets sucked in?
  11. I have started to try and breed german blue rams. I hatch them in their own 10 gallon tank with alot of plants in there as its where i hold my plants. Yesterday there were plenty of them. I cant be the filtration because its sponge filter only. Prior to them being in there. The parents were in there. Perfectly fine. Are they hiding in the java moss? Or in the plants? I cant see any! Iv spent a better part of 30 min looking for little bodies or any movement but i see none. Should i wait?
  12. So... a pair of rams we want to trace out a genetic line from _finally_ spawned... a really small spawn... in the substrate! So, used a soup ladle to pull them. Kind of awkward, but there’s a few fertile ones that are beginning to wiggle! Hopefully we can raise up a batch.
  13. Thought someone working on breeding might be interested in seeing a method for spawning and raising Golden Opal Rams (Mikrogeophagus Ramirezi). We've tried many times to allow our adult Rams to raise their own fry without pulling eggs, but every time ended unsuccessfully. This way definitely can work, even if it's not the most natural. Hope someone finds it helpful!
  14. Hello, I am thinking of adding a couple of Rams ro my community tank. Temp 82 and relatively brackish water. I love the look of both GBR's & Bolivian. I want something peaceful and hardy. Not looking into breeding them. And are they fin nippers? Which do you prefer and why? Thank you.
  15. I am looking to breeding german blue rams. I was wondering if I could just buy a male and female and they would have babies, or would I should I buy them as a pair?
  16. My male german blue ram looks like he has fuzz or hair growing out of his head. Any idea what this is? He is pretty old. Do I need to move him to hospital tank? I've got one cycled and ready if so.
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