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Found 8 results

  1. I had a premise that came to mind based on a few conversations with others here on the forums. I wanted to ask anyone who wishes to try to find these items on their next trip to the local shop. Post your photos and potentially over time we can make a new list to keep things fresh. Whether it's a big box store or a mom and pop store, whatever you can find (or can't) seems to be useful information. I mentioned it on a comment on a video once, but a company like fluval or seachem, designs these product lines where you need to buy something on a month to month or semi-often basis. Eventually, those items either disappear and we all end up resorting elsewhere to find them, typically an online shop. This change has led to a lot of products just not being carried by shops around me. So, without further ado, and I have no idea if I'd even find these in my local shop, but hopefully this is some fun we can have on the next shopping trip. The goal being to give everyone a feel for "what is typically available" to hobbyists at a physical store. LIST 1: 1. Amano shrimp 2. Ceramic filter media 3. Fish Meds 4. Moss for aquascaping (excluding a moss ball) 5. An interesting "all in one" tank 6. A sera or eheim product 7. A glass lid for a 20L aquarium 8. aquascaping scissors 9. caribsea sand 10. A replacement pump or impeller for any HoB filter
  2. @Robert or @Cory, wanted to check if you plan to be open regular hours Memorial day, Monday. Also, since I figure this question will recur in various forms I have pinned it. The sales site says your hours are (for the record):Monday - Friday: 11am - 7pmSaturday and Sunday: 10am - 7pm Thanks!
  3. I'm up on Long Island visiting my brother, and of course whenever you travel somewhere, you have to go to a LFS! This place was SOOO impressive. Their main focus is parrots, and those were also impressive, but their fish section could have easily been a successful store all on its own. Some of their selection: Alligator Gar: Giant discus!! It's hard to tell from the picture but it was probably 7 inches. Plaaaants A very friendly oscar who liked to show off: Croaking gouramis in here! Cool fish I'd never seen before: Friendly feather fin!! A mini Pooka! Died blood parrots with an even smaller Pooka: Highfin loach! And one of the staff was wearing a Murphy hat! So of course we had to take a selfie. Thanks for humoring me, Lee! And thanks for all your help selecting plants! You should all be amazed that I didn't get any fish. But I did get lots of plants!
  4. I am 100% sure there are others that don't have a LFS handy. All we have is Petco, Petsmart, and what we can get off the internet. I really wish we had a place that we could go to just fish gaze. Oh, and our Petco is one of the bad ones. The tanks are dirty, they often have dead fish floating in them, with other fish eating them, and the bettas in their cups act almost comatose, barely moving at all. Here's hoping we can get a LFS soon!
  5. I live on Long Island and haven;t been able to find a really good fish store in the area. Any suggestions?
  6. Hey guys, I aspire to someday soon own a local Fish Store/local pet store. I would like to know what info, advice, and resources you guys can provide. I'm in New York so a very expensive market and I have no clue how to find good wholesalers. Again, thank you guys for any help😁
  7. I found a new LFS about 40 min away and made it down there tonight. I got 2 SAE's, 5 Denison Barbs, 1 Killifish and some Corkscrew Val I was looking for. I only had 1 SAE before and it's nice to see them really schooling. I've always wanted the Denison's and Killifish. The tank is really coming to life!
  8. Not even a full year into the hobby and I am a full fledged member of the aquatic life. I have experimented with fish several time in my life but never even close to the level I am at now. I have MTS or for those who don’t know multiple tank syndrome. What started as my son’s tank has blown into 15 tank house. 12 of which are located in my basement in a concrete block rack. My current pursuits are Cherry, Blue Dreams, and Bloody Mary shrimp. Also included are two stains of guppies and rice fish. I have two well established planted tanks and tons of Java moss. Would love to make a connection to a local fish store that I could trade with but still working on that. My eco systems and aquatic life give me a sense balance that was lacking for so long. I hope that balance can be a level I maintain. Many thanks Ted K
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