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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys! So, I recently had a disaster in my hobby. My apartment had to be treated for pests, and I was required to remove all of my tanks from the apartment during treatment. During this time, I ended up losing about half of my livestock - including my beloved Peacock Mantis Shrimp. I do really miss having a mantis shrimp - they such cool little creatures. Very interactive, inquisitive, and always getting into some sort of trouble in the tank. Reminds me of my puffers, in some ways! But I don't think I want another peacock right now - I want to try a different species. One I've had my eye on for quite a while. The Wennerae Mantis, Neogonodactylus wennerae! These guys max out at around 3", and are perfectly suited to small tanks. They're smashers (meaning they have modified claws to break open shellfish), just like my peacock was, but with much less power. These guys are able to hunt down crabs, shrimp, and snails, but are going to struggle to crack open anything with a thick shell. I went to my LFS today, and picked up a 5.5 gallon Seapora glass tank for $16.99. It's a nice tank for the price - Seapora makes nice stuff, IMO. I rinsed it out, just to get any dust out of it, and this was it. Next, I decided to paint the back black, since the tank wasn't going right up against a wall. I taped off the rim of the tank with duct tape, cause that's all I had lol. I just use some Krylon Black Acrylic paint and a roller for this. I prefer spray painting but I don't have an area to do that here, so rolling paint on is the best I can do. It looks fine from the front side of the tank, but usually looks kind of "meh" from the back. First coat: I did three coats total, which got me a decently opaque surface. This is what the tank looked like, pre-fill: I added some sand from the Peacock Mantis tank, which has long been dried, but not cleaned. I'm hoping all that dead gunk in the sand will help get us a strong cycle in this tank. Whenever I filled it the first time, I ended up getting milk, basically. Gotta love aragonite. I had just used plain freshwater to fill that time, though, so I drained the tank and added in the rock. I'm using a piece of marco dry rock that I had from a previous tank, a piece of well-seasoned rock that's got some life already on it (although, not much algae due to being in a bucket), and a piece of rock I got from the LFS. I got this particular rock for a reason - but that's gotta be a surprise. Whenever I refilled the tank (with saltwater this time) I was careful to do it slowly to minimize cloudiness. The powerhead I bought (Aquatop MCP-1) was way too strong for this tank, and was blowing water around. So, I pulled my Koralia Nano 240 out of my 10 gallon QT, and switched them around. Each tank is better off, I think. Then, I tossed in a preset heater and a thermometer, and we're off to the races! I'll update this post tomorrow, and tell the story of why I picked this rock, and what the extended plans are for this tank.
  2. So, my girlfriend finally approved me getting a 40 breeder saltwater mantis tank, on one condition: I have to tear down one of my 3 freshwater tanks. im super excited about the saltwater tank, but I’m torn on what to do about my freshwater tanks. I have 3, a 5.5 betta tank, a 10 gallon for my pea puffers I may or may not be getting back (they’re with my parents rn, long story), and a 20 long with a blue goby 6 celestial pearl danio adults and about 30ish CPD fry (I plan on taking most to my LFS when they’re big enough, they’re only 2 weeks old rn) So I have a few options... option 1: tear down the 10 gallon tank that I just finished setting up and got all new substrate for that’s supposed to be my experiment tank comparing seachem to the CoOp easy line. If I do get my pea puffers back, put them in the 20 long and hope they do ok (they’re with 3 rummynose in a 10 and haven’t caused any issues over the past 9 months). I’d have to level out the table that the 10 amd 5 are on, and put the 40 on that table. option 2: tear down the 5, put the CPDs and the betta in the 10, and do a puffer in the 20 (either the peas if I get them back, or a South American or red eye) and do the 49 either on the table with the 10 sideways or get the 40 a stand option 3: put the 40 on a stand regardless and level that. (Can go with option 1) Option 4: put the betta in the 20 with the CPDs and do the puffers in the 10 if I get them or a red eye puffer any input or advice would be great. I have recent photos of each tank on my build thread “College Apartment Fishroom Build”
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