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Found 4 results

  1. I tried to generate a infusoria culture a few times now and they have all failed. I have used veggies with water from an established tank those 3 failed. I tried one with yeast and tank water. Tried both recipes with water from the 100gal tub in the back yard. Now I am about to start a hay/dried grass recipe. All from YouTube. The all get cloudy but never seem to make it to that streams of food stage. I am looking at it under a microscope as well. Any experienced suggestions out there? Also, has anyone tried the Paramecium from Carolina? If so how did it work out?
  2. I need help finding a place to buy micro worms from. I need them to breed my Pygmy Cories. Any input is appreciated!
  3. Hi all, I've got a nerd question I'm struggling to resolve: When we culture nematodes like microworms in a growth medium, do they consume the medium directly for food or the bacteria that develops in it? I think the answer I've encountered more often is that they consume bacteria but that leaves me wondering, how does that affect efforts to enrich the medium or "gut load"? Are we gut loading the nematodes via the bacteria they would consume or do they get those extra nutrients by consuming the media directly? Using the microworm example, I've got this odd personal hypothesis that there might be a cleanliness advantage to using something purely starchy as a growth medium because, with the addition of yeast, I would think the dominant microbial presence would be yeast in the same way that cheeses can safely age for long periods of time above refrigeration temperature because lactobacillus simply outcompetes other bacteria. What are the risks inherent to culturing bacteria in an enriched medium that could include animal matter (from something like powdered fish food) or other non-starches? Any thoughts would be appreciated. This is all in consideration of whether or not I should explore gut loading more. Thanks!
  4. The past 2 months I have been experimenting with a microworm culture feeding my small tanks at home. So far the fish go crazy for it and I've had a lot of luck just adding bread and water. So now to the title of this, my idea for @Cory is in his new pond/farm set up at his new home is to experiment with suspending a microworm culture above a few of the ponds. My thinking is it would operate as an autofeeder of sorts and if you can make the culture the correct size it wont overfeed. If anyone has tried this or has any reasons why it wouldnt work I would love to hear them!
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