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Found 16 results

  1. I multitask while watching the livestream. I also hangout on the forum. If anyone one is up for it, we can talk about the livestream amongst ourselves (which starts in a little less than 20 minutes).
  2. Hello, I travel a lot for work and find having a fish tank visible very relaxing. I have really liked the aquariums that I have seen on Aquarium Co-Ops YouTube shows. What is the likelihood of them having a full time stream of one of their main tanks? Also since I have amazon prime I have a free subscription that I would be happy to give to Aquarium Co-Op to support their content even without this. Thanks, Charles
  3. Has anyone heard whether there will be a live video from Cory today? TIA
  4. I'm sure I heard it mentioned that you can get a text alert or something for the live stream but can't figure out how to set it up, did I dream it or am I missing something? Maybe it's because I'm on mobile phone rather than desktop? Or is it members only?
  5. Hey everyone, I’m going to be on long road trip (11 hours there and 11 hours back). I was thinking of downloading some of the old livestreams from the Co-Op (in podcast form). What are some of your favorite livestreams that I should download before I go?
  6. Just requesting that the most recent Live Q/A be posted on Spotify so I can listen to it while I'm at work. They're usually uploaded but this one wasn't for some reason.
  7. Will there be a live chat today? I don't want to miss it! And yes that me flamingo. Got lucky and they had one in the store Friday.
  8. Pretty much what the title says. I’m wanting to get on the live chats.
  9. Love the Monday livestreams! Go Coop and Steenfott!
  10. Just an appreciation post - I was about to be one of those .0001% of people who kill vallisineria except I had a long drive and listened to hours of old Real Fish Talk episodes and Co-op videos - and happened to learn that I was not supposed to bury the crown of the plant! (I'm sure I looked this up as I was setting up the tank, but it was a late night and lots of planting, so I just spaced and shoved those suckers deep in there as far as they would go!) As soon as I got home I unburied it. Fortunately it had only been that was 2 weeks and while I lost a few leaves, I'm hopeful it will bounce back.
  11. Hello, I am confused as to where and when to watch the live streams. Would they be on here or the Youtube channel? I am a member of the channel. Thanks for the help!
  12. He deserves it. What do you think? He has stated on live streams about wanting one.
  13. Was just wondering if the full Thanksgiving podcast was going to be uploaded? The current upload is just over two hours and cut off mid sentence.
  14. hope you have a great thanksgiving with your fambam (family) I will be hanging out in the co op live stream.
  15. Our host is doing a four-hour special: I would like to give thanks to Cory, and the entire Aquarium Co-Op team, plus the amazing community that has coalesced in this forum. Cheers
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