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Found 12 results

  1. I started setting up my pair of moina cultures today. My goal is to produce enough to feed my two small display tanks daily and to use them in place of BBS for the raising small numbers of fry. Hopefully, the built-in spigots will make harvesting super easy. I have a pair of 2.5Gal water dispensers and I've kicked things off with: Some gunk from an established aquarium's filter API quick start Boiled veggies and resulting water A handful of crushed coral A few snails An airline blowing coarse bubbles After the water get's a little funky, I'll add the moina from some small cultures I've been running. I have a variety of things in mind to try: Adding a small gravel filter co-culturing dero worms co-culturing black worms floating plants to keep nitrates down Adding emersed plants whose roots will soak up nitrates and provide more surface area (which is supposed to boost moina production) Anything else I should think about trying?
  2. TLDR: I think feeding Moina may have killed some of my Pseudomugil Signifers. It's a sad day in the fish room, or rather, the fish office. One of my Pseudomugil Signifer males passed - leaving me with only one male and two females. I am used to death and death with fish especially. This passing isn't sad, it's frustrating. I had purchased a group of 6 fish - 4 females and 2 males. One female kicked the bucket during shipping and another female died within 24 hours of arrival. I was left with 2 males and 2 females - not ideal. I thought I'd see what I could do with these guys. The fish were timid for weeks. I never saw them do anything but hide behind the sponge filter in their bare bottom tank. I hadn't even seen them eat. I still have yet to see them eat any flake or pellet foods. I have been feeding them scuds, BBS, worms, and some frozen foods. I finally got some moina colonies running well (which took a surprising amount of effort) and have been feeding them to the signifers in small amounts for about a week. Yesterday I had a stellar moina harvest and did a big feed with all my tanks (I keep multiple Pseudomugil species tanks and one Peudomugil community tank). I guess the Signifers may have over eaten..? Maybe something else? My luminatus, furcatus, and others love to overeat - but not to death... I also noticed the signifers never looked full compared to my other species of blue-eyes. The other three fish in the tank aren't doing much and haven't moved all day. Normally after a big feed of BBS, they are very active with the mop. All other tanks are normal after being fed the same moina. My poor guys - they had finally established pecking order, displaying, and laying eggs. I can not say for certain if the dominant male died or if it was the other guy. As far as water quality, water was changed 3 days ago. I change water 1-2x a week as I am running small bare bottom tanks. The water is RO and conditioned tap mix. I'll change the water again tonight and keep my fingers crossed the other three make it. P.S. I wrote this a day ago and another female died over last night, even with the 50 percent water change. The remaining male and female are just swimming in the slow current. I plan on rinsing moina in the future in case there was something nasty breeding in their water.
  3. I just recently started buying live black worms & I saw this strange thing inside the bag, it was moving around clearly alive with the worms. I’m worried it’s some kind of parasite but I haven’t a clue. Could someone please help indentify what this could be? I really hope I haven’t put my fish family in danger before I noticed!
  4. Hey Nerms, I recently picked up a baby brine shrimp hatchery (San Fran brand) since baby brine is *incredible*. However, I don’t have a ton of tanks (7) due to apartment life at the moment. I have seen Cory’s videos on hatching but my question is, once hatched how long can I keep the hatched bb alive before they will die? Can I put the live baby brine that I don’t use in the fridge and keep them for a few days? Or is the more logical option just to use less eggs per hatching? I am thinking I won’t need an entire egg pack worth of baby brine to feed my tanks for a single day but I’m new to hatching live so any advice is appreciated. My goal is to make it as cost effective as I can and reduce waste as much as possible. Any other helpful tips are much appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Pretty long title I know, I noticed Aquarium co-op sells brine shrimp eggs, I was wondering if anyones had experience with buying them, raising them (with quality feed) and feeding them to their Betta as a live treat? Or any fish really. I know live food/frozen food is only as good as what it eats but I was just wondering if anyones tried this. Is there any specific minimum tank size I should get for the shrimp? I know ac-p sells fry food as well.
  6. I was giving all my tanks some frozen bloodworms this evening when all of a sudden a scud in the betta tank grabbed a bloodworm and was off like a shot. I was so startled, I thought in was a small fish. (Our scuds are big.) I thought maybe the scud was confused, so I dropped a few bloodworms in one of my scud tanks. The crowd went wild. They loved them. Before long it looked like most scuds in the tank were swimming around hugging a hunk of bloodworm. I have been feeding the scuds hornwort and chunks of pumpkin and banana. Now and then I give them a bit of fish food. I wasn't impressed with the rate at which they were multiplying. I am eager to see if bloodworms will help. The fish in my native tank love scuds. They spend long periods, staying very still in the water, staring at rocks waiting for a scud to appear. At first I thought maybe the fish were confused, or depressed until I saw one catch a scud. Anyone else have interesting food they feed their scuds?
