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Found 18 results

  1. As I was leaving work this afternoon I passed by someone who said “Hey nice shirt!” The image is the shirt I was wearing. As soon as he said nice shirt I wanted to ask if he was also a nerm, however I quickly came to the conclusion that he might have just liked the design (cuz it’s a cool shirt!) and he would probably think I’m a crazy person asking if he was a nerm 🤣
  2. Happy Nerm Week, Everyone! This week marks the 1st anniversary of this amazing forum we all call “home.” Happy Anniversary, CARE forum! In this thread, I’ll be posting the daily NERM week festivities. You can also find the threads by searching for the “NERM week 2021” tag. Everyone’s invited, whether you joined the forum a year ago, or you just joined today! For a full schedule of events, go here: Happening now! Do you know a lot about a particular topic, or do you feel inspired to write about something fishy? Write it up and post it in our Forum Member Articles thread! We’re celebrating our collective knowledge and creating a little library of resources for future NERMs. Editing help is available if you’d like it! Your article will get special status if you elect for it to be reviewed. 🤩 Cast your vote in round three of the Meme Contest! See @Betsy’s comment below for the link. If you like tacos as much as @Cory, you should sign up for the taco eating contest! There’s even a trophy! What would a CARE forum celebration be without a place to say Thank You? Here you can post a video thank-you note to any forum members you would like to thank. You don’t have to show your face, but we think it will be nice to at least hear your voice. Planning Ahead: These events are coming up later in the week: On NERM day (July 14, the exact forum anniversary), we’ll be heading to our Local Fish Stores wearing Aquarium Co-op swag. Don’t have any swag? Maybe this is a good excuse to order some! We’re holding Fish and Tank Photo Contests! You can find the rules and categories here. Get out those cameras and scrape the algae off that glass! We’ll also be feeding our fish their own tacos on NERM day. Make sure you have the necessary supplies for making fish-friendly tacos! We love this forum, and we can’t believe it’s been here a year! Let’s make this week a party!!!
  3. My wife and boys had a hoot finding these on Etsy someplace... You know you’re a NERM if... 😂
  4. Hi Just a nerm here in need of a Murphy tee. The problem is that I am in uk. So can anyone tell me if and when it will ever be possible to get my hands on one. 😭 Many thanks
  5. My hubby collects my ACO stickers. Came out to the living room and he was prepping his tackle box.
  6. I’m a huge fan of aquarium co op and have been since I got into the hobby about a year and a half ago! Today my girlfriend our two young boys and I were shopping at Frys for groceries in Phoenix, Arizona and I saw a lady wearing the aquarium co op shirt with Murphy on it! Of course I told her nice shirt! Now I feel like I need to add a shirt or hat to my next order! That was my first time seeing someone in person wearing aquarium co op thought it was pretty sweet 😁
  7. Hey guys, I work as a jeweler in a metal-free facility, and would love to be able to rep my favorite store at work. That said, I don't want to order a $40 hoodie only to have it be unusable at work. Does anyone know how much metal is actually on the hoodie? I assume the zipper is metal, correct? Do the tassels have any metal in them? Does anyone know if the Co-Op offers a metal-free option? Thanks!
  8. Like all good things in life, we want more. I love aquarium coop decals. I have to buy duplicates for my son... I'm missing 3 but I remember Cory mentioning the decals and which fish represent aspects of the hobby. While we all want our favorites in a coop decal form....what do you think the future decals should/could be.... (This is not a post by a coop member but someone wondering the thoughts and wishes of others.) So we have Betta, angelfish, tetra, discus, loach and ray lovers covered for sure.... I think cichlids are covered too. Shrimp lovers.... I think a cherry shrimp or caridina shrimp would be a great add..... shrimp lovers unite.... I would scream Amano but it might be drab and the others are more common. Guppy/Endler .... I do not believe I have seen a guppy/endler sticker. If there isn't one....this is obviously a cruel oversight. More Murphy Poses. My kid wants em and I need em. Plants..... How am I supposed to let me kid make cool aquascapes without stickers of decor? really? I think a few plants would really help.... Anubias would be a nice start....some driftwood.... Snails.... obviously this sticker was created and lost. There is no way coop forgot snails....right???? I think Ramshorn or Mystery.....but I could see Cory wanting his Malaysian Trumpet snail that survived the apocolypse. While I would love to see varieties of wild betta stickers, I realize that's crazy and we can only ask for so much..... Beside fish chibi versions of the crew would be awesome.... Who doesn't want a Dean, Jimmy, Cory or other large headed coop staff there to feed the fish decals. ><
  9. I can’t figure out how to post picture but I have a neon, angelfish, pea puffer and a discus sticker on the back of my laptop. Great products and YouTube videos.
  10. I have two now and am trying to think of ways to display them. What are some of the ideas that you have come up with? Can you show pictures of what you have done?
  11. Any chance we can get some? Either as a forum member exclusive (not that a free to join forum is exclusive) or in the coop shop.ive got a couple design ideas, but just a t-shirt that says nerm across the chest would be cool to start. Maybe the coop logo and/or the forum logo on the sleeves or across the back
  12. My fiancé is obsessed with his fish tank but he has almost everything for it. He has a 75 gallon regular water tank. He loves it he’s always messing with the plants and fishes. I know he’ll love something from here because he’s always looking at what to get next lol I just dont know much about tanks but I want him to really love his gift. He has plants, fishes, a sponge filter, the fertilizer kit for the plants, the food for the fishes idk what to get. PLEASE HELP🥰
  13. Just buy iron on decals for your hoodies and tee shirts. They can iron them on anything they want to. Love your show. Thank you.
  14. How does everyone incorporate the hobby into their holiday decorating? Since moving to our house last year, we still haven't picked out a tree topper. This year I decided Murphy would be a great way to top the tree for the time being.
  15. I need to order another Co-Op towel because I got some Super Glue Gel on mine. I don't see it anymore under the Apparel & Merch section?
  16. Give your kids the gift of Murphy cookies, indoctrinating them in the Co-op ways and ensuring a bright a successful future :) Not spectacular results but not terrible, the wife and I are not cookie experts at all, although she is very good at most other forms of cooking/baking. Perhaps a shortbread dough would have had better results. This was just for funsies anyways. 3D printed cutter and stamp we tried.
  17. I very much enjoyed Monday's live stream and liked the talking points on touching nature every day and how nature finds a way. But... I definitely don't want nature finding a way in my hat. Love my Murphy flex fit hat and wear it a bunch but it's nearing cleaning time and I didn't see recommendtions on the tags. My go to on my other hats has been a bath of warm mildly soapy water and follow up with a rinse but I want to keep this hat looking extra sharp. Any official or tested recommedations out there? Thanks.
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