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Found 4 results

  1. Please help….it’s been since before Xmas that my fish have been dying. My first run to the fish store turned out to be a batch of diseased fish that killed off my existing fish. I believe it was ich or the other white spot disease. I wrote in and someone had mentioned to immediately start a treatment of melafix for 7 days. I lost two more fish in the process of the treatment but managed to save 1. Did my 7 days, all was good, did a water change, went to the store and got 8 tetras. I didn’t do the recommended quarantine tank, but I did 3 days of treatment of the melafix to make sure the new fish were not bringing any baggage with them. All went well for two days, then the first tetra died. The day after I noticed that two fish were covered in white spots. So I immediately started another 7 day treatment, 1 more tetra died 2 days after. Now today on my day 7, another tetra has passed. So I did a water test, all is good, did a 25% water change and checked the fish for white spots….and they are all gone. Any one have any ideas of what is going on? Am I doing something wrong? I posted some pics of the fish after water change, please help!
  2. Hello, I bought some API Melafix today and before dosing the tank I noticed it was white. It’s been years since I have used it and looking at old videos it seems it’s been a clear liquid in the past. Does anyone know if this is a defective product? Thank you
  3. Has anyone used Melafix successfully to treat cyanobacteria? Ive used erythromycin before but its seeming to be harder to find. I have a small patch starting and I'm trying to find treatment options people have used and liked in the past. I do plan on manually removing what I can see. But id like a water treatment to help ensure it wont come back
  4. Hey, I have both finrot and popeye that I'm dealing with, I've read reviews on api melafix on the internat saying that it worked and some saying it didn't. I know on the thanksgiving stream @Cory said he never had success with it. I live in Canada so lots of meds are restricted, the only meds I can find are API Super Ick Cure and API Melafix and of course the basic aquarium salt. I have tried aquarium salt for these infections, it helped a bit for the popeye, but the finrot hasn't gotten any better. My question is do you guys think Melafix would clear up my probelms? Also is it plant safe? I have some plants in my QT tank because I'm setting up a new tank soon, and they were on sale for a very good price.
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