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Found 2 results

  1. I have started growing my Red Mangrove seedlings and after only a couple days I have new leaf spikes. They are growing in refugium live sand from Two Little Fishies and Fiji pink aragonite sand to about 6" depth. Once they get a little taller I will give them 10" depth. I also have bought seawater from a fish store's sumps. I specifically asked if I could get some gross fishy water to give the roots some nitrates and other nutrients. Current SG is at about 1.018. Aquarium specs 60 gallon fill: -Acrylic 1/4" thickness -18"x24"x48" -10" tall brown acrylic planter sheet (this will be used to give the mangrove more depth and hopefully keep fish from digging in anoxic sand/mud) -Weld-on 4 -3 chamber 20 gallon sump (freshwater/saltwater/brackish) -submersible heater cable -SG will vary from 1.005-1.015 Fish Depending on availability: -Figure 8 puffer-Tetraodon biocellatus (ideally a bonded pair) - Zebra blenny- Omobranchus zebra or 6 bumblebee goby-Brachygobias sp. -2-3 Freshwater Demoiselle- Neopomacentrus taeniurus -6 Diamond killifish- Adinia xenica -6-12 wild-type molly-Poecilia sphenops -Purple spaghetti eel-Moringua raitaborua (species ranked as vulnerable, may omit) Plants/macro algae -Red mangrove -Chaeto algae -Vallisneria -Moneywort This biotope will attempt to look like a mangrove estuary, while replicating natural tidal shifts and river discharge. The aquarium style is a peninsula style designed to be viewed from all angles. With almost all of these fish needing territories I will incorporate live rock and faux coral heads throughout the aquarium to break up the line of site and give lots and lots of caves. The sand in the main display will be 6" deep with heater cable running through it to establish convection. I will utilize black worms and some marine worms such as Nereididae to not only be food but aerate the sand. I will have to buy some of these fish online which I have never done in the aquarium trade. Is there a company that does a good job with fish health? Also if anyone has any suggestions/opinions I would love to here them I am still in planning stages while I wait for the mangroves to grow out a bit more.
  2. One of my other hobbies is Bonsai. I have some red mangroves in 4 out of my six tanks and decided to start experimenting on one of them. I am attempting to give it the informal upright shape so I've started some very basic wiring when its still young and pliable. Not the best wiring, but I want to avoid wire marks so I've wired pretty loosely. I'll update in a few years lol. Here are some pics:
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