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Found 4 results

  1. Started a few years back with golden shortfin male bred to the best regular longfin female i had to create F1. All F1 came out as standard shortfin fish, but carry the gene for gold and/or longfin. Since both gene are recessive, to get a golden longfin(double recessive) the baby will need to have both recessive gene of the gold and longfin from both parent. Next step was choosing the best F1 to breed with themselves in hope they happen to carry the 2 gene. Chances are 25% non carry/50% carry but no show/25% carry and show. In real life I got less that 10% that came out gold and about 25% came out longfin.(longfin at this time was very low quality, they just show sign of being long-"er" than shortfin). But with my luck I happen to get a very nice golden longfin in this batch(bottom photo at 4 month old). Breeding F2 with F2 So I ended keeping 2 golden longfin male and 3 longfin female 1 gold and 2 regular. Only keeping the golden babies(F3). Took the F3 and pair them back to their father(F2). Bottom photo.. Young fish aren't long enough, they wasn't even 4 month old yet. Right now F4 is growing up as fry. And I have already started a new pairing for a different set of F1 so ill have something to cross to when the F4 stuff gets too inbred. Bottom photo is the parents of the new F1 completely unrelated to the first family. Backtracking a bit, the first family all had yellowtips or whitetips, but 2 fish in F3 batch. They were longfin regular color fish that carry the gold gene, they are green/red. So I put them together hoping they kick out a few golden fry with a different fin color. I'm also crossing F4 to shortfin gold and F4 to F3(uncle) just to have something different to bring back into the family. Hopefully guy/guy are going the same and we can cross bloodline one day. Its pretty fun when you go back is see their history. If you made it this far thanks, I do enjoy working with these fish..I'll photo bomb from here.....
  2. Hello all! So a few days ago was my birthday, and like any nerm would do, I woke up, grabbed a cup of coffee, and watched some fish spawn, lol. For context, I've never deliberately bred fish before, but I fell in love with these leopard danios and their goofy attitudes, and saw how easy they are to breed, and decided to give it a shot! The danios are still in QT, so it is easy to net them out and move them around. I fed very heavily with live baby brine, and a mix of xtreme flakes, spirulina flakes, bug bites, etc. that I feed to everyone. Within a couple days, the female was BIG, and they were already spawning. So I set up a 5 gallon, made some spawning mops, and moved a pair over one evening after feeding BBS. The 5 gallon sits at around 6.8 pH, crazy hard water, and around 78-80 degrees without a heater (yay Texas summer). Not really sure the parameters matter though, since these guys seemed ready to go at a moment's notice. In the morning, I noticed the male was a bright, bright yellow, but the female was...not having it. So I grabbed the other large male, and POW. Crazy show, and they mostly spawned within the floor mop, the hanging mops were largely ignored. After about 30 minutes of this, I moved them all back over....where they continued their spawn. I left that though, as I'm not ready to move them to their main tank. Now the eggs look to have begun to develop (about 48 hours now), and I have infusoria cooking up for about a week now ready to go. I will update once they become free swimming! Let me know if you have any tips about successfully raising these guys up!
  3. Hello, I'm entirely new to forums so I hope I am posting this in the correct thread. I'm a new fishkeeper (its been a bit less than 2 weeks) and I started with longtail cherry barbs. I read that they are very hardy so I chose to keep them after having my aquarium cycle for 3 days after using one of the Cycle products. I have read the posts about beneficial bacteria and the nitrogen cycle but I figured the 3 day and them being a hardy species means they will be able to handle it... but I was wrong. I test water parameters constantly and have only ever noticed ammonia spike up to 0.25 and nitrates up to 20 I think but I've been doing water changes every few days and sometimes daily. So as far as water parameters they are in check. The problem is that one of my fish had been lethargic for a couple days: would stay in the same spot and seem to open its mouth and close it a lot and didn't seem to want to eat. I read online that keeping the water a little bit warmer and adding aquarium salt would help but it didn't really. I tried to fish her out to care for her separately and she died. A day or two later, two more of my fish started exhibiting similar patterns so I was very worried. I read up and saw that the problem might have been with insufficient water movement. I went out and bought an air pump connected to an air stone and another mini pump connected to a smaller stone. The fish have been pretty active and seem to be doing okay since then. They don't seem particularly lethargic anymore but sometimes their appetite is variable. All of my fish seem to have low appetite but I think they just may be nibbling on leftover food that sinks or gets trapped in the plants. The problem remains that they seem to still have that very rapid open and closing of the mouth thing still going on. So far I'm sure that the water parameters are ok and the tank is sufficiently oxygenated. I'm feeding them 2-3 times a day as well. I wonder if it is just a matter of time before they get better?? I forgot to mention that for one of the fish i tried giving them a 10 second dip in a methylene blue bath, it didn't seem to do anything. I've also been using Stress Guard for a couple days. Sorry for the long post. If anyone can offer their 2 cents about the topic I'd be very grateful. Below are screenshots of the fish that seem to be sick. I have a video of them but I don't know how to post it in here. Thank you!
  4. i have some questions about them . can they live and breed with cherry shrimp in a 10 gallon . will they eat the fry and baby shrimp . are they okay with liquid rock water? thanks for the help 🙂
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