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Found 12 results

  1. I’m starting a Bolivian ram tank in a 30 gallon, whats the best way to breed them? Make to female ratio? Water temp/food? Etc… very curious about these guys. thanks!
  2. I'm having trouble with my Bolivian Ram. About 3 months ago my ram became substrate bound and has been unable to swim without a lot of effort. It spends most of its time as it is shown in the picture below. I'm also a bit concerned about its stomach being rubbed along the sand so much. It is still active and will chase your finger around the glass. It eats quite a bit less than it did before getting sick but still eats. I keep the tank at 74 degrees and all the other fish have been doing well. It was the king of the tank so bullying has never been an issue. I attempted to treat with aquarium salt in a quarantine tank for about 3 weeks. I kept the dosage at 1 tbsp per 2 gallons. It seems like a swim bladder issue. Does this seem like a correct diagnosis? What can I do if anything? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi, I have a 36 gallon tank and I’m looking to establish a breeding group of bolivian rams. I currently have two of what I believe to be males, as I’ve had them for about 7 months and have not observed any breeding. Occasionally they will flare their fins at one another but other than that, they remain mostly peaceful. My two questions were 1. Do the two rams pictured here look to be males? and 2. Should I just purchase a small group of all females, if possible?
  4. For a 45 gallon planted tank (36 long, by 20 high, and 16 wide. This is my tank. I have been adding rocks and making sure there are some nice hiding places. Have 6 Cories, 6 dwarf rainbow fish, 1 Bristlenose, & 6 Rummynose tetras. And may get a Pearl Gourami or Honey Gourami as a feature fish once plants grow in more (Love the Pearls, but thinking they may be too big). We are at the stage of picking a peaceful dwarf Cichlid as we love the personality.. I was almost set on Bolivian Rams, but then saw the the apistos. Who has Apistos or Bolivians? What do you have? What do you love about them or dislike about them? I am planning on getting a pair. Advice please:)
  5. Hi all, I asked to my LFS 1 month ago to give me a male and female Ramirezi Gold, but to be honest it's so hard to see. What do you think? Sometimes they're chasing eachother so I do want to buy another female tomorrow.
  6. Hi this is my Bolivian Ram. It has really been getting colorful lately. I have been trying to figure out if it’s a boy or girl. I think it’s a girl based vent shape but I was wondering if anyone could help confirm that.
  7. Hello, Would like your opinion on the sex of this young Bolivian Ram. It's starting to get some burgandy color on the ends of it's fins, which these photos don't show. It might be too young to sex. Thank you.
  8. Hello, I am thinking of adding a couple of Rams ro my community tank. Temp 82 and relatively brackish water. I love the look of both GBR's & Bolivian. I want something peaceful and hardy. Not looking into breeding them. And are they fin nippers? Which do you prefer and why? Thank you.
  9. I got these 3 fish together (quarter sized angel + 2 juvenile Bolivian rams) a few weeks ago and I'm impressed with how much the larger male has colored up. The angel (visible in video) has a pretty stubborn case of ich that showed up last week so the water is tinted a bit with Ich-X. This is my 29G quarantine tank and it has 3 Aquarium Co-Op sponge filters, an AquaClear 30, a 150W heater, and a ramshorn snail. It's a pretty weird setup but is working for this batch. My main long-term concern is that as the Bolivians have grown, it's grown evident that I have two males (small, pointed vents) and they've started sparring even with plenty of silk plants to block line of sight and I may not have enough room in my 50 hex for them to be happy.
  10. I’m trying to breed my Bolivian Rams but not sure how I should set up their tank. They are in a planted 20H.
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