  7. BLACKWORMS Setting up a dedicated tank to try and breed blackworms. Hopefully this will be a good learning experience and hopefully it works. I’ve heard a lot about culture crashes and the smell that goes along with it. Definitely will try to avoid that. I purchased 4oz of blackworms from my LFS yesterday and had to keep them in refrigerator overnight. When I got them home I did a water change with spring water with minerals added back in. Then placed in refrigerator for the night. Today I set up a 3 1/2G tank little less than 1/2 full with same spring water. It has the filter built in to side of tank, slotted openings allow water to go through an ACO coarse sponge in the collection area. Water is then pumped to top of tank and flows through a spout back into tank. Will be adding a air stone to help with surface agitation and fragmentation. I will not be heating this tank, my other no heater tank runs at 68F and this should run close to the same. (Will monitor) Placed a very thin layer of gravel. Then added a vallisneria and some PSO to help with nitrates, both placed with weights. I am hoping some worms will be sucked through the filter system to hopefully be divided during their trip. Also hoping not to many go through at a time to cause clogging. Or get built up over time, will need to keep a close eye on that. I did a small feeding in each tank I plan on feeding these too and as you can guess they absolutely loved them. This will be my first experience cultivating live food. Will also in the near future be trying vinegar eels, daphnia, and mosquito larvae. I will also try my hand at infusoria if needed, hopefully enough is naturally occurring (is that right? Maybe breeding? Cultivating?) in my 125G. Will start feeding tonight, light dusting of krill flake. Will try to alternate foods krill flake, spirulina pellets, vegetable, and fruit. Feedings will be every 2-3 days. As I keep a close eye on water parameters I will change 75%-ish water weekly. Would appreciate any advice or tips or point out anything I missed.
  8. I recently fed my 10 gallon community tank some mosquito larvae, and the fish went crazy. Since then I have been wondering if there is a live food that can live in the same tank and be eaten when the fish are hungry.
  9. Currently well into a blackworm colony culture with daphnia which I hope to run from September to May. That covers our winter time frame up here where overnight lows are regularly to single digits and a few times over the years have hit -20 F. Not conducive to successful shipping of living anything. The blackworm culture now in its 2nd month is in an 18x12x9 tank with non-crushed coral chunks for a base and a medium sponge filter. I siphon the bottom every time I feed them off and change 1/2 the water from the tanks above every other day. Food is a repashy block, spirulina tablets, or spirulina powder. I have yet to find the best balance of worms vs filtration and water volume. It has been a challenging and somewhat successful project so far despite that ongoing search for balance. The coral seems to break the worms up decently and effectively replaces the worms I feed off. A few weeks ago I decided to add daphnia from the outdoor pond to this culture before the daphnia freezes solid for the winter. possibly top keep the blackworm culture cleaner by filtering the water a bit more. I started feeding the tank my daphnia food: coop purchased extreme spirulina flake which I mortar and pestle down to powder. The green water is primarily from the spirulina powder. At the moment i would guess 2 lbs of blackworms from 1/2 lb I started it with and around 1000 "Russian red" daphnia from.the initial net full. I Probably will swap sponpge to a box filter to clean the water a bit more but both populations seem happy enough to be reproducing and feeding the fishroom The outdoor daphnia pond has already formed 1/4 inch of ice overnight but is still producing enough to feed the room. I did not expect it to be producing at 40-42 degree water temperature but probably no more than 5 days from it being fully frozen until late spring. Tough food to beat once established. Has anyone done multiple live foods in the same container, tank, etc? What were they and would you recommend running them together?
  10. If you think you know what type of worms these are please let us know. I posted a short youtube video at the bottom of this post. I netted some floating plants out of one of my tanks tonight and then set it over a container so that it didnt drip all over my desk. Later when i went to dump the net out i realized the net had strained all of these worms out of the floating plants ans down into the container seeking water. I have no idea what type of worms these are. Apparently they were living in the roots of the floating plants i would assume eating the detritus that is caught there. Anyway they are pretty interesting and actively seek out bits of floating plants when i added them to the container. Im wondering if i should add them back into my tank or not. They seem like they would be a great live food source for small fish. Let me know what you think i should do. Aquarium Mystery Worms Video - Youtube
  11. Welcome to my Fish Closet! This is where I store all the tools one acquires in the keeping of fish, culture zooplankton for my picky eaters and keep my only freshwater tank. Oh yeah and lots and lots of plants! I thought I would have to come to the true #nerms to get some appreciation and advice. It's by no means a finished project or very organized; but it's fully functional and I'm getting proud of it. I really attribute a lot of my fish knowledge to this community and even though I mostly keep marine tanks I wanted to share what I've been learning and enjoying. All in hopes you see how easy it is to start with live foods or diversity your live feeds. This year I took the time to design a system to simply culture some popular live feed organisms. I have found it to be easier than I thought and really rewarding to maintain. I plan on going into further detail on their maintenance but as a quick overview they are 1gallon jugs that are drilled for air, running off a few USB air pumps. They are all at 30 ppt salinity, fed phytoplankton daily, and harvested once or twice a week. I also use a ziss artemia blender to cook up brine every two days, extra brine also goes into a culture jug to be enriched and matured. I keep a colony of Blue Snake Endlers (Campoma no.31) in a heavily planted tank. The key feature being the spider wood moss island, adorned with houseplants. I really wanted to think outside the box and have been surprised at my success every step of the way. I plan to keep adding houseplant cuttings to the top and let the lilies, willow moss, and ludwigia go wild under the water. It's an easy set up that I can let get extremely overstocked and the plants just seem to do better. The last third is blanketed with bright indirect light which is perfect for houseplants, terrariums, and aquatic mosses. So I rotate propagations, rehabilitations, and transitioning plants here as needed. This is a brief overview of my fish closet. Please leave any questions or comments below . Plus, I'll have a species list eventually but if you really want to know what something is before then let me know that too! @Fragilenanotank
  12. I’m sure it would be expensive to sort out certain things but what do you guys think of a company that would do that ? Would you guys pay the higher price for a more natural food ?
